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Online scratch cards: playing real money

We have all already done it: enter a press or tobacco office and buy a small scratch ticket. Astro, lonely, vegas ... Behind the sparkling layer of ink may be hiding our fortune ... So we take a small room and we scratch. We will soon discover if we have won .... Indeed everyone knows the principle of scratch cards. A quick and effective game: we scratch the space concerned and little by little the symbols reveal themselves: it takes 3 similar and there will always be at least 2 to make us dream as long as possible (then frustrate). But sometimes there are really 3! Hourra is a winning tick! It remains to be seen how much we have won ... Often, enough to reimburse your bet or a little more. And sometimes jackpot! It's much more! In short, scratching is simple, quick, fun and it does not eat bread ... And with online scratching, it's even better - small virtual cards can bring a lot of money!

In fact, scratching cards are in incredible success on the web. Imagine all these people waving their mouse to scratch a virtual card, is completely crazy. It would be almost a way to create free energy! We barely exaggerate. Millions of people are scratching virtual cards in online casinos, on specialized sites and obviously in the real world. No one really seems to understand the online success of these small cards which we thought that the first quality was precisely the touch side, the side "I scratch frantically and the immediacy". Online game developers have managed to capture these three madeleines to adapt them to your PCS, tablets and smartphones. When in real life, you are limited by the number of scratch card games, you will find hundreds of them on the web if not. So, you are probably wondering what they have more, if it is necessary play in real money or not. Well, all the answers to your questions are now. And note that what we call card to scratch in the language of Molière, you often find it in online casinos under English domination "scratch game".

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The success of scratch cards in online casinos

Scratch cards or scratch games represent - strangely, a very lucrative part of online casinos. Strangely because scratching a card on your PC, it does not seem super fun or super profitable and it can be expensive by screen. Obviously you have noticed that the American are crazy about scratching cards that they find in the tobacco offices ... a small coffee, the cigarette and something scratching, it's the ritual. So, one wonders how this almost carnal tactile act becomes a real trend In online casinos while the pleasure of scratching is still slightly different. We will therefore observe the quality of the work of the developers and the genius of the marketing teams who have managed to transform a daily act into a successful virtual game. Online scratch cards you will find them on all Online casinos In the reserved category often called "scratch game" or with other less common games, in the "other games" section.

All crazy scratch games!

We were talking about the addiction of the American for scratch cards, but success is global. Portugal is the European scratch cards champion. The story to start in the United States with John Koza who was the first to create a lottery game where the result is immediate. This is the basic principle of scratch card games: immediacy. At the time, the 1960s, John Koza realized that the lotteries were extremely frustrating for American players who did not even know the amount they were going to win and who had to wait for months to have the result. The student of the University of Michigan focuses on the problem and will offer the world the lottery game that will give birth to all the scratch cards that you can find through the blue planet. John Koza is the precursor and online casinos have understood that the important in scratch cards was not the object, but the immediacy. In the end, regardless of the object, the essence of scratch cards goes perfectly with the Internet. It is a bit like instantaneousness encountered immediacy. Yet it is far from sufficient to bring the players on the web. A scratch card that does not scratch, it's boring, right? And yet no, far from it!

