The gamification of slot machines: an unprecedented experience

Online casinos provide many advantages to players, notably allowing access to a wide variety of games from the comfort of its living room. But why just offer a copy of the experience you may have in a physical casino and not innovate? It is in this approach that we can register the progressive "gamification" of slot machines.

Have you never heard this term? Do not panic. In today's article, we explain to you what it returns and what this little revolution will completely transform your gaming experience. Read it well until the end since we finish by offering you Best slot machines in gaming mode.

The gamification of slot machines: what is it?

The gamification of slot machines is A fairly recent trend, who appeared in Online casinos In the early 2010s. It responded to increasingly strong competition than the different platforms engage in. And therefore the need to innovate and offer a unique experience to players.

Rather than developing standard slot machines, which would be simple virtual equivalents to physical penguin bandits, some publishers have therefore decided to transform them into real video games.

It is indeed clearly from the gaming universe that online casinos have been inspired to offer personalized avatars having to perform quests with each game. These missions are in reality only a pretext to move from one level to another, with bonuses and financial gains to the key. Rather than launching the slot machine and waiting to get a winning combination, you are now evolving in a complex universe, with rules of the game which are too.

We therefore forget the minimalist interactions with its virtual slot machine to enter the heart of the action. The particularity of the gamification of penguin bandits is also due to the arrival of multiplayer mode, which allow you to confront other users, and even to play with others. This corresponds much more to the expectations and habits of playing a younger audience, which is increasingly interested in the virtual casino.

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The main characteristics of new generation slot machines

To summarize, these new penguin bandits will introduce the following elements in each of your parts:

  • Personalization : you can create your own avatar is controlled the least of its actions to evolve more quickly in the game;
  • levelsX: Each part allows you to reach a new level. Your score will be materialized in the form of a progression bar that will impact your earnings;
  • adventure : rather than starting the slot machine, your role will be to accomplish quests, corresponding to a solo or team mission;
  • multiplayer mode : The best slots allow you to face other players and confront yourself in a ranking. The key, glory and money!

The future of online gambling?

As a result, you will now find many more slot machines operating in the form of real video games than standard penguin bandits. Indeed, leaders in the online gaming sector see the possibility of offering exceptional experience to their users, and to attract more players.

With some endless possibilities to innovate and diversify, it was indeed impossible that the players do not follow. The range of features, quests and adventures offered give a much more complete, but above all more fun and exciting game. And stand out from physical casinos.

Gamification is above all a great way for platforms to retain their players. It allows you to integrate paid VIP features into this game of money to improve the game experience or progress faster. The awards are integrated into the game scenario, this makes it more addictive and extends the game in the hope of touching bonuses, of course. But also and above all to complete its mission.

The experience of these new slot machines is also much more exciting than a classic video game. Since Each mission or quest will be Awarded with tangible bonuses. And the more complex they will be, the more your earnings will climb!
We therefore forget the repetitive side of the classic bandit penguin to immerse ourselves in completely crazy universes (historic intrigue, aliens hunt), with a huge variety of titles today available on virtual casinos.

The best slot machines in gaming mode

If you do not yet manage to imagine what a "gaming" machine can look like, here are the most popular slots in 2019. You will also discover through these titles the whole range of adventures and Experience that this innovation allows you to offer you!

  • Netient aliens: This 3D slot machine with 5 rolls and 15 payment lines immerses you directly in the world of the famous film. The music will start to immerse yourself in the atmosphere, then you can discover the different levels and start aligning classic and special symbols to increase your earnings. For each bet, you can win a maximum gain of 150 euros.
  • Foxin ’Wins Again : Another 3D slot machine that offers many game features such as the possibility of unlocking special symbols, bonus bets or free towers. You can even increase your earnings if you guess the color or costume for the next row.
  • Reel Crime 2 : You will play a completely crazy thief who decides to rob the Louvre museum to steal the Mona Lisa, or other famous paintings. It's up to you to play by starting the slot machine, which can make you win a record jackpot of more than 18,000 euros.
  • Tower Quest : Its graphic close to the world of Final Fantasy has already made many followers. On each round, you will have to face the forces of evil, alone or as a team. But above all, you can unlock completely crazy bonuses and make your kitty quickly climb!

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