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For this 2019 vintage, we can congratulate ourselves on the exoticism of this final of the League Cup. No big, PSG is not there and we therefore end up with a promising and more balanced final than the 5 last. Let us not forget that the pleasure of the football amateur is the suspense and the pleasure of seeing PSG dismantling a small has become so commonplace that even the supests get tired of it. One would have thought that the major stables of USA could have taken advantage of this absence. Well no. Paris fell against Guingamp and Strasbourg released Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille. If media, this is not the dream final, these two teams have deserved this place. For us bettors, it is a balanced match and therefore with ratings that should be up to par. Let's go for this final of the 2018-2019 League Cup.

Betting on Strasbourg-Guingamp final of the 2018-2019 League Cup

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The equal 1n2:

  • Strasbourg 2,22 draw 3.00 Guingamp 3.50

Favorite Strasbourg, but the rating of 2.22 is high enough to see the message hidden by Bookmakers : the Alsatians are favorites, but it is a final and opposite the Bretons can create the surprise. We totally share this vision of things and we will explain to you why.

On the side of the RCS Strasbourg

You could say that Strasbourg is the team of the season with the Stade de Reims? At the media and esteem level, these two teams have shown great things. It must be said that for Strasbourg, the exit from Laurey almost premonitory on PSG and his confrontation against the Reds Devils, has caused a lot, a lot of ink. We do not touch PSG in USA without undergoing the consequences. Ask Aulas. With an emblematic coach, a talented president, an unwavering audience and an interesting quality of play, we can say that the Alsatians have already marked this season. There is only one title. At a time when PSG is stifling all inclination on the three hexagonal titles, it's miraculous to have this chance. For those who bet on Ligue 1, Strasbourg is 10 th 6 points from the 5th place. It is therefore a very good course for a club which has a small budget and which currently has other inclinations than maintenance. The appetite comes by eating and seeing the Meinau on fire for the Europa League is no longer a dream, but a possible.

On the side of Guingamp

Guingamp was gradually leaving the elite and then little by little, the Bretons come back and on the last 5 games, the record is rather clean for a club in the red zone: 2 victories, a draw and a defeat. From there to say that this is the right time to play the final ... We can say that it is not the worst time for Guingamp that seems to be better and better. Let us not forget that Guingamp is a specialist in the finals. Ask Rennais. With two American Cups in the last 10 years, this small club, in a city that has more spectators in its stadium than residents. Guingamp is a UFO in this Buisness football. The in front is in fact the outsider because of his career in Ligue 1, but be careful.

Betting on the Strasbourg - Guingamp match

To start, the course of the two teams is monstrous.

  • Strasbourg has dropped into the order of the towers: Lille -Marseille -lyon -Bordeaux
  • Guingamp dropped: Angers- Nice- Psg- Monaco

So, the story of luck in prints ... The Alsatians had a more raised tray, but sautéed the PSG in the park. We can say that there is equality on the course. During the L1 MACTH, we note that there was a zero between the two teams in Roudourou. Still equality.

For the compositions, Gourvennec hides in the mist and the druid says nothing without allusion, perhaps to try to look away. We just know that Coco will be suspended because of an incomprehensible decision of the League and that Devaux will not be ready. Strasbourg will be complete even if Jonas Martin is back after his ankle injury, there is very little chance of seeing him on the match sheet.

Players selected for the 2019 League Cup final

  • The Guingamp group : Kalle Johnson, Marc-Aurèle Caillard, Denis Pettric – Jérémy Sorbon, Christoxo Kerbrat, Papy Djilobodji, Check Traoré, Félix Eboa Eboa, Pedro Rebocho, Johan Laon Didot, Nicolas Benezt, Mehdi Merghem – Ronny Rodelin, Alexandre Mendy, Marcus Thyur, Nolan Roux.
  • The Strasbourg group : Mattise, Eiji Thing Forcei - Bngla, Lablola Maundeu, Lamine Kouné, and the African Collionor, the Little, the Little, and the Little, the Little, and the Little, the Little. Tofafa, adriin Bohomass – Lebo Motɔ, Kelev Zicc Cech, Samaria Aar, the Great Geierror.

Our prognosis on this 2019 final of the League Cup

For us Strasbourg is more fit, less in doubt, the team is complete and it is a favorite with a beautiful rating. Nevertheless, it is a final and the cards can be rebatted. Guingamp will have to do without an important player, but Guingamp in the experience of the finals and the club therefore knows how to manage these events.

We thought we were offering you a draw at halftime, but apparently the bookmakers also thought about it with a rating of 1.77-1.80, it's not the party. The final victory is 1.52 for Strasbourg. We're going to play, we really believe in the beautiful Alsatian season.

  • Our prognosis: Bet on Betclic for RC Strasbourg's victory for a rating of 2.22.
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