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Still a few weeks to wait for bettors from League 1 of football to launch the 2019-2020 season. If football is almost on vacation with the CAN 2019 and the Copa America To keep us awake, we must already prepare next season and carefully follow the transfers, rumors and the news of clubs. There are not many movements yet, but rumors and tensions in certain clubs are to be monitored, because they can give us an idea of the atmosphere and ambitions.
We will mainly talk about major clubs in this article, before analyzing the small clubs which often come to offer a beautiful summer when the big stables start slowly.

How to use the Inter season to bet on the L1 2019-2020?

The Inter season is an essential moment for the elite clubs. The information comes from all sides and the media seem to chase clicks more than the veracity of the information. So you have to be careful and above all do not bet on bookmakers yet for betting across the competition. It's far too early. It is difficult to learn empirical lessons, but you can see clues. Transfers are obviously scrutinized, but you have to be careful. We find the expression "on paper". On paper, Paris Saint-Germain should have been going regularly in the Last square in the Champions League. LOSC should never have finished dolphin from the capital's club.

However, we can see trends: what types of players are recruited, their experiences, their roles, their costs, the number of transfers, coach changes and those in the organization chart. A football club is a watchmaking and the slightest change can become a grain of sand or simply oil the cogs. And on the other hand, the absence of changes can be synonymous with inertia or continuity. How to interpret all these movements? The experience and a sharp knowledge of Ligue 1 are required.

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What are the major club trends for L1 2019-2020?

On the side of Olympique de Marseille, is it the grimace soup? UEFA and its financial fair play came to type on the Olympian fingers. OM goes far beyond the deficit criteria. The arrival of Boas villas and his very clear speech leaves little doubt: sell and sell again to buy not too expensive. The season has not even started that it already rumbles in the city with a blue and white heart. The departure of Campos in Seville is undoubtedly the first of a long list with the highlight of the transfer of the world champion, Florian Thauvin. So, we can think that the club will slide even more into the soft belly in the L1 ranking. It should not be forgotten that OM will not play European matches and that with one match per week, it remains the hope that the team can be more competitive.

On the side of PSG, It's the big barnum. We are used to it, but this 2019 transfer window is strange and the supporters hesitate between satisfaction and concern. Leonardo's return has already reassured everyone. Man is covered with all virtues by club fans. However, if we look in substance, there are a few questions that can come. PSG welcomes its record sponsorship contracts whose amounts remain mysterious and yet Léo explains that the envelope for the transfer window is limited. Propaganda ? The arrival of Hernandes in free transfer and the Seville player seems to indicate that Paris seeks to consolidate its bench by selling its young people replaced by more experienced players. The exit of Mbappé seems to be forgotten, even if Leonardo does not seem certain to be able to extend it. Are we going to a crisis at the end of this 2019-2020 American championship as we have a Neymar crisis? We have time, but the state of mind of the young Americanman is to question after a summer to go around the world for his sponsor. The goalkeeper position, the famous 6 and the laterals remain subjects of concern. There remains the Neymar case. On this subject, we do not agree at all with the violent press campaign which makes Brazilian the public enemy number 1. Leonardo does the hard by explaining that he will not let anyone be above the club. Very well. It's a bit easy to play authority, once the player means he wants to leave, right?

With or without Neymar, Paris should get by in Ligue 1. Betclic quotes le club at 1.10 for the title more than a month before the start of the championship. The atmosphere is not as beautiful as the media try to make us believe and maybe we will have to be vigilant at the start of the season.

On the side of Olympique Lyonnais, it is a palace revolution that took place in a few weeks.

Genesio's departure was acted before the end of the season, but Juninho's return as a sports director has rekindled the memoirs of the lumber. He came with a very young coach, Sylvinho who will have everything to prove on a prestigious bench of the L1. The sale of Ndombele and Mendy, respectively in Tottenham and Real Madrid, reported more than 100 million euros. It is therefore in the unknown that OL will immerse itself and we notice a rating of 10 for the title and 2.25 for the title without PSG. Lyon is therefore favorite for second place for online bookmakers.

So for the three big historic league stables.

We will have to take into account the acquisition of Nice by the richest man of England, analyze the reaction of the LOSC after his dream season .... If we told you that we were not in a hurry, we would lie to you. Do not hesitate to read and reread all our advice for bet on the round ball like a boss.

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