Game of Thrones: Avis & infos

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Aristocrat is a gambling company that has developed in hard casions since 1953! By following the market developments, it has become one of the leaders in the march of hard slot but also online. And you will find all his experience in a slot machine takes up the theme of one of the best known series in the world and for the literary people of a masterpiece of the heroic fantasy.
RTP : 96.5%
Payment lines: 25 payment lines
Rolls: 3-5 rolls

Game of Thrones par Aristocrat

And this literary work by George R. R. Martin was declined in all possible forms with a merchandising which does not have to be ashamed in front of the Stars Wars monster. It was therefore inevitable that Games of Thrisess became the heart and the decor of a machine without available in online casinos.

It was therefore the software creator Aristocrat who obtained a license and who risked working a Game of Thrones machine to slot version. The risk is to confront all the fans of the planet who carefully monitor what is made of the characters and the world of the series. And if you think it is a guarantee of success, it is that you do not follow the licenses and the real man hunts carried out on the net when a studio will massacre a Wars stars or a Marvel license for example. And the iron throne is a real community. We will not judge here this trend of the fan attitude which makes the happiness of cultural capitalism. So the question is whether the game reaches its objective and makes it possible to bring together fans of the world of George R. R. Martin and the High Roller of slot machines. This slot machine in any case won the Emy Awards for the best slot machines in 2015!

Game of Thrones Slot: Respect for the series

The stage is set. Creativity level, Aristocrat teams have taken up the basics and history of books using the stars of the series. Daenerys Stormborn, John Snow, Little Finger and Tyrion ... If these names don't tell you much, I invite you to start by reading the books and then go to the series. It is clearly not an essential to play the machine Understandable and intelligible even for all those who are foreign to the world of Games of Thrones. And vice versa. If you are a fan, this slot machine is completely suitable for all novice players. In 4K quality, we can not say anything wrong about the design that highlights the images of the series with animations worthy of the latest video games. The franchise has undoubtedly allowed an eye to drag so that the quality is up to par and this is the case. The aesthetics are a success and the soundtrack is used to really find yourself playing in a slot machine in a castle rock tower!

Game of Thrones Slot Machine: The game

This slot machine is a Progressive jackpot slot Multi-site! The screen is completely taken by the three lines and the rows of 5 rolls! You will find in addition to many bonuses and jackpot surprise in your journey around the iron throne. The jackpot can reach more than a million cumulative euros! Volatility is quite exceptional and it is therefore a slot machine that allows you to gain big, but which requires patience and regularity. It's a bit like the six volumes of more than 1000 pages. It is sometimes laborious, but we are always delighted at the end of knowing that there is another. With three symbols you trigger a wheel of fortune that will tell you for which bonus you will play through the three houses: Stark, Lannister and Targaryen. How is it not clear. The three families who compete for power also do this in the slot. And it is the wheel that will determine for which bonus and donations which house you will play.

The different features are : Mother of Dragons Feature - Bataille de Blackwater Bay Feature - The Wall Feature

You can win free towers, up to 150 payments and multipliers to go up to 30 times your bet. This Sub Game of Thrones by Aristocrat machine is a beautiful tribute to the universe of Medieval Fantaisy created by Aristocrat? With a wide range of bets, this slot machine can appeal to beginner players or high roller with its jackpot in millions of euros. Fans of the series will find 4K images and 3D animations of the most beautiful effect!

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