Football and Formula 1 in virtual mode while waiting for the deconfine

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With the cessation of almost all sports competitions, sports professionals heat the controllers. One can wonder even if the sport on console will not be the big winner of this crisis which is in the process of making the organizers and the clubs crazy. Since the start of global confinement, we have seen e-sport tournaments Organize between champions, but also anonymous. Success is important enough for these meetings to be broadcast live on streaming platforms.

E-Football: The Stay and Play Cup from ESPORT on FIFA 2020

This cup was organized by FIFA 2020 and brings together 20 players from the major European football teams. They will be represented by 20 professional footballers. In this tournament, the matches are with direct elimination. We especially find young shoots out of training centers. Stars may be afraid of being ridiculed live in front of a young and versatile audience. Electronics Art, the producer of FIFA, will make a donation of a million dollars at the back of the aid against the Coronavirus of Global Giving and will allow all the spectators to do the same during the match. FIFA plans to carry out several competitions of the same kind throughout the containment, but success could perhaps give more ideas on recurring events or to Traditional bookmakers.

The Virtual GP tournament for Formula 1

The International Automobile Federation, FIA, decided to organize this tournament after the cancellation and postponement of F1 Grand Prix. We do not find all the teams, but some pilots like AlexanDer Albon, Lando Norris, George Russell, Antonio Giovinazzi, Nicholas Latifi and Charles Leclerc. The latter won the last two virtual grand prices. There are also champions from other sports like the Real Madrid goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois. The 2019 F1 game was selected and it was a game developed by the British studio Codemasters. The great prices will be reduced by half and will only make 28 laps. There will be the qualification sessions to build the starting grid. Each event should last two hours. It is the organizer FIA and it is therefore obviously a regulation, it is the cute sin of the international body.

  • The setting must be the same for all cars.
  • Debate management must be set to the minium
  • Performance must be identical

All the Grand Prix canceled will be played on ESPORT. For the moment, aficionados have been able to attend that of Sakhir, Hanoi on April 5 and Shanghai on April 19. He remains Zandvoort, Barcelona and Monaco for the ace of the controller. All the Grand Prix is broadcast live on the USA 2. site for the FIA, it is a way of staying on stage and highlighting an esport competition.

At present, the Arjel has still not formalized the legalization of bets on eSports. According to our sources, it should not be long, if only to give a fresh air to bookmakers who have lost more than 95% of turnover. In the meantime, for fans of e-sport or the curious, next weekend, the European Championship of Fornite will open.

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