Bet on the 6th day of the Europa League 2018-2019

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It is at the end of the ball that we pay the orchestra. One might think that according to the adage, American club players should not touch their Etrennes. OM is pitifully eliminated, Bordeaux must wait a miracle, so for the trouble, we will take you to a legendary stadium where a crucial match is played for the qualification between Celtic and Salsbourg. And then as we have the heart that beats a little stronger as soon as the Flower of Scotland sounded, we will go to Austria to take a look at the rangers that face the rapid comes. Obviously, we will not deprive to go see the Celtic siblings with Rennes which could be the only qualified club in the next round of C3, if the Lyonnais Don't do the idiots tonight. It is therefore a nice program that we will prevail to try to do as well as on the last day of C1 with beautiful dimensions for good porn. Let's Go, Glasgow awaits us with his two enemy brothers who play qualification tomorrow evening.

Betting on Celtic Glasgow-Salzburg, J6 L’Au Europa League 2018-2019, Group B

  • The simple bet: Celtic Glasgow 2.45 No 3.30 Salzburg 2.80

At a time when football stadiums become populated amusement parks playing for 90 minutes with more or less fervor to the supporters, there are denings in Europe where football of yesteryear is not dying of its venality . Celtic Park is of these lains. When Anfield lives in its history, Celtic Park is still a "caredral" as Spanish socios say. We know that today, the electricity of a stadium no longer increases opponents, but it can still give wings. Celtic is second in his group and a simple draw allows him to qualify. You have to realize that Celtic, but also the rangers that you will tell us below, remains a vestige, like a witness to the football of yesteryear, in a football football which has nothing to do with the Scotland of Football . Continue to see them and talk about them, it's already a victory for Scottish football. And today Celtic can qualify for one more Tour against Salzburg, the anteroom of a trendy chemical drink. Level Ballon, Salzburg is already qualified, but as the Austrians are in the same group as the other club of its owner, one can imagine that they will do everything to win. In the first leg, the Scots lost 3-1. By beating the Leizpig Americans at home, they took a step and shown that at home, they were difficult to move.

Our prognosis on Celtic Glasgow - Salzburg: Bet on a draw for a rating of 3.30 at Betclic Pari online.

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Betting on Rapid Vienne - Glasgow Rangers, J6 Europa League 2018-2019, Group G

  • The single bet: Rapid Vienna 2.25 3.55 Du Glasgow Rangers 2.90

This G group is very disputed since the 4 teams can qualify. In this meeting at the heart of the Austrian capital is one of the qualifying places for the next round of our bets on the Europa League with finally the round trip. It is therefore a game at stake. If mathematically the locals could get out of it with a draw, the Viennese will still have to be wary, they have still lost 3-1 in Ibrox. Trained by the immense Steven Gerrad, the Rangers lost big in Moscow on a 4-3 score. On the other hand, they were solid against Villareal with two draws. We can say that this team knows how to be serious and disciplined. On the other hand, they are in the hunter's situation and he will not be discovered too much. Rapid Vienna points to 8 place in the Austrian championship. 8th out of 12 teams. You can say that this Europa League is a fresh air buoy. This season the Rapid Vienne has obtained six points against the Spartak, but failed to type Villareal, while holding the draw against this Spanish team which handles the ball.

The draw seems to us all in all logical. Nevertheless, this match is at stake and we are not specialists in Rangers and Austrian football. So how to do it? We notice that the Rangers mark and that Rapid comes to collect a lot of goals. We are going to play on the average number of goals.

Our prognosis on Rapid Vienna - Glasgow Rangers : Bet on between 2-3 goals for a 1.90 rating at Unibet Sports bet.

Bet on Rennes - Astana, J6 Europa League 2018-2019, group K

  • The single bet: Rennes 1.60 draw 3.80 Astana 6.00

Rennes does not have to cogitate, redo the world and make "if" necklaces. Rennes must win against Astana to qualify for the 32nd EME final of the Europa League 2018-2019. It is the only thing to think. A draw and it would be defeat. The Bretons play at home and will have to forget the defeat suffered against Astana. Astana, it reminds me of Paris on cycling. So, with that we're off to a bad start. Astana is a team from Kazakhstan, like the cycling team, which finished its championship a month ago. This group is .. we can not understand how a Ligue 1 team can arrive at the 6 day of a C3 group Made up of a team from Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Ukraine. From there, we can expect everyone to Roazhon Park! Let's be serious, Rennes has just won his last two L1 games including one against OL. In addition the Rennes rating is still very weak.

Our prognosis on Rennes - Astana: Betting on "La Cage Involved" for Rennes for a rating of 1.80 in special betclic sport.

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