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Gameart was born in 2003 on the beautiful island of Malta, one of the temples of European online gambling. Created by experts who have left prestigious studios, the youth of Gameart has never been an obstacle to its growth. Thanks to the development of the online game and the dazzling successes of the casinos, the small Maltese company has been able to make its place and become a stronghold of online game publishers. In line with the creative, innovative developments, the Maltese studio offers a range of slot machines that have conquered the big names in the world of online games. After seducing the Online playgrounds, Gameart was able to please players. With fifty slots available on all media and 50 games also available on your smartphones (Android, iOS), the company has ammunition to satisfy all slot machine players. Its online success allows it today to provide terrestrial casinos. Let's go for a walk in this game creation studioPresent on several sites in England, Slovenia and Serbia.

Gameart: tailor -made slots

Gameart is not in lace. When competition embarks on all game families, the Maltese game editor focuses on slot machines. We are in the goldsmithery. Specialist in slots 3D and video slots. The technology used- HTML 5 in particular- allows it to offer great adaptability for online casinos. It is a technician studio and the beauty of these machines may escape beginners. If the graphics are neat and the sound immersion well worked, we can say that creativity is fraying in terms of the theme of slot machines. We find the mainstream themes with a mess: ancient Egypt - the bimbo of the casino - the trip to Asia with its dragons and the firefighters. We are not sure why all the studios have a slot machine on the theme of firefighters. If you have the answer, send us an email! Celtic pirates and legends are there too!
If the themes are not very original, the design carries the paw and the Gameart touch.

Gameart slot machines

Flaming reels
This is the slot machine dedicated to fire soldiers! You are immersed in the big fire that will ask you to remain very attentive despite the danger of the flames that invade your screen. With 25 lines of payments and up to 15 free sponsors, you will play with fire. The game is very pleasant for firefighters. The Wilds represent the authentic tools of the modern firefighter: truck, helmet, helicopter and fire terminal.
Watch the game rolls well, 3. if two similar Wilds appear a helicopter arrives illico to turn off the flames and offer you a new chance.
The design is great, the game is breathless and for a classic, it's a great success.

Castle Blood

Well, let's face it, we had not seen this little pearl in the range of Sub -Sub before indicating that Gameart was doing little original theme. Well there, Castle Blood jumps to us!
Welcome to the world of vampires reviewed and corrected by Gameart. From Dracula with the dark atmosphere of the film "Interview with a vampire" by Neil Jordan, we can say that you are going to be completely immersed by the soundtrack. Far from the shots, you will appreciate the work of designers as much as the game itself. It must be said, it is not common. A background with a Gothic castle overlooking a city in a sort of dark-slair, without making caravado.
For the most pragmatic of you, it is 25 lines of payments, 5 rolls and three rows of symbols. The more medallions decorated with a bald mouse, the scatter of the game, the more free towers. You can multiply the gains by 5!

Ramses Treasure
Gameart therefore offers his slot machine on ancient Egypt. This is the theme that makes the creatives of all online game publishers dream. It's like firefighters, we don't know why.
So here we are at the Pharaohs and more particularly at Ramses, one of the best known in the general public. As long as we do, this 2016 game does not miss any cliché. But as the poet would say "regardless of the bottle as long as we have drunkenness".
And the bottle is not the worst, but we like to be surprised, forget that we play and admire an effect, a design, enjoy music or simply congratulate ourselves from the creativity of the game.
The intoxication is there and we find the Gameart touch. The playability, the simplicity of the game and its mechanics make you quickly caught.
With its 5 rollers, 3 rows and 10 payment lines, Ramses Treasure will transform you into a treasure hunter or tomb pilter with the treasure of Ramses en Scatter. With 10 free spin maximum, your game will be agitated with regular jackpots.

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In conclusion, Gameart is an online game publishing studio that puts its know -how in game mechanics and in its sharp algorithms that distill adrenaline. His Castle Blood slot machine shows that the Maltese studio has the creativity necessary to think outside the box. Try this slot machine!

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