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After an unsurprising group phase, we find the big European stables for the start of the round-trip phases. For Those who bet on football, it's now that serious things will start. It is delicate to talk about Paris and bets already. We know that the teams can be metamorphose by then. The lessons of this first part of the season are to be taken with tweezers. We saw Real Madrid swept by PSG on the first day before conceding a draw to Bernabeu by giving the lesson to the Parisians. We can also see Barca who, willy -nilly, qualified in his group, but which is far from displaying a pretender face in the final title. To tell the truth, there are only Reds, title holders, who make an impression in this first part of this season.

The draw for the 8th finals of the C1 2019-2020

  • Dortmund (ALL) - Paris sg (from)
  • Real Madrid (ESP) - Manchester City (The)
  • Atalanta (ITA) - Valence (ESP)
  • Atlético Madrid (ESP) - Liverpool (Ang)
  • Chelsea (Ang) - Bayern Munich (All)
  • Olympique Lyonnais (FRA) - Juventus Turin(ITA)
  • Tottenham (The) - RB Leipzig (All)
  • Naples (ITA) -F C Barcelone (ESP)

The dimensions for the qualification in the quarterfinals 2019-2020

  • Atletico Madrid 2,90 - Liverpool 1,30

Our opinion: we find the ratings well unbalanced. Atletico Madrid is always a wound to play, especially for a team that does not like to play the game too much like the Liverpool of Jurgen Klopp. This is the kind of match to watch in particular on betting on meetings that should offer interesting coasts.

  • Borussia Dortmund 3.40 - Paris SG 1.22

Our opinion: Again, the ratings put Paris Saint-Germain largely favorite. The Qatari club is superior on paper with a attack quartet worthy of a team of PES. Even if we forget the tragic past of Paris in C1, it is difficult to know how this team will react. Dortmund is on the alternation between the very good and the means. Again, the qualification rating is not interesting. We will have to bet on theare two meetings to optimize gains.

  • Atalanta 2,05 - Valence 1,60

It is one of the most balanced meetings between two teams that we did not expect. If Valence is the favorite, the Americans may well be a nice surprise of these quarter -finals. For the moment, the match seems tight, but if we were to bet on a surprise, Atlanta seems to be the best option of these 8th finals of the 2019-2020 Champions League.

  • Tottenham 1.75 - RB Leipzig 1.85

It is the tightest 8th round in the competition. It must be said that the Spurs have changed coach. Pochettino was returned after bringing the London club in Champions League final. It was Mourinho who took his succession. Times are therefore relatively agitated for the Spurs and it will be necessary to wait for the winter transfer window and the start of the 2020 season to see what the Portuguese will do with this club. On the other side Leipzig is no longer a surprise in the Bundesliga and plays elbows with the Munich giant and the Borrussia Dortmund. We should see the odds significantly move by the meeting.

  • Chelsea 3,70 - Bayern Munich 1,18

This meeting seems particularly poorly rated. We do not say that Bayern is not favorite, but from there to give it a rating of ultra favorite, it is clearly ignoring the blues which are certainly in reconstruction, but that we see progress gradually. The Bayern For its part is no longer as imperial in Bundesliga With a 3rd place at the truce. It is therefore a meeting to be particularly monitored while keeping the journey of these two teams by the month by February.

  • Naples 3.90 - FC Barcelona 1.17

If Naples is far from being in good shape with the eviction of Ancelotti, who left for Everton, we can say that FC Barcelona is still looking for itself. In recent seasons, the Blaugranas have nothing to envy at PSG at the level of the "Rontada". We can therefore have legitimate doubts about the rating of bookmakers. The match is still far away and we know that the big stables tend to transform spring from the coming. Napoli will undoubtedly have changed its face after the clash between management and players. If the prestige of FC Barcelona influences the bettors, it will still be necessary to be wary, especially for the first leg.

  • Real Madrid 2,65 - Manchester City 1,35

It is the shock of his round of 16 of the Champions League 2019-2020. Two of the most powerful clubs in the world find themselves very early in the Queen competition. This match should be tight. The meeting between Zinedine Zidane and Guardiola should offer us a Homeric fight. Manchester City is dropped by FC Liverpool in the Premier League. The Champions League is the ultimate goal of the Catalan coach which is not varnished in this competition. Zidane, after a cataclysmic start to the season for the White House, we remembered the non-match in the park, managed to straighten the bar and go up at the top of the ranking. The fragility of the moment seems to be on the side of the Citizens who are decimated by injuries. Very clearly, les bookmakers Under Côte Real Madrid and it's quite surprising.

  • Lyon 5,40 – Juventus Turin 1,10

Lyon spends a catastrophic start to the season despite the eternal promises of President Jean-Michel Aulas. At the 12th place in La Tréve, with a new coach from the other Olympic, you have to be supported to imagine seeing the Lyonnais took out the Turinois. If the old lady is not at her firmament, one might think that she is delighted with the draw.

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