Descent: travel in darkness, 2nd edition

Translated and adapted by Sarah Brandt, 2019

Descent: travel in darkness is a board game fantastic adventure. In the second edition, a player plays the role of a treacherous lord and up to four other players play the role of brave heroes. At each match, the heroes embark on quests and venture into dangerous caves, ancient ruins, dark dungeons and cursed forests to fight monsters, win wealth and try to prevent the Lord from accomplishing his Vile plot. Equipped with front -back modular pieces, countless combinations of heroes and skills and an immersive campaign based on a story, descent: travel in darkness, second edition transports heroes in a fantastic world where they have to unite Fight against an old enemy.

Descent: travel in the darkness of Kevin Wilson has been one of the most popular titles of FFG (Fantasy Flight Games) for almost ten years. It redefines the genre dungeons and dungeons and establishes the reference standard in fantastic games and first -rate components. With the second updated edition, this tradition of excellence continues. While Descent's longtime fans will find a new way to enjoy this classic big favorite, a new generation of leisure game lovers will be initiated into its engaging tactical game and its immersive story.

But whether you are new or old player, you will certainly appreciate the new heroes and monsters of this second edition, its simplified rules, a hero -based hero system, a field game and much more! Continue reading to learn more about the specific improvements made to this second edition or go on an adventure to find out how to convert your components of the original version with this updated version. Ready for the descent? Read.

Simplified rules to keep the focus on the game

With simple rules to determine the line of sight to the faster configuration of each meeting, descent: travel in darkness, second edition offers an intense and exciting experience with minimal inaction time for players. Defense points reduce the threats of "Math Out", while shorter quests with many natural stopping points mean that even the most active group can now slip in a varied night. In addition, like all the necessary statistics, conditions and effects are listed practically on their respective cards, players can leave the rules book in the box!

All this, associated with a new intuitive mechanism for controlling the harmful powers of the Lord, guarantees that Descent: travel in darkness, second edition retains the tactical challenge of his predecessor, while making descent more accessible than ever. Rather than collecting threat tokens to spend on traps, henchmen and other tricks, the Lord simply plays cards from his hand according to their clear and direct trigger conditions. Just pull cards in your pickaxe each turn and play them when you want!

Build your character from eight categories

The process of selecting and creating characters from the second edition of Descent: travel in darkness, gives your group the tools necessary to quickly constitute a team of heroes perfectly suited to your style of play. Each player begins by choosing the One of the four main archetypes: mage, warrior, scout or healer. Each class includes archetypes offering distinct game experiences even between several players sharing the same archetype. As a warrior, will you assume the role of the valiant knight, protecting your physically lower companions? Or are you going to play the role of the powerful berserker, destroying your enemies?

And with the improved experience system of the second edition, you will have total control over the growth and development of your character. Each class has its own skill card game and placing your hero on the path of glory