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Another Betsoft slot machine? And yes the little guys and this time we invite you to discover a little wonder from the disturbed brains of our friends from Betsoft. Friends, let us specify, is purely rhetorical, we receive no check, no free spins, nor anything else. We are just regulars of online slot machines and therefore we have tested many slots from the Betsoft game software publisher.
RTP : 96.2%
Payment lines: 15 payment lines
Rolls: 5 rolls
Type of game:
Min. Parts by line:
Max. Parts by line:
Min coin size:

Good girl bad girl de Betsoft

This time, it is not a frankness, a nod to a tale or a literary work, Good Girl Bad Girl is a slot machine, the result of the creativity and imagination of the teams. The mechanics of the games are always at the heart of the penguin bandits of the English studio. You will find unique functions developed by Betsoft that we are always delighted to find like double up. We will therefore discover what this specialist in 3D slot machines offers us.

Good girl bag girl, the wonders

You know, we are not the type to get excited, we like cold reason, the good organized, nothing that overflows, we walk with our cold piss friends. But don't worry, the editorial team has not yet been replaced by AI of a disembodied humanity. , even if some morning, we are not sure that Liza passed the Turing test. So, yes, we are enthusiastic because whatever they are they will not have our capacity for wonder. Good Girl Bag Girl is only a slot machine, but in the world of slot machines, it is stunning and magnificent. The theme first is .. original in the sense that it was little exploited in the new generations of slot. The story of the choice between good and evil is at the origin of many religions, stories, paintings, but also of non -choice as you can find in the Yang ring. If everyone will have their answer, many will have questions, we can all agree that this is a basic subject. The idea of Good Girl Bad Girl de Betsoft You fully immerse you in this game with the angel on one side and on the other diablotine. So you will tell me on time #MeToo that it was an opportunity to perpetuate sexism imposing two beautiful shortly dressed? Well no, we have the right to two characters, certainly female, must even be connected with the title, with a carton line as with an angel, a little elf and a diablotine, a bit of a bit. Graphically, it's very clean. The slot is, let's not be afraid of words, magnificent. We are in the 3D slot machine where the animations are fluid, numerous and simply breathtaking. The game is full of wink. Choosing between the angel and diablottine will change your experience drastically. Note the soundtrack that immerses you between divine voices, flame of hell, dantesque hulula, in a world where your choice will make your earnings! On each side of the screen, the two angels are looking at you and will react according to your choices with more or more people of humanity.


The technical characteristics of Good Girl Bad Girl A Betsoft Sub

  • Rolls: 5
  • Payment lines: 15
  • Features: Progressive jackpot, bonus games, jokers, multiplier, scatter symbol, free towers
  • Minimum bet: 0.04
  • Maximin of bet: 150
  • Redistribution rate: 96.2%

The mechanics of this game are based on the duality between good and evil. Betsy starts from a principle that when you chose the good side of the force, you will gain less, but more often, the karma what, while the dark coast will allow you rarer, but more substantial gains. You have in the middle of the slot under the five rolls a lever which allows you to choose between angel and demon or then remain in the most loose neutrality. Each camp will offer you different animations, different possibilities. The features obviously have well there and you will even discover some unique that we will not develop so that the surprise is as exhilarating for you as it was for us! The Double Up Faeture is a Betsoft classic: you can put your earnings back in the next round with multipliers that unlock for gains that are not far from jackpots. The bonuses are legion like the angels, right? With three bonus games, the slot is rather generous. The silver wheel bonus game sends you fly in the Eden's garden or burn in the plains of hell. You can win free tricks or a rain of earnings. the bonus Pick-em Allows your two sides to join the halo and the fork that meet. You will have to choose cards depending on 'flame intensity. The smaller the flame, the greater the gain, but the more risky it is with the possibility of being ejecting the bonus game with only your eyes to cry. You will be accompanied in your fall with a evil laughter in case you are not disgusted enough to have lost ...

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