Formula 1 - Types of Paris

Formula 1 is the queen of mechanical sports. Bets on Formula 1 races do not attract crowds on online bookmakers. This can be explained by the fact that USA is not a nation carried towards this event since the American pilots are rare and not really competitive. At the same time USA has lost its Formula 1. Grand Prix 1. Since last year, it is finally back. Ultimately, mechanical sport does not have a good press at a time when the environment is at the heart of the issues. Many considerations that explain how online bets on Formula 1 are considered like small sports. Yet there are real opportunities and the types of bets are limited and it is therefore faster to bet. We said faster, not easier! The odds attest to it. They are good even for favorites because it is difficult to plan a race when everything can stop at the first curve of the race.

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The bet: winner of the qualifications of the F1 F1 Grand Prix

A Grand Prix is made up of test, qualification and the Grand Prix. The qualifications allow the pilots to win their places on the starting grid. In this bet, you will be asked who will be in a position and who will therefore have won the qualification.

Advantage : The dimensions are interesting and the history can be of precious help.

Inconvenience : It can be difficult to make a choice, especially at the start of the Formula 1 world championship.

Our opinion : It is a good type of Paris. It is more difficult at the start of the season when there is little information on the competitiveness of cars and the shape of the drivers. In Formula 1, we know that the most powerful stables are in front. The history of a pilot On the circuit is precious help. It is therefore a bet that offers good readability.

The bet: pilots having produced the three best times at the end of the last qualification session.

We must determine the pilots who will succeed in ranking in the first three at the end of the last session. It is the one that is often the most disputed because the pilots drop the horses to scratch places on the starting grid.

Advantage : Again the odds can be pretty good and we often find the gratin during this last round.

Inconvenience : The unpleasant surprise can spoil a bet with two pilots out of the three selected.

Our opinion : This bet asks to find a trio. It is necessarily more complex than finding a pilot. Again, for a few seasons we have found the same regularly. This bet is a little too random at the start of the season, but it can be useful in your range of bet a little later, once a mechanical hierarchy and men are taking shape.

The bet: winner of the pilot and team event

You must bet on the winner of the Formula 1 Grand Prix and on the winner manufacturer. The two bets are distinct.

Advantage : The dimensions are interesting and it is a bet based on rational factors.

Inconvenience : If not the risk of being mistaken, it is not a type of trapper bet.

Our opinion: this is the simple bet of the types of bet on F1. The difference is that you have a greater choice of pilot. Do not panic. The best drivers are on the best machines. The surprises are so rare that they are anecdotal. If you follow our advice to bet on Formula 1, you will have the keys to making the right choice. Be careful, all the same, some Paris sites prohibit complementary bets. For example if you bet on a victory by Lewis Hamilton over Mercedes, this can be considered a complementary bet. Read the Ryour bookmaker on online bets.

The bet: winner of the pilot world championship and Formula 1 team

It is the classic multi-sport as for all bettors who want to play like pro, it is a puzzle

Advantage : this bet is good on the start of the season

Inconvenience : In F1, we can have certainties that the future will not have.

Our opinion: CThey who follow us already know what we think about it. This bet is over the whole season. If you have a small bankroll, you will block your bet for 9 months to perhaps give birth to a dry loss. This type of Paris is obviously a magnet. It is a bit the product at the head of the gondola of sites de paris a similare. Accessible to everyone - everyone can put their play on Hamilton without having to know bets on F1 ... For us, it's a bet for fun. We put a small bet to scrape a dimension. Again, the odds will be more interesting at the start of the season and they will melt more or less quickly over the races.

The bet: pilot pilot and team podium

It is not a question of finding the winner, but indeed, the first three which will set foot on the cube. The two bets are dissociated.

Advantage : The order is not requested, the rating is often above 2, sometimes much more at the start of the season.

Inconvenience : You can think that it is easy in views of the domination of certain stables, but the day you bet ...

Our opinion : Already, no one asks you about. F1 will always have one or 2 stables that dominate. The bet on the stables is simpler and allows you to avoid the race where the leader lets his second win ...

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