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The 77 emo Grand Prix of Monaco opens on Thursday on behalf of the 6th round of the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship. The legendary the Principality Grand Prix could be disputed even if this season already seems to be the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. May 26 will be D -Day. For bettors on F1, it's a special week that will start from the tests. The particularities of this race can give way to surprises, even if the overruns are more than difficult, the slightest error can be fatal.
Here is a warm up for bettors. We heat your pens and prepare your bets on the 2019 Monaco GP.

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2019 world championship: Where are you?

Afterwards, the Spanish Grand Prix, won by Lewis Hamilton, reigning world champion, here is the ranking after the first Grand Prix of the season:

  • 1 Lewis Hamilton => 112 points

  • 2 Valtteri Bottas => 105points

  • 3 Max Verstappen => 66 points

  • 4 Sebastian Vettel => 64 points

  • 5 Charles Leclerc => 57 points

  • 6 Pierre Gasly => 21 points

  • 7 Kevin Magnussen => 14 points

  • 8 Sergio Pérez => 13 points

  • 9 Kimi Räikkönen => 13 points

  • 10 Lando Norris => 12 points

Nothing is played. There are 416 points to take in the next 16 Grand Prix. However, we can already see the domination of the silver arrows are taking shape once again. The concern is more and more significant on the side of the Scuderia which seems to have a fairly efficient car. The domination of Mercedes pilots is insolent. Since the start of the 2019 season, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have trusted the first and second place in the first six Grand Prix. The Englishman won the Grand Prix of Bahrain, China and Spain, while the Finn was climbing on the first step of the cube in Australia and Azerbaijan while finishing three times in second place. For the others, there are only crumbs. From there to think that the victory will be played between the two Mercedes pilots, there is only one step that it would not be stupid to cross. Between the two pilots, only Hamilton won the race in the past in 2008 and 2016. Valtteri Bottas has never finished on the podium.

The 2019 Monaco circuit:

The circuit is mythical as is its route. Monaco GP takes place in the heart of Monte-Carlo and Condamine. It revolves around the Hercules port. The place is prestigious and we can say that it is the most bling bling Grand Prix of the season. All the stars on the planet are jostling there. The particular scent of the rock seems to win the paddock.
The route is also the star of this GP. He has the scent of yesteryear, even if he has been secured several times. The tunnel remains the symbol of the route. Tightened turns follow one another between safety rails. This is one of the specifics of this circuit with no clearance route on the route. The pilots are between the rails and the slightest fault leads to the crash. The circuit is surrounded by crane. It is therefore a circuit where it is almost impossible to double. To bet on the Monaco Grand Prix, it is necessary to count on the starting grid. The fastest in the qualifying phase will be the favorite of the race.

  • Number of laps: 78
  • Circuit length: 3,34 km

  • Race distance: 260,52 km

  • 2018 winner: Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing TAG Heuer) 1:42:54.807

  • 2018 tour record: Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing TAG Heuer) 1:14.260

  • Best race in the race: Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) in 1 min 14 s 439 in 2004.

Betting on the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix

For this season, the American stable and its pilots seem untouchable. The bet on the podium should be not very remunerative, unless a pilot manages to grasp the positon pole with silver arrows. The ratings express this unrelated domination.

The ratings of the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix on Betclic Formule 1

  • Lewis Hamilton 2,20

  • Waltari Botton Three, ౧౫

  • Max Verstappen 4,40

  • Charles Leclerc 7,75

  • Sebastian Vettel 9,50

  • Pierre Gasly 10.50

  • Romain Grosjean 250,00

According to, we will have to see the qualification well to try to find an outsider to place in the bet on the podium to enjoy a good coast.

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