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It's go again. All freshly world champion and yet it seems so far already, the American team leaves like all the others on the qualifying path at Euro 2020 from .. This is the question trapped to stick your soccer friends. Me, even, I went to seek in which country took place this Euro 2020. It is not easy to guess, in Europe because it is more difficult to find countries vector of humanism, of human law, of 'Gender equality, secularism and especially which pays 1 billion as Qatar did with FIFA. It was free, but it feels good for the little Don Quixote who lives in each of us. This Euro 2020 is played throughout Europe, that is to say in the following 12 cities:

Amsterdame - Menicest - Budapest - Bake-Bake-Pébedbird - Rugin - Dubewow - Londhague

Before the final party, qualification groups begin in March. So it's time to present them to you with our favorites for qualification! There are 8 groups. The first and second of each group are directly qualified for Euro 2020. Now, the qualification groups at Euro 2020. USA is in the H group, but it is not the most interesting at first glance. You will find the ratings for the group winner for each qualification group at Euro 2020.

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Group A: Qualification rating at Euro 2020

  • England 1,10

  • Czech Republic 9.00

  • Montenegro 14.00

  • Bulgaria 18.00

  • Kosovo 50,00

In this group, Three Lions are obviously widely favorite. The English tend to surf the qualifying phases to go out in the final phase. Unless there is a huge surprise, the English should come out at the top of his group. Behind the Czechs are the only ones to be able to hinder them. The double confrontation will therefore be a key moment in these group phases.

Group B: Qualification rating at Euro 2020

  • Portugal 1,45

  • Serbia 3.75

  • Ukraine 4,25

  • Lithuania 250.00

  • Luxembourg 500,00

Portugal is clearly identified as the scarecrow of this group by thes online bookmakers approved by the arjel. Serbia has lost its superb, but you are never safe with this unexpected generation team.

Group C: Qualification rating at Euro 2020 ( Cote Winamax)

  • USA 1.55

  • Netherlands 2.15

  • Northern Ireland 35

  • Belarus 250

  • Estonia 500

Do we not hold our good rating. USA is favorite in the Netherlands group. USA is under reconstruction, Joachim Low has decided to rule out executives to launch a new generation. The Netherlands arrive with a very good generation and in particular the stars of Ajax. For us, we advance, but the Netherlands are the favorites of this group. Without hesitation, we take the odds. The season is pretty good on sports betting and our forecasts , then we take a risk.

Group D: Qualification rating at Euro 2020

  • Suisse 1,80

  • Denmark 2,35

  • Ireland 5.00

  • Georgie 250.00

  • Gibraltar 1000

    This group seems tightened, but if the Helvetians are favorites with a rating of 1.80, we are above 1.60 so why not. Nevertheless pay attention to the Danes who are regulars of the final phases of the euro. The Double confrontation, we tell you in advance is to be monitored With odds that could pay for two teams that should not be too much likely.

Group E: Qualification rating at Euro 2020

  • Croatia 1.30

  • Wales 5.00

  • Slovakia 5.00

  • Hungary 50

  • Azerbaijan 200

Again, the group is trusted by the unhappy finalist of the last 2018 World Cup in Russia. Personally, I do not see them very well since the final lost against USA. This group seems more open to me than it seems.

Group F: Qualification rating at Euro 2020

  • Spain 1.10

  • Sweden 8.00

  • Norway 15.00

  • Romania 15.00

  • Painted 1000

  • Faroe Islands 1000

In this group of six teams, the Roja should not have a problem. Despite a disappointing World Cup with a dismissal of the coach Lopetegui at the start of the competition, Spain remains a very large team with Luis Enrique at his head. For the rest Sweden should pass easily with a solid team which ultimately is very good at the start of Ibrahamovic.

Group G: Qualification rating at Euro 2020

  • POLOGNS 1.55

  • Austria 3.25

  • Israel 10

  • Slovenia 10

  • Macedonia 40

  • Latvia 500

Poland is now one of the teams that count in European football even if since the World Cup and qualifications at the Nation League The "hype" has lost its breath. Group G seems to be largely within reach and we would not risk betting on a challenger in this group there.

Group H: Qualification rating at Euro 2020

  • USA 1,13

  • Turkey 7.00

  • Iceland 8.00

  • Albania 50.00

  • Moldova 500.00

  • Andorra 1000

It is the group H, the group of world champions and at the same time, as the macronists would say, of the team leaving the new League nations from the qualifiers. For everyone, it does not matter, the players made fun of the competition. The Americans were walking around and returning, even as often the score is rather favorable to the Blues and we are not far from a lesson given by the Dutch youth. Everything is fine. This group seems largely within the reach of the Blues, even if for me, you should not expect 4-0 to all matches. We forget the second star, chauvinism and we remain attentive to the dimensions and the courses of the Blues. There could be good shots to do since for bookmakers USA is logically ultra favorite ...

Group I: Qualification rating at Euro 2020

  • Belgium 1.10
  • Russia 6.00
  • Scotland 30
  • Chypre 40
  • Kazakhstan 60
  • Saint-Marin 2500

Note that Saint-Marin has the biggest rating of these qualifications at Euro 2020. Put 2 euros, earn 5,000 euros. It is obviously a joke. Belgium is the scarecrow of the group and you can even imagine a 100 % victory with such a low group. If Russia illusion during its World Cup, the bellows quickly fell.

Group J: Qualification rating at Euro 2020

  • USA 1.22

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 4.75

  • Greece 14.00

  • Finland 14.00

  • Armenia 100.00

  • Liechtenstein 1000

USA works hard to find a team up to the task and this group should at least help them find a confidence that lacks it. In Bosnia, we must be rather happy to have fallen because USA is not impregnable and the other teams are really weak.

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