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For this 33 ème Day, we suggest you be more effective with shorter forecasts, but more matches. It's the end of the season and this 33 ème day promises to be exciting. For the title, the mass is said, the Paris Saint-Germain will not lose all his matches despite a new defeat in Nantes. However, The struggle for place is far from being played as well as places for theEuropa League. Obviously, we would like suspense For the title, but hey "for lack of grives, we eat from the merle ». And for bettors on Ligue 1, whatever the Cote As long as it is beautiful.

Bet on Dijon - Rennes; 33 th day L1 2018-2019

  • The simple bet: Dijon 2.65 draw 3.20 reindeer 2.65 in Winamax sport

So, In this match, the bookmakers are very lost. It is not surprising, because this end of L1 is not far from being a big chaos with surprise results in Gogo. Dijon For example put an end to a series of four consecutive defeats by beating Lyon outside. Rennes is on four games without a victory including a defeat at Nîmes. The match where we loosely we will avoid making a choice. We will try the right side With the usual number of number statistics in an L1 match.

  • Our prognosis on Dijon - Rennes : Bet on 2-3 goals for a Cote 1.83 in Betclic football

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Build on Lyon - Angers; 33rd Ligue 1 day

  • The single bet: Lyon 1.30 zer 5.05 Angers 8.00

Since its elimination in the Coupe de USA by Rennes, Olympique Lyonnais sails in troubled water. Bruno Genesio announced his departure from the club after the defeat of Nantes who has succeeded that against Dijon. The 2nd place seems inaccessible, but behind, the hereditary enemy pointe The tip of his nose at three points. A only Three points, the Greens can dream of the C1. Angers is 12 and saved for this season. The players therefore have nothing to lose. On the last six games, These are five No one and a victory. It would be unthinkable that Lyon losesundefinedandundefined3rd consecutive match.

Our advice: Don't bet on this match. The ratings are not high enough and Those who are left too random.

Our prognosis on Guingamp - Marseille

  • The single bet Guingamp 4.00 DUL 3.30 MARSEILLE 1.85

It is an issue match. Guingamp must win to continue to believe in place of barragist which is at a small point. Marseille must now catch up with Lyon and Saint-Etienne to hope a square in C1. The worst for theABOUT, is that its place in Europa League is also threatened. However, certainties do not are zero part ! Guingamp Stay on two draws and a victory. We can find weaknesses to this team, but we cannot question this combativeness which is born from hope. And for theABOUT, Supporters would tell you about despair. The victory on the last day is sluggish and flavorless. It was necessary, but it is not yet known if it sounds a difficult awakening or if it is a last groan of a dying man. In other times, the Cote would have been good, but frankly it smells like the match trap end of the season. And to tell the truth, as much we hit on nos Paris on the Champions League, as much as we are tired of being caroted by indigent teams ...

Our prognosis on GuingampABOUT : the two teams mark for a Cote 1.90 on Unibet Ligue 1.

Our forecast on Toulouse-Lille, Pari Ligue 1 2018-2019

  • The simple bet: Toulouse 3.35 draw 3.10 Lille 2.12

Like most ofbetween you, we did not expect the Lille offer a 3 do humiliation at PSG While he was playing for the title of champion of USA. If Paris can win against Nantes ( Note : what was not the case) is a little annoying to take a rouste Against his dolphin. Lille In any case, everyone agrees for the second place. The TFC is 12th to 10 points from Barragist. With a victory the last four games, the Toulouse players do the minimum. The CoteundefinedofundefinedLille seems very high. Actually To say, we don't really understand why. the TFC is not very effective against the head teams and it is not a war lightning at home. Lille will be in good shape and confidence.

Our prognosis in Toulouse - Lille : victory of Lille for a Cote from 2.32 in Betclic Sport betting.

Our prognosis on Reims-Saint-Etienne

  • The simple bet: Reims 2.48 draw 2.95 Saint-Étienne 2.90

Well those who bet regularly on football know this: you have to be wary of names. This match which might seem trivial, if this are not the Passed legendary of the two teams, is a decisive match for the European Cup. Greens can take the 3rd Place in Lyon and Reims could do the same at theABOUT. It would be a real drama, but obviously, the one who will win this match will have the most chance of realizing This authentic feat. The Greens remain on a 3-0 against Bordeaux. It remains on four victories, a draw and a defeat against Lille. It's not Brilliant on the game, but it's enough for Ligue 1. Reims is formidable at home with only two defeats and a lot of draws. The two teams will try to win, but it smells good The draw!

Our prognosis on Reims - Saint Etienne : pariah on the draw with a Cote 2.95 in Winanax

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