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Since 2013, Ezugi has offered online casino games, but also to real casinos. This is one of the peculiarities of the Ezugi studio that has a global offer for online or hard casinos.
Based in Sweden ... well no! Finally a Casino software publisher which is not found in northern Europe, but in Israel! Despite its young age Ezugi is a serious customer with nine creation studios and partners around the world. You will have understood Ezugi is a specialist in real casinos, but that's what makes him an original Casino Live creator! Using this know -how, Ezugi allows its online games to take advantage of his experience in real casinos. If there is a Maginot line between real casinos and Virtual casinos, the Israeli software publisher has successfully crossed it becoming a sure value of Igaming.

Once upon a time Ezugi

As often spontaneous success makes it possible to tell of beautiful stories of firms born in a garage ending at the firmament of the Nasdaq which make the delight of fanboys and storytellerrs, English name to qualify modern storytellers. Ezugi is experiencing dizzying success because his team has a no less dizzying experience in new technologies, development and marketing. The Ezugi studio began by tackling the live casino with live rump, especially on the American market. Inevitably, the sexy dealer recipe and online gaming was a success. The male gender is of a predictable who has not escaped Ezugi.
The concept was good, but still needed a foolproof, stable, lag and desynchronization technology to achieve the goal. It is all the know -how of the studio that has been demonstrated. You can say that the result is actually stunning. Let the mouth of the mouth make the buzz as they say today, and the blue chirping bird ... and a small studio which had understood that part of the men would be more seduced by the immersion of the casino and the Female attire than by a slot machine wrote its story Story.

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Ezugi casino games

You must tell yourself that it is a Casino live what's more. You are not there. In the Live Ezugi Studio casions games, you hear, you can speak and exchange with the players of the table and see yourself! The immersion is total since in fact you are virtually seated at a casino table. You can even talk to the croupiers and, the height of good manners, leave him a tip. Often reserved for English speakers, you can speak here in English, Spanish and American. Everything is there, even the background music! The only way to feel more in a casino than on the software published by Ezugi is to go to a real casino. To add pepper, as if it were necessary, the studio sends bonuses live during the game!

The games offered live: live roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccara, Live Keno, Live Double Ball Roulette, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, the Live Texas Hold’em poker and the Blackjack version 7 Seat Blackjack. They are all there live and to discover on the best online casinos on the planet.

Ezugi Blackjack live

Ezugi Blackjack offers a total immersion at a casino game table. You will find all the pleasure of this star game of the casino from home. Available from your PCS, tablets and smartphones, the version of the Israeli game publisher respects the official blackjack rules of the Casino rooms.
You can play one of the seven seats or be a “bet behind” player, that is to say who plays from behind. In short, infinity of players can participate in the current game. To play faster you can use the two special Paris Perfect Peirs and 21 + 3. The Perfect Peers offers you a bonus in the event of pairs, often limited to pairs with head -Valet -Lady -roi. The 21+3 Ezugi is an annex gamble which allows you to multiply by 9 your bet if your hand of 21 or below consists of: suite - Suite Color - Color - Brelan
The annex bets of the Blackjack Ezugi add fun and gains to frenzied parts.

La Roulette Live Ezugi

Classic classics, the Live Ezugi roulette offers you the essential roulette. Have you ever seen a casino without roulette? Ezugi Roulette turns on European rules. You will find all the complexity of bets: familiar interiors and exterior as well as American bets, neighbors of zero, third parties (third parties) and orphans. If it is Chinese for you, you absolutely have to sit at the table to discover the exhilarating "nothing is going well" of the dealer, the immersive atmosphere and the rise of adrenaline when the ball turns almost indefinitely before jumping Box in box until you breathe your breath! The immersion is accentuated thanks to three cameras which allow change of view as if you were there.

The Ezugi The Ezugi

The baccara is older than the first casino in history, we even lose its mark between USA and USA. Ezugi puts this ancestral game in 21st century sauce! This renowned complex game is based on simple rules. It is the strategy that makes the difference. The Ezugi Baccara is enriched by a whole range of statistics that will help beginners and experienced players to optimize their strategies to win the game.

In conclusion, the Ezugi software publisher is in excellence. His live casino games push immersion to her climax. Whether online online casino or players, the pleasure is there. The interfaces do not take precedence over the immersion and the small Israeli studio, Ezugi, meaning odd in Hebrew, can stand up high in front of the giants of the genre.

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