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Prognosis Lyon - FC Barcelona, 8th finals of C1

It is the shock of these knockout stages of the 2018-2019 Champions League. We know that media, we can not do anything against PSG, but yet this match seems more promising because Barca is a giant otherwise larger than Manchester United and that Lyon has very little chance of qualifying. In this match, the balls of the ball expect a very beauty match hears two teams dedicated to the offensive, the bettors on football know that the ratings will be big because the barca is an ultimate favorite, but the 'Olympique Lyonnais acts as an ultimate outsiders. After some stormy debates in the editorial staff, we chose this match instead of that of PSG. We have chosen our online betting community rather than that of the attendance that the Qatari club drains and its quest for victory in C1. No worries, we will find Paris the next round for ratings without more interesting doubts with its entire workforce! In the meantime, let's go to the Enlightenment stadium - yes our childish fight against continuous naming - for an evening that should give thanks to football while continuing to make our bankroll fat!

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Betting on OL - FC Barcelona, 8th round of the Champions League

The simple bet on OL - Barca:

  • Lyon 4.50 draw 3.90 Barcelona 1.75

The dimensions are eloquent. At home Olympique Lyonnais must lose against the scarecrow blaugranass and its Messi. So we find these disproportionate dimensions on qualification.

Qualification for the quarterfinals of C1 2018-2019:

  • Lyon 6.00 - Barcelona 1.09

For Bookmakers Lyon has no chance of qualifying, but L’Dimension balance is still amazing. Barcelona is below 1.09, but Lyon at 6, 00 is not rated either. So there would be a little doubt, even tiny or a small trap tense to the Lyon supporters with an attractive dimension, but which is not unthinkable either if you have a small room to put? So let's go see what's going on with the two teams!

Lyon: Almost at the top

Lyon this season is cyclothymic. Against the big and similar, Bruno Genesio’s team is extremely impressive. Josep Guardiola was speechless. This is the only L1 team to have dropped PSG and in addition with the way and the plume. Against City, Lyon surprised Europe on the outward journey. And then on the other hand, these are not disappointing matches against the little ones, almost shameful defeats. The Lyon supporter this season has an interest in not moving away from a defibrillator. We can therefore think that this team chooses their matches and other banalities that sell paper. We think this team needs their opponent to want to play ball with her. Which was the case against Parisians, Citizens or even OM. The Lyonnais are also formidable against a team with the same need to play the game that they are disarmed in front of the wait -and -see team and ready to play against. Against PSG, the match was superb with actors ready to lose to win. The bettors in Livebet Sur La L1 feasted.

The doubt about the presence of Jason Denayer and perhaps even Ndombele in addition to the suspension of Nabil Fékir add another uncertainty. And opposite, it's FC Barcelona. So beware, if the aura of the great barca will be eternal, this barca there has evolved well and the monster of the start of the sleeping season a little.

Barca: worry Messi.

FC Barcelona after an extraordinary start to the season seems to mark the step. Lionnel Messi's injury for a few weeks worried the club, even if the Argentinian genius was not really far from the field. However, it seems not to be 100%. You will tell me that 80 %, it is enough to set fire to any defense. We notice the return of Samuel Umtiti to the group after a long injury. This team is able to keep the ball, but we are very far from the game of the Grand Barca. Valverde's men do not turn the ball when they can go quickly forward and find themselves in a counter position. We can say that this FC Barcelona is less romantic, but more effective with all the necessary weighting when we see the prize list of Barca de Guardiola.

This barca is also six holders above 30 years. An impressive experience against the crazy youth of the Lyonnais. We come to this observation that we make every year; Between the draw and the matches, there is a world. Today's Bbarca is less scary. The Lyon today has proven that he was able to sublimate himself.

Our opinion on Olympique Lyonnais - FC Barcelona

So, clearly, the qualification with the return to the Barca would be as legendary as it. Let us not forget that the Barca beaten Seville in the King's Cup and who puts six at home. For the surprise, if there is one, she is more likely to take place during this first leg even if the Absence of Nabil Fekir is a real problem. The match may be open we should see goals. The simple bet is tempting, but between the desire to see a surprise and objectively predict it, there is a world.

Our prognosis in Lyon - Barcelona 8th finals C1 2018-2019

Bet on 2-3 goals for a 2.49 rating at Betclic Bookmaker.

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