The advantages of online scratch cards

  1. Winning tickets. On average the scratch cards are winning once in three! It is therefore largely above the game scratches sold in the shops of USA. After obviously, the gains are thinner, but it is better to win little by little than never win and wait a blessed day that will make you a millionaire. As the adage says ”, the small streams make the big rivers”. Unlike the rather petty scratch games of the FDJ - or any other national operator, the online scratch tickets are much more remunerative and attractive ... Nothing to do with the tobacconist's tickets whose distribution rate is far from 'Be fair!
  2. We can play for free. The gains are virtual, but this is an opportunity to test the games and thus find the one that suits you the most. Like all online flash games, you can play without having to pay money, and without time limit. Almost all online casinos will offer you these free scratch cards versions that allow you to familiarize yourself with the game and out of pure perversity, to see if luck is with us, and if it is, to bite your fingers of Not having paid for playing for re -El money ... well yes, playing for free it means that potential gains are also virtual ... as for Bonus without deposit and free towers.
  3. We are offered bonuses. Yes, with online casinos there is this huge advantage offered to all players: the bonus! No need to bet large sums - deposit 5 euros may be enough for several parts when this bet is doubled, even quadrupled thanks to the bonuses! Certainly you must read the conditions of the bonuses granted to the game.
  4. The choice of putting. We can choose how much to bet - 5 cents or 5 euros, or even more - and thus maximize our earnings and our playing time.
  5. The choice of games, with unlimited themes! Where you have around twenty games in shops, you will have hundreds and hundreds of different scratch games online. You will even find what are called scratch cards called hybrids. They assemble the principle of scratching and a casino game: Blackjack, Bacarra, slot machine, American roulette. This is all the more likely to win, but also to discover new themes or to scratch your favorite casino game. For the rest, you will find the most classic themes with the most wacky to make you want to scratch again and again.
  6. Fun and quality. The developers have created real little universes around scratching cards. Animation, 3D, music are all assets to your pleasure to scratch. Winning more often adds a dose of adrenaline. The options, the bonuses, the variants allow you to add a longevity to your scratch game games. For example, you can choose your scratching tool from dozens: rabbit legs, coin, nail, sailor pompom, key, four -leaf trefle ... in short the scratch games on the net, it's more fun !
  7. The simplicity of the game. It's easy to understand, fast and fun. There is only one rule of the game: scratch!
  8. Anywhere anytime. No need to go to the bookseller or tobacco office. You can play from home or nomad with your smartphones and tablets. Online scratch games are Accessible on Android, iOS mobiles And even for some on Linux.

How to play online scratch cards in real silver

The scratch game part is quite simple and quick. However, it is recommended to always start by reading the rules of the winning table in order to see if the game is interesting in terms of the probabilities of gain and their amount. Then you have to start by defining a starting bet. The more the potential gains you bet you will understand. Afterwards, you have to scratch; For this you pass the mouse by clicking on the scratch areas, there are sometimes auto modes and there the computer scratches for you directly. So you just have to watch and let the result appear ... to learn a little more about scratch games, read This article! Don't wait any longer, it's simple, funny and it can make big!

Strategies to play scratch cards in real silver

There are no gains strategies or techniques to our knowledge. It is pure chance, fate, fatum, luck, or all things you believe. By cons you can play with intelligence. Choose the online scratch cards that have a better gain rate than you find in shops. Play with responsibility! Play for fun and do not fall into the vicious circle where you play to make up for your losses! Do not look for the most expensive tickets, but gain little and more often with less expensive tickets.

Thousands of online scratch games

You will be amazed by the choice of scratch cards offered by online casinos. Not only are there more and more different scraping tickets, but in addition the ease of access to the player is stunning - it's so simple that we would like to scratch his little ticket every day! You will first choose the theme that amuses you or that inspires you the most, ah yes too, you can even train with free tickets just for fun!

More and more, scratch games are diversifying - there are hundreds sold on newsstands on all themes, all sizes and colors - and now they are also offered on Online casinos in virtual form. So it's even easier since we don't even have to go out! In fact, we no longer even need the yellow piece to scratch, since the mouse takes care of it!

The online scratch ticket, however, keeps all its charm of discovery and scratching of the screen with the mouse must be done as methodically as with a room - after all, this is where all the pleasure of this game resides by chance. And who says games of chance, says no winning strategies, of course, but on the other hand, useful advice for playing scratch cards in the best possible conditions.

How to choose your scratch card online?

It's up to you. Tastes and colors cannot be discussed. By cons for online scratch cards, you have the choice between:

  • The themes
  • Progressive jackpots or not
  • The quality of the interface
  • The amount and the hoped -for
  • The online casino
  • Virtual money available or not.

Among all these criteria, it is up to you to determine which are important to you and thus choose the scratch game most suited to your desires. Remember that it is a pleasure.

Scratch games in virtual or real silver?

So we advise you to test them in virtual money. It will still be necessary for you Create an account in a new online casino to have access to it. With a useful fine, we remind you that scratch cards are often classified in the “Scratch Game” or “other games” category. Testing is important because you can make a real choice according to your tastes and desires without losing money to games that do not suit you. Once you have a small panel of scratch games, go into real silver. If there is a game where virtual money is useless, it's these. The pleasure of scratching cards is still to win. So don't use your luck on virtual scratch cards and keep it to drop the jackpots.

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