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After an epic season, the Reds won the Premier League after 19 years of waiting. For Football fans, do not hesitate to look at the report 'out the rain' which traces this season through the gaze of the supporters of Liverpool, those who are from father to son, those who remained so during his 19th birthday, those who give meaning to the "Never Walk Alone". This season begins with the covid as everywhere in Europe and therefore with closed -door matches. Otherwise, nothing seems to change and the fight between the Citizens and the Reds should offer us a new chapter. Behind, we cannot say that it is jostling at the gate with Chelsea like Outsider, United and Arsenal a little further ... And if, this season announced a Renaissance like the return of Leeds guided by one of the biggest, Marcelo Bielsa?

The ratings of the winner of the Premier League 2020-2021

  • Manchester City 1,85
  • Liverpool 2,50
  • Chelsea 17
  • Manchester United 25
  • Arsenal 25

les bookmakers Place Manchester City as a favorite, which is quite surprising when you see the shape of the Reds last season. It is also true that the Manchester City rating is not that of a PSG or Bayern. We could suspect online bookmakers to make an interesting dimension to attract bets even if it means making a slightly over -contained favorite compared to the reigning champion.

Why would Liverpool players lower their foot? No significant departure, the arrival of Alcantara could constitute what could be the best environment in Europe. City is still so solid, but its failure against Olympique Lyonnais in a C1, certainly special, may have given the grace of Guardiola. For us, Liverpool is the real favorite for his succession.

Our prognosis: Bet on the title for Liverpool with a dimension of 2.40.

It is a bet on the competition, so we put a small part of his bankroll so as not to have too many funds blocked during the season.

The bet "placed from 1 to 10".

It is a little used bet, but which is easier to predict than the title with interesting ratings, if obviously you are not betting that Chelsea, 1.02, or United is in the first ten of the Premier League 2020-2021! You have to go and seek in the shadow teams, those who do not make the headlines of the world's media, but which are also the pride of fans of English football. One of these teams should receive a little more light. Leeds goes back from the English second division with an emblematic coach. Marcelo Bielsa marked his imprint the game of this team and all English football is waiting to see El Loco fiery the Premier League. For us, it is the rating of 2.50 that ignites us. Bielsa is able to surprise English football which is not really used to this close to the shop. He is able to trip the big ones, to lose against the course of the game ... for us, it's a bet to try!

Our prognosis Bet on Leeds finished between 1 and 10 for a dimension of 2.50.

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