The walking dead: Avis & infos

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The horde of zombie will not have escaped the fierce appetite for the world of online casinos. Aristocrat combines with AMC to create a slot machine that is not inspired, but which is a product derived from the series at the 8 seasons of The Walking Dead. That's good your humble servant saw her and gave himself an additional pleasure with the derivative series "Fear the Walking Dead".
RTP : 97.05%
Payment lines: 25 payment lines
Rolls: 5 rolls
Jackpot maximal:
Type of game:
Min. Parts by line:
Max. Parts by line:

The Walking Dead par Aristocrat

Again, we are not a site that makes criticism of the various arts that inspire our publishers of online game software. So no, I wouldn’t tell you that the series of the decanis is another and that it is certainly not the one you think, even if you lift your ear, you can hear the slot with a Harley Davidsson engine who roared in the distant California. Bouting, not as much as that since Rick, hero of the series, turns out to be in a small hospital not far from Atlanta in Georgia. Ouch. You haven't seen the series and already you feel excluded? No worries we will not forget in our review to share with you the heart of the slot machine and its game mechanics which will revive, a little less in circles than the eponymous series. On the other hand, if the machine is well done, it should make you want to play the slot created by the Aristocrat creation studio known in particular for its slot of Games of Thrones ...

For those who are not aware, the world is ravaged by a virus that will destroy humanity and bring civilization to the ground. Naturally immune individuals will survive to face chaos. The dead wake up and the world is infested with zombie in the only concern is to eat the living. A bite and here you are zombified. Besides, they never say the word "zombie", but it is the 'prowlers' ... as if the world was invaded by the dragons and that the survivors did not bring together and called them "the big splashes From fire ”So you will see how our friends will manage in front of this scourge, but also to a humanity that has lost it ... His humanity. Voila, now, it's time to go and face the slot.

The Walking Dead Slot Machine by Aristocrat: Return originally

This first version of The Walking Dead gives you up at the very beginning of the series, where it all starts to spin. So, we take pleasure in finding our heroes, some spoils of which will have a more than limited lifespan. The soundtrack will immerse you directly in the AMC series for connoisseurs and for others, you will understand the thrill. The slot machine is far from being bloody and one can imagine that the goal of Aristocrat is to entertain you rather than to make you urinate in your undersides. Adrenaline or, the big thrill not. You will not find anything extraordinary if you know the series and for the others, you will not be buried either if the zombies, it is your cute sin from George A. Romero.

The game mechanic of the slot The Walking Dead

The technical characteristics of the slot machine:

  • Rolls: 5
  • mise maximum : 500 euros

  • Mise minimum : 10 euros

  • Wilds: oui

  • Free towers: yes

  • Multiplier: between x 2 and x 10

  • Bonus game: Yes

  • Progressive jackpot: Yes

  • Large jackpot - part of 500,000 euros by betting 3 euros per turn.

  • Return rate (RTA): 97.05%

Yes, you read that right, this is not the beginning of the fever of prowlers. A great progressive jackpot of 500,000 euros is to be saved when you have 3 euros! For an online casino slot machine it is relatively expensive with its minimum set of 10 euros, but can bring you a lot of money with a return rate of 97, 05 %

So let's take a look at the features:

Reel Growth: This random bonus this triggers so randomly where then something escaped me when the 5 rolls overflow from the slot to invade the decor! This bonus allows you to have a larger area and therefore multiply the chances of having symbol combinations and therefore gains. Original, it does not seem to me to have seen it before. I say "seems to me" because after I receive emails that evoke me a slot machine from 1953, which sleeps in the Garage de Papi next to the 1970 Gran Tourino, with the same feature that I had the misfortune to attribute to any contemporary game creation studio.

Wild Attack function: As it suggests, that is to say "wild attack", that does not mention anything good except on the Walking Dead slot machine which will embark on endless towers otherwise called "free towers »»

In conclusion

You will find many surprises in this gradual slot machine of theAristocrat game software publisher. Obviously the bonus of minimum 500,000 euros will make the High Rollers crazy. Do not forget you need 3 euros to trigger it. So Walking Dead or not? We can say that the bet is successful and unfortunately who says license says little surprise in the graphics, but Aristocrat is doing with high quality animations and features that make this slot a full -fledged machine And not a commercial tribute to a series that should stay in the Pantheon of AMC for some time.

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