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NETET is a specialist in adaptations of the success of pop culture. We must say it and it is not very professional, but even before launching the slot machine, we know that this slot will be a great adaptation. NETET is an online game software publisher that offers a range of slot machines that you will find in the largest online casinos on the web planet. With The Invisible Man, reassure yourself Netez offers us a visible slot machine that we are going to test now.
RTP : 97.5%
Payment lines: 20 payment lines
Rolls: 5 rolls
Type of game:
Min coin size:
Max coin size:

The invisible Man de Netent

The invisible man or the invisible man of Nettent brings us back or leads us to this famous TV series of the 1950s. But, the invisible man is in the first place a book by H g Wells which tells the story of a passionate scientist who thinks of being able to create an invisibility potion. From failure to fail, it is not far from abandoning when desperately it is a last try on itself .. and there it works. One of the most fantasized powers in humanity will turn into a ordeal. In the work of H G Wells, Grifth completely goes into madness. We are far from the TV adaptation or the invisible man surrounds himself with a strip so that we can see it. We imagine that to make a series, it's easier to be able to film the hero, right?

The Invisible Man of Net: visibly successful

It all starts with a very beautiful intro worthy of a launch of a video game. In black and white, NetEnt Originally invites us, the first series. With Universal as a partner, the franchise, since everything is frank, is protected, and Nettent cannot overflow and reinvent the concept. So the idea of ​​all his slot machines is whether we find ourselves in the series, the film or the book. As much to tell you that I have never read, that the series evokes something, so I do not could not tell you if it really sticks to the minds of its creators. On the other hand, I can tell you that this Netient slot is a little gem for the eyes. You will find the lettering of cinema posters from the 1930s and 40s with a more or less grainy image. It's a first step you enter this slot machine, let's say it, very pretty. There is an original atmosphere with very cinematographic music which suddenly immerses you in the history of this slot. For me who is foreign to this story, it is a great pleasure to discover this world. She has a little family air with a Betsoft slot machine on a famous doctor. On the one hand you are the invisible man and on the other it is the policeman. You play between the two and according to the combinations, you trigger everyone's bonuses. The important icons are the characters. Wild is a wild. The slot is fluid and the animations are superb. We have in front of us a latest generation 3D slot machine and this can be seen.

The game mechanics of the Slot The Invisible Man:

The technical characteristics of The Invisible Man of Netent

  • Rolls: 5
  • Payment lines: 20
  • Minimum bet: 0.20 cents of euros
  • Mise maximum : 100 euros
  • Slot machine features: bonus games, jokers, multiplier, scatter symbol, free towers
  • Redistribution rate: 97.5 %

As usual with Nettent, it goes in all directions; The features come from everywhere, which gives you a fairly incredible rhythm to your slot machine session! Volatility is low, the return rate is high, you will have the impression of winning regularly with avalanches of free towers and Ré spin. We can say that this slot is generous and we like it. The bets adapt to the big bankroll as to the small 20 cents at 100 euros. There are many features with the essentials and classics that everyone can expect from a latest generation machine.

The Wild is twofold with a detective Wild and another invisible man. Each of them launches in the world of bonus and functionalities of one and the other with obviously different cutscenes according to the role you play in this slot machine. Rolls one and five are therefore to be monitored. For the policeman, he arrives by the roller 1 and he moves from column to column with each spin you launch. The second wild, therefore that of the invisible man if you follow this strange affair, appears on the 5th rollers. It backs up or goes to the left. By dint of moving the two Wildes will end up touching and there, the Nettent slot will get carried away with no less than 10 free spins which will launch with the possibility of chaining re spins. In these cases, care in your chair and count the tokens that will come rudely the Bankroll of Casino account online.

A rather nice mini game will lead you in an unlikely situation. You will have to guess where the invisible man is. You have a chance and three choices. If you find it, it's the jackpot. One in three chance for a jackpot is an opportunity not to be missed.

In conclusion

You can test this slot machine for free in your online casinos. We could almost stop there if the verb did not live in. The Invisible Man of Nettent is a real success. From the entry into play with the cinematography that immerses you in the world of this online slot, to licked graphics, to the general atmosphere of music with the training of game mechanics, you find yourself stuck in front of the slot to play. I say play well. This Slot is a good recall bite to say that a slot machine is above all a game, certainly of money, but a game, does not displease our friends High roller !

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Scatter Symbol
free towers
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