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During the last hours of his mandate, the former sports minister Roxana Maracineanu, had noted A marked increase in online bets during the period of health crisis. The problem is that many of these sites are illegal in USA.

In the collimator of justice, we find, in particular, some Online casinos and platforms of Bookmakers. On these sites specializing in sports co; betting exchange (Paris exchange between players). And as these companies are based in tax havens, the ratings are much more advantageous.

The other aspect mentioned is that of online promotion. The marketing techniques used by these companies aim to quickly reach a maximum of potential players. Thus, in exchange for a large check, some rs and influencers with solid communities of fans, promote sites like BetFair or Pinnacle. This new phenomenon of "tipsters", which can be compared to "sellers of Online advice”, Allows players to be oriented on their next bets. Unfortunately, these improvised pseudo-guides have little or no knowledge in the matter and their forecasts can often be wrong. And this can be akin to a misleading, which of course does not pass with the law ...

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What does this new law provide?

After the subject was mentioned and debated in the Senate, the National Assembly finally adopted, on February 24, 2022, a new bill aimed at "democratizing sport". The objective of this initiative has three chapters:

- Develop sports for the greatest number

- Renew the governance framework of federations, professional leagues and representation organizations

- Redefine the sports economic model

And it is on this last theme that the 2010-476 law of May 12, 2010, concerning the opening to competition and regulation of the Games of Money and Chance, has been modified. The games and betting sites that will not have obtained an authorization from theNational Games Authority (ANJ) will be put in formal notice and will no longer be able to operate on American territory.

The former decree already provided for sanctions against the sites concerned, but the procedure was longer and more complex: it was necessary to present the facts with a judge, who alone, could order an administrative blockage via the main suppliers Internet access. Now and according to the new law, the ANJ may directly suspend the activities of fraudulent sites. After a prior notice, the latter will have a period of five days to regularize their situation. A more concrete measure that should have its effect over time. As a reminder, the competent organizations have already identified and condemned, to date, more than a hundred sites and names of domains dedicated to online games.

Towards a standardization of the regulations of games of chance?

In Europe, no central legislation has been adopted at the moment. At the time, some countries had relaxed their regulations on casinos and the online betting market. No doubt to be able to also take advantage of the economic benefits that this sector could generate. But today, the trend is in the process of reverse.

In Belgium, the Games Commission of Chance wants to fight against tobacco and newspaper offices that abandon their main activity for the benefit of sports betting. The law in force with legal flaws, we were able to attend the explosion of illegal bars-tabac entirely devoted to illegal bets and games. The president of the regulatory authority, Magali Clavie, hopes that more controls and inspections be carried out in these places and that the renewal of operating licenses are under conditions of more rigorous rules.

Sweden is one of the strictest Scandinavian countries in this area since since 2019, all online casinos must have a license which alone costs around 80,000 euros. An action which may not encourage foreign investors to come and settle in the territory, but which, according to the Swedish authorities, will allow this sector to be better controlled in the long term.

Finally, in another Nordic country, Norway, the law of 1927 concerning the games of chance will be updated and modified for better protection of players, but also and above all, so that the State keeps the monopoly in this domain. Foreign operators will no longer be able, for example, to offer credit options to players and the flow of advertisements on their sites will also be considerably reduced. Like the ANJ in USA, the Lottery Norwegian may sanction any company operating on the sidelines of the regulations in force.

In conclusion, the implementation of these new laws aims toImprove control of online money and paris market online. To reassure their consumers and be in accordance with the law, some companies bend the rules and wear a or even several accreditations from the various approved games of chance. It remains to be seen if everyone will play the transparency card.

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