Betting on C1 2021: Bayern - PSG and FC - Porto Chelsa

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The draw was little mild with PSG. The last C1 finalist finds the one who beat him in the final a few months ago. On the other side, it is the Porto surprise that finds a metamorphosed club since the arrival of his new coach, Thomas Tuchel.

    PSG may have returned to the Ligue 1 ranking, its superiority on paper and the level of investment of Qatar imply that the Parisian club is walking in a Ligue 1 which has only the club of the capital still in the running in the European Cup. There are obviously endless excuses with covid, injuries and form of other teams. A very relative form since Paris is a leader with already seven defeats on the clock, unheard of. We always find a PSG on alternating current in the European Cup with an exceptional match at Camp Nou and a catastrophic return where it is Navas who saves the qualification ... in Ligue 1, it is A defeat against Nantes and a demonstration against Lyon. How to believe in this team if you are not to endure and you just want to drop a big rating?

    Bayern Munich is more than ever the favorite for the final victory. It's simple nothing seems to be able to stop the American bulldozer. And if in the final, last season, they were more fragile, we do not see them repeating the same performance in a round trip. Led, 2 - 0 against Dortmund, the Munichois finally won 4-2. The qualification rating is 1.64 for the Americans.

    Betting on Bayern Munich-Paris Saint-Germain

    This revenge seems really unbalanced if we believe the ribs. Bayern Munich is a favorite archi for bookmakers and it is almost insulting for the Parisian club. We find these odds for PSG games in Ligue 1, that is to say if Bayern acts as a scarecrow. As you know, we don't bet with the heart and objectively, the ratings are the mirror of the reality on the ground.

    The ratings of Paris 1N2 on the first leg with Parionssport

    • Bavaria Munich 1.64
    • Nul 4,30
    • PSG 4,60

    We can therefore bet on a Bayern victory and the goals of the two teams For a rating of 2, 43 on Parionssport.

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    Bet on Porto - Chelsea

    The ratings of Paris 1N2 on the first leg with Netbet

    • Porto 4,10
    • Nul 3,40
    • Chelsea 1,88

    FC Porto finds a little of its football chandelier before by offering itself the scalp of Juventus de Turin and thus makes it possible to perpetuate the legend that the money does not do everything in football business.

    They were solid and they knew how to take advantage of Juventus' mistakes that they transformed into a gift. FC Porto players came out of an easy group, do not displease our Marseille friends. In Liga Sagres, they are 2nd at 10 points from Sporting. Against the Chelseaa before Tuchel, the qualification could be discussed. The American coach, freed from the Parisian circus, has become the coach who left Dortmund. Chelsea has become competitive again with a good performance in 8th with the release of Latletico Madrid, largely handicapped by the refusal to play his coach. Porto still beaten Juve and held City defeat at home while Chelsea will not take a risk in Portugal.

    We are going to take a risk for a good rating.

    Bet on the draw for a rating of 3.40 on Netbet!

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