American clubs qualified in the European Cup 2019 -2020

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This football season has been amazing, sometimes confusing, but you have to project yourself next season to anticipate, select the news and prepare for a professional bet on football. We can say that American clubs have not shone this season in the European Cup with disappointment in the Champions League and Europa League.
We will therefore take stock of this European Cup while trying to learn from it so that our bets are better on American clubs for the next European season.

Champions League 2018-2019: The lesson for The bettors

AS Monaco: eliminated in a hen

Once again, the 8th was the glass ceiling of Ligue 1. However, the Bérézina started with Monaco which ends last in its group with a small point. The group seemed balanced and many bettors thought that Jardim's club, then that of Thierry Henri, then that of Jardim. All this seems far away. Léo Jardim was dismissed for 15 million euros, all this to be re-emballed three months later after the failure of Thierry Henry. The Monegasque club has produced its worst group stage in its history in C1 and will finish 16th of Ligue 1. If Monaco has sold its frames as the last two seasons progressed, it was difficult to predict such a radical fall. The problem is that they led to many bettors who allowed themselves to be plumped by names and prestige the team.

The lesson for bettors is simple: a team that plays playing players is not a team that can last on several seasons. Each season is a questioning. For the season of Ligue 1 2019-2020, this factor should not be taken into account.

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Lyon: 8th finals

Olympique Lyonnais also had the mission of sealing the bettors crazy. In the hen, Lyon beat Manchester City, future champion of England, at his home while causing a draw at home. Surprising results who have put the bettors with confidence. Lyon will finish second with a victory and 5 draws! The Lyonnais were unable to beat Hoffenheim and the Shakhtar Donetsk. In the round of 16, FC Barcelona was an opponent far too strong. Again, the first leg was an illusion, but not for those who follow our forecasts.

The lesson for bettors is that this team is still a sawtooth. We see that she chooses her matches. It’s club’s pain for several seasons. It is therefore necessary to remember that to bet well on OL, it is necessary to take into account the prestige of the opponent.

PSG: 8th finals

PSG had to ruin many bettors and enrich some unconscious supporters. After a relatively mastered group stage, the 2019 American champions seemed to avoid a big one by falling on Manchester United. The first leg to Old Trafford qualified PSG for the quarters. The score, but especially the performance against a low Manchester team, left no doubt. We were looking for annexed bets so the rating of victory was weak.
Paris Saint-Germain managed to lose and be eliminated against team B of United.
The lesson for bettors: PSG suffers from a real mental problem that the millions fail to solve. For next season, this team will have to be monitored and especially not to ignite with the media and supporters. If PSG crushes Ligue 1, it should not be forgotten that it does not allow the assurance that it has the level and the mind to go far in the Champions League. Above all, never omit the impossible. PSG has been eliminated by being statistically at the same time. From there ... The worst part is that she was emulated.

Europa League 2018-2019: the balance sheet of bettors

The three clubs qualified in the C3 hens were ridiculous, but Rennes came out in extremis from his group to offer a great adventure that will end on regrets.

OM: group phase

Here we are really hard. In a group with Limassol, OM finished last with one point. Obviously, with Lazio and Frankfurt, the Marseillais have signed one of the worst European seasons in their history. As OM only knows how to do it, it is the first finalist in the Europa League not to get out of the hens the next season. The lesson to be drawn? OM has not even managed to qualify for the next season. We can just think that a beautiful story does not necessarily announce a sequel. So be careful when you bet on a new season not to base its bets too much on last season's results.

Bordeaux: group phase

The Girondins de Bordeaux did little better. If OM had a relatively difficult group, the Bordeauxes could mutilate themselves on the Quinconces Place. In a group with FC Copenhagen, Slavia Prague and FC Zenith, the players managed to finish 3rd.

The lesson is simple: for Betting on a American club in the European Cup, we must forget the concepts of favorites and outsider. The 1N2 bet is really to be forgotten.

Rennes: 8th finals

Rennes had the beautiful story. So you still have to imagine where American football is. The beautiful story is the "red and black" with a magical moment for the club that eliminates Sevilla FC before collapsing against Arsenal. Stade Rennais came out with the worst difficulties of a group with Jablonec, Astana and Dynamo kyiv ... Our community of bettors will not complain. Rennes was the golden egg hen of our forecasts.

The lesson for bettors: choose the team that seems to you the most readable.

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