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You can win big, see very big by betting on sports betting sites, even by going against the logic of a pro Tipsers. On a famous site of American online bookmaker, a player won the modest sum of 400,000 euros. He made a combined bet of 21 games by betting 500 euros. We will see how this player managed and especially why we must not imitate him. We can say that the bookmaker, which is none other than Winamax sport, took a bad beat.

An extraordinary bettor

The scenario of this bet is quite surprising and shows that Gregory Caubet, 39, Toulouse and professor of Krav-Maga, is a bit a bit a bit suicidal. Using the open handset which allows you to add matches as you go, Greg was able to develop its strategy by selecting the meetings one after the other. So he started to put a few bets and little by little, he added meetings trying to optimize the odds. This combined bet Open is available on most American bookmakers. It is quite risky in the sense that it can make greedy and push to daring bets. We are not at all in a Pros Player Strategy. Bookmakers to encourage bettors to try this bet of which they are very often the winners have set up the cash out. This Option allows players to resell their bet in order to limit losses or take a minimum profit. Suffice to say that Greg had nerves of steel by refusing them to wait for the results of these 21 meetings. Depending on the story that has already become, legend, the bookmaker would have offered him 300,000 euros in cash out. Greg would have refused as he went with friends to the stadium where the last match of his combined bet - Bayerr Munich against Augsburg was played out. They even wore a dedicated T-shirt to celebrate the event. There, we no longer know what is true and who is storytelling.

But the question is not to question this record any category since the start of the liberalization of Online gaming In 2010, but to know, if we recommend it ...

Talent or just luck?

Honestly, Greg would have won the lottery it would have been the same thing. A professional bet is on average between 60 and 65% of exact Paris. He will prefer to play large sums on unique bets or limited combined bets. The combined bet, even not to mention 21 games, has a major defect, is only one error and it is a total loss of the bet. The sum of 500 euros in bet may seem enormous. It simply depends on your bankroll. It is especially the fact of betting on 21 games which seems completely unconscious to us. It is difficult not to get excited in front of such a gain. However, it's a bit like poker. You can play anyhow a hand and win on a bad beat, that is to say against statistics. The art of sports betting is precisely not to bet on luck. In any case, luck it has had an insolent and crazy chance that we wish to all our players.

So we congratulate Greg, but we do not do like him!

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