Foot fognosis: 12th day of L1 2020-2021

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For this day following the hens of the Champions League, we have selected three meetings that could be interesting for the bettors of L1. This season, again, it is difficult to count on the head teams that alternate between the means and the passable. OM with two late games could even join PSG at the top of the ranking, despite a mediocre quality of play to say the least ...

Bet in Marseille-Nantes, November 28 at 5:00 p.m.

The 1N2 ratings of the match

  • Marseille 1,98
  • Nul 3,25
  • Nantes 3.70

The Nantes are 14th with a single victory outside this season. She stays on a draw at home against Metz and a victory against Lorient, but the record is not famous, even if we see an improvement in the Canaries' game. They will have to play a late match against Lens on Wednesday. They will not have the advantage of rest even if the Olympians will be in the Champions League in Porto. OM remains on three consecutive victories in L1, but its momentum was cut by the fault of two postpones. Even if the Marseillais are still far from having a reassuring level, they win matches sometimes against the course of the game, but beat Bordeaux and Strasbourg, outside, is not trivial. So we find the rating of a truly generous OM victory.
Our prognosis: bet on an OM victory for a rating of 1.98.

Bet on Lens-Angers, November 29 at 3:00 p.m.

The 1N2 ratings of the match

  • Lens 2,10
  • Nul 3,25
  • Angers 3,40

These are two teams that are not disappointing. Angers is 10th in Ligue 1 and is hanging Lyon on his field. Angers is not too bad outside, the sketch is still going to get the three points in Brest, Nîmes and especially Rennes. Lens is simply undefeated at home with a prestige victory against the Qatari, Bordeaux, and even the Holy Etienne all flame of the start of the season. Even if the team has lowered their foot from the start of the season, promoted him proudly. The team gradually finds their group decimated by the Covid. With two games late, the Lensois could today be the PSG dolphin ... The 1 Na is here again Too good on the side not to try it.

Our prognosis: to bet On a victory of RC Lens for a rating of 2.10.

Bet on Saint-Etienne- Lille, November 29 at 21h00

The dimensions 1 Na you match

  • Saint-Etienne 4.80
  • Nul 3,60
  • Lille 1,72

For the Sunday evening match, this is not the biggest shock of the season, but we will have at least one playful team capable of putting the goals. We are obviously talking about LOSC, but let's start with the seven consecutive defeats of the Greens who will help us make our bet. Saint-Etienne is fragile in the game and in the head. Lille is 2nd in the classification, but the team coughs after two consecutive draws and a surprise defeat against Brest. The 3-0 victory against Milan seems to have weighed in the legs. It is for us the favorite, but the rating is not very interesting.

notre prognosis: to bet On a Lille victory with two goals.

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