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Genii Gaming, online casino software publisher

Genii Gaming is a recognized online casino software publisher whose birth dates back to fifteen years. Suffice to say that Genii Gaming is a watch lady in a world where youth is law and ravage. Mounted by precursors of the 1990s, the company was able to overcome obstacles, tame new technologies and follow the tastes of the players when it did not anticipate them. A same course, it has attracted your explorer in the world of online game software creative studios. And then it must be said that the Genii Gaming slot machines delight many casinos. The particular work of Genii Gaming teams allows him to distinguish himself, most of the time in good, from others. And you follow our game software publishers, you know that creativity is our workhorse. Come on, rub the lamp that the Genii pays us a little visit to his Creation studios!

Genii Gaming, a vision of the online casino game!

When a lot ofCasino software publishers Start by talking to the actors of Igambling, that is to say the online casino rooms, Genii Gaming speaks to the players. This little trivial detail means BeAUCHET for us, a bit like at Genii Gaming, they played piano standing. (Small tribute to USA Gall .. and why not!). The mathematical option interests the players only for the game mechanism and the rate of redistribution. The rest obviously looks at casinotiers who want easy to integrate software and with all the options to follow it with a click. In this creation studio, mathematics art is used to serve game and innovation. And despite its 15 years of experience, the Genii Gaming studio has always followed this common thread. The fact of lasting on such a harsh market where competitors seem to fall from the sky demonstrates the adaptability of this publisher who also did not need to eat smaller than him to grow. The games are obviously developed to operate on smartphones and tablets. For the anecdote, the development of the studios of Genii Gaming, was done in a very special way. Follow the Sun .. "Follow the sun" forever the same allergic to Shakespeare's language. To keep a constant job, the studios are handing over and when that of the United Kingdom, it is that of the East which opens. What poetry. It is certain that it is prettier than 3/8 or production in tense flows. Are we going to find the same poetry in games?

Genii Gaming, Games

Genii Gaming offers a wide range of online casino games. Here are two examples to show you what this online casino software publisher is capable of.

Wild Wizard by Genii Gaming

The magicians will be delighted with this slot machine leads us to the world of Merlin the Enchanter, Gandalf Le Blanc and all the others. The soundtrack is a pure wonder. The immersion is total with a sublime graphics which takes up the codes of the universe of magic. The enchanting and mysterious universe cloves you in an obscure cellar where strange forms seem to inhabit it. The universe of magic is a classic ofs online slot machines, but it is really distinguished by the quality of interpretation. It's a bit like in the theater. You can see Othello 10 times and find that an interpretation is better than the other. The same goes with the slot machines which often use the same themes. The items are obviously and fortunately presentations of the world of magicians: crystal ball, magic stick, an old grimoire, mysterious and the inevitable and the esoteric dragon. 3 rows, 5 rollers and 25 lines of payments will serve as a magic formula to defeat the dark forces that protect the jackpot. The magician will appear in a no less magical animation to act as Wild. If in addition you come across the white cat three times, no it's not a beug of the matrix, it's up to 20 free spin which launch with a multiplication by 3 of your earnings. What is great is the owl that will come out of the deep night to make your credit the multiplier of your earnings. This Wild Wizard slot machine brings together all what we like; Immersion, graphics and a beautiful game mechanics.

Traces of evidence by Genii

Have you ever resolved a murder by playing a slot machine? Genii offers you this survey which will conduct you in the meanders of its last slot machine. The most interesting items will lead you into the world of a crime science: gun, cartridges, two feet, facial recognition software, badge and fingerprints. With 5 rollers, three lines and 40 lines of payments. The badge of the police acts as Wild. The victim's body will allow you to launch the autopsy mode for a jackpot session. The revolver is an item to watch since it can bring you big: 3000 tokens! Original, completely immersive, the simple game turns into a mission thanks to the immersive quality of the graphics of the scenario and the music. Genii strikes hard and still shows all his know-how!

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