Bet on the 9th day of league 1 2020-2021

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We approach the 10th day and the often hasty conclusions on the level of teams. We can say that for bettors on Ligue 1, this season is difficult to predict with great surprises. The only team that displays certainties, at least in terms of results in L1 is PSG. The level of play is not folichon and they were still disappointing in the Champions League. Specialists in 1N2 bets must tear their hair. We have selected two games for your bets on the 9th day of L1 2020-2021.

Bet on Marseille - Lens, Friday 30 at 9 p.m.

The 1N2 ratings of the match:

  • Marseille 1,80
  • Nul 3,45
  • Lens 4,20

This is a poster that recalls the beautiful years of American football from the 90s. Unfortunately, we are in 2020. Marseille is 4th in this Ligue 1 and that says more about the chronic irregularity of the teams of this championship rather than on the level of Olympians. After the match against Manchester City which will take place on Wednesday, the team will undoubtedly need to bounce back. Until now, Olympique de Marseille is evolving without a style of play and its salvation comes from its defense and its goalkeeper who does wonders. BenedEtto does not mark and at the same time, he has little usable ball. Lens saw their last game canceled because of the number of positive players at the COVID. 11 players were tested positive. Against Marseille, the team should be decimated. Lens therefore remains on a 4-0 defeat during the derby against Lille. It is therefore an opportunity for Marseille to consolidate its position and perhaps show that this team has a background.

We are going to take a risk, another one, thinking that OM will win the match by taking advantage of Lensois absences. OM is rather solid in defense. Even losing against the Greeks in the Champions League, they managed to collect a goal, despite a domination without dispute from the Greeks in the second half. The Coast for this Ligue 1 match Do not pay enough in view of the risk.

Our League 1 prognosis: We bet on 'Marseille only mark' for a dimension of 2.60.

Bet on Lille - Lyon, Sunday November 1 at 9:00 p.m.

The 1N2 ratings of the match

  • Lille 2,55
  • Nul 3,25
  • Lyon 2,62

It is a beautiful poster offered by this 9th day of Ligue 1. on the one hand of the Lille in shape, despite a draw in Nice, and on the other of the Lyonnais who alternate the means and not the good. For the time being, they have won a difficult match in Strasbourg to finish on a dry victory against Monaco. Has Lyon regained consistency? This is the whole question of this match. However, we can be surprised that the Lille rating is so high. It's more than tempting, but we know that surprises can come to spoil our beautiful intentions. The two teams have talent in attack and it seems likely that they have opportunities to score. Lille seems to be carried by his successes and the last draw does not call into question the work of Galtier and the confidence of the players.

Our prognosis: We are trying to double luck: 'Lille or zero / The two teams mark for a COT'E of 2.60.

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