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Fugaso Gaming: the most original online game publishers

Fugaso is a game software publisher that comes from Russia. It is not common and it is also an ancient publisher since it has existed since 2001. An almost venerable age in this universe which seems perpetual Big Bang. Fugaso was born from the contraction of the slogan of the Russian company: Future Gaming Solutions. In 17 years, the software publisher has become a must in the Igaming world.

His know -how made him cross the different waves that overwhelmed the online game. Jackpot games, table games, feature and slot machines are offered by this publisher. He was able to adapt his offer to the tastes of players and to the evolution of techniques and technologies. We do not last 17 years in online casinos without knowing how to question ourselves and without having an extraordinary rebound capacity. Certainly, of all Casino software publishers, Fugaso is the most daring!
HTML 5 or in flash, Fugaso products adapt to all your desires. Smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, games do not suffer from support for supports. Fluidity and ergonomics are studied so that your playing pleasure does not suffer from your equipment: Windows, Android, and iOS are accepted and even on less recent versions. You can test the games and their compatibility on the official website of the creation studio. Fugaso visits the original themes with humor and second degree. His Trump IT machine is a acerbic wink to the President of the United States of America and global geopolitics. What can we say about his slot machine the Zombies Slot Machine. At the time of The Walking Dead or Fear the Waling Dead, this slot machine will surprise you and undeniably please you if the two series refer to something. We tell you more about these machines below.
2D or 3D, the original themes are served by neat graphics. The immersion is enriched by soundtracks that add pleasure to the games. With 17 years of experience, game mechanics is well oiled and adapts to the expectations of the most demanding players. The originality of Wilds, Free Spin is at the heart of slot machines with surprises at all rollers.

Now is the time to present the most original slot machines of the online casino game publisher Fugaso.

Trump IT, the Fugaso subversive slot machine

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton compete in this 3 -line slot machine, 5 rolls and 15 lines of payments. No worries, you will not be asked for an aggregation in international geopolitics! In this slot machine where caricatures dance on the rolls in a jazz atmosphere with the most funny sound effects of which we leave you the pleasure of discovery. Vladimir Putin is at the party- a little wink to his country of origin perhaps- since he triggers, not the next nuclear war, but much nicer, the free spin. His friend Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, without forgetting a Mexican - no wall on the border here - and a young woman do the same. It looks like the Mexican and the girl represent Donald's obsessions. Nice caricatural Trump it obviously uses Trump like Wild. Sauté the bank and win 95,000 tokens on this slot. This slot machine is a small pearl in a world of game often very conformist and little inclined to mingle world affairs. A little irreverence is always good, right?

Fear the Zombies Slot Machine

The zombie has been fashionable lately even if since the mythical films of George A. Romero, the passion for humanity for the end of the Zombiesque world has never declined. It is true that since the masterful "28 days later" by Dany Boyle, the series Fear The Walking Dead has taken over the torch. So, it was obviously necessary a slot machine devoted to the post apocalyptic world populated by zombies.
Fugaso offers us a survival guide that is revealed as the game progresses. Figures represent the essential tools to avoid finishing in tartare: fuel, canned, knives, medical kits, ammunition, machine guns and machine guns and machine guns and machine guns and machine guns and machine guns and machine guns A rocket launcher.
We are the little American people, we are not ready to find a rocket launcher and a machine gun around the corner. Fortunately the zombies seem to prefer the US to the romanticism of Paris. The atmosphere is perfectly transcribed and it is not impossible for an animation to surprise you. 3 lines, 5 rollers and 15 lines of payments will be your weapons to blow up the jackpots.

In conclusion: Fugaso is 17 years old and it is no coincidence when you visit your toy library. Originality, beautiful mechanics, unique and creative thematic ... All we like. Perhaps Fugaso's trend to design slot machines with few payments of payments could put off some ... Come on, we leave you, we have a few zombies to fall to hear the sweet melody of the pieces that fall in Our bucket.

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