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Today, physical and online casinos are one of the most profitable industries in the world, which encourages many players to design strategies to increase their gains. But even if the playgrounds have a solidly established profit margin, it remains possible to reduce it.

To do this, showing a little common sense can reveal anything that the seasoned player will need. Here are some points to keep in mind before you start A game of video poker or launch a slot machine.

Choose a reliable casino and with the minimum restriction

With popularity come to trouble. And it has become more and more difficult to find secure casinos. However, by ensuring that the platform has a license, we can greatly reduce the risks. It is not unusual that the regulations which grant these licenses are based in tax havens such as Malta, Gibraltar and Águila, among others.

And the label ecogra is another sign that will guarantee the reliability of the casino. This non -profit organization was created to establish game standards and protect users from illegal platforms. Each casino bearing this seal is inspected regularly to confirm that everything is working properly and that players can continue to bet safely.

Also pay attention to too generous bonuses. The latter are indeed accompanied by conditions which are much less so. If an operator proposes to double the bets of these players, there will generally be restrictions on minimal and duration in which he can take advantage of this advantage. So you can never say it enough: it is better to read the small characters at the bottom of the page to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Other just as important details (such as The choice of software suppliers, the use of an SSL certificate, and a wide selection of banking method) must also be taken into account.

What are the games with the highest percentage of earnings?

Let's start at the start. In general, all casinos offer casters, slot machines, Blackjack games, dice, and different variants of poker. However, not all of them are indicated for players wishing to enrich themselves.

Games requiring a special skill can be more interesting. This is the case due to blackjack and poker which, if we master the inner workings, the chances of winning are much more important.

Games with a fixed rating are much less remunerative. This is the case of roulette, but also slot machines or you baccarat. In this case, it is the chance to which It will be necessary to trust, and the advantage of the casino is always fixed. It is therefore better to look into it to have fun, but not really to make money.

VIP players are still advantaged

This is a logic that is worth in all areas, but it is particularly true in that of online casinos. Indeed, regular and faithful players will quickly be offered to become VIP customer. A considerable advantage that will give them access to special bonuses, and other exclusive advantages. It is therefore an interest in focusing on a platform in order to make the most of what it can have to offer.

Mathematics and statistics to increase your gains in online casino

Those who start in the exciting world of casino games will certainly think that everything is a question of luck. Although many are indeed games of chance, many studies have tried to prove the existence that another factor should be taken into account: mathematics. This is how the probabilities theory was born.

To summarize, the chances of winning depend on the total number of possible results of a game. The fewer there are, the more the player can hope to make his bet grow quickly and limit his risks.

As we said earlier, games such as slot or roulette offer small chances of winning, but in black jack, for example, mathematical and statistical strategies can be put into practice.

Being an extremely large and complex question in many respects, let's focus on the best known: Martingale. This technique consists in betting little by little, for example one euro per game and, with each loss, to double the bet to try to compensate for its losses. According to experts, if you play the same color five times, the chances that this color appears to increase exponentially. The calculation believes that at the fifth time, the color chosen during the previous five laps should appear.

In conclusion, if we bet one euro on the first game and double the amount to the fifth bet (1, 2, 4, 8, 16), we will bet sixteen euros which will be recovered and even doubled in only five laps. This strategy therefore tends to prove that the less we are impressive, and the more faithful we remain in the same bet, The more likely we are to become a millionaire!

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