Bet on League 1 2019-2020: Toulouse - PSG

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Why did you choose this 2019-2020 Ligue Day match. Well, you have to bet on Ligue 1, as long as it exists because the latest information on the Wall Street Journal on the project of a future Champions League are at least worrying for the survival of our championship. On the prono side, we did the jackpot with the Clasico, but Hugo Loris decided to make us lose our bets for the Blues match against Iceland. We don't like to lose, we're not happy, even if the season is good. This Ligue 1 season is ultimately very interesting if we forget that the suspense of the title died on the Qatari checkbook. We must be satisfied with places for the European cuts and for the descent. However, we are going to go against our regulation to avoid unaccompanied games, so those of PSG. We have understood in the team that the forecastlers, finally some, find it difficult to put the side "support" aside when they have to bet. However, we are made a fairly fair remark "how to bet on a match where there is an ultra-favori". So we are preparing a small article to help you if you really can't help betting on the big ones. Toulouse - PSG, it's not bad as a demonstration. You will see as you have to go get “risky” bets to catch a good rating. And note that it's outside.

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Betting on Toulouse-PSG, 29th day of L1 2018-2019

  • The simple bet: Toulouse 9.45 draw 6.25 Paris SG 1,21

The simple bet is therefore prohibited. 1,21 is a rating that requires a Too big bet to be profitable. Football is never an exact science. PSG with the Montaada and the unspeakable defeat against Manchester United has become, at least in Europe, one of the most striking examples. On this bet, some bettors have lost a large part of their profits by playing the surest side. And this rating was the surest. Others have won a pretty sum by betting on the number of goals for example. Snap the danger, it's a way to beat sports betting sites online. For this meeting of the 29th day of L1, why should you not bet on the simple bet?

Toulouse does not seem to be armed to achieve a feat. Individuality is enough in Paris in Ligue 1 and even when we believe that this team is no longer a sum of individuality, but a real team, we see it crashed in C1 and knowing difficulties against Lyon. In Ligue 1 the route is perfect against the little ones and Toulouse fights to avoid the red zone and more particularly the dams. The rating is quite huge. Draw can be an option, but it remains very risky. In fact allt depends on PSG. PSG has lost everything against Manchester United and it only has to bet on the Coupe de USA to have a semblance of thrill. We come out of an international truce. The title is acquired. Can PSG lower the foot even unconsciously? No doubt, but it is enough for a minute of acceleration for Paris to be in a position to score.

Toulouse will have to do without his attacker, Corentin Jean, injured during training. We should not see him replay before at least six months after his rupture of the crossed ligaments of the right knee. On the PSG side, concern for Di Maria who was injured with the Albiceleste. And there, this absence can be decisive because while the media swallows up before the "American genius" the Argentinian holds this team alone. It is therefore to be monitored! Edinson Cavani will be absent longer than expected.

Choose the type of betting for TFC - PSG

Toulouse has won a match on its last 8 L1 games. At home, the violets remain on a draw and a victory. 16th in the home classification, they scored 15 goals for 18 collected. The question is whether they are able to score a goal against Paris and if PSG can take one.

  • Result & The 2 teams mark: Paris and yes, it is a rating of 2.25 at Betclic.

Tempting .. PSG has the most chance of winning this match, but most players returns from international matches, mass is said in the league. Toulouse scores a goal per game at home. We can always count on the Var to have an extra penalty chance. The number of goals per game is also interesting. With Paris Saint-Germain we know that the edition may be heavy without the Force team. For us, we will have to look at if Di Maria is there or not. For now, it's a bit early for us ...

  • Our bet on TFC - PSG: Result & The 2 teams mark: Paris and yes, it is a rating of 2.25 at Betclic Bookmaker.

We also advise you from live bets to be able to establish a rapid analysis of the PSG player's state of mind. Paris Live can allow you to seize the right opportunities, and avoid unpleasant surprises on compositions for example.

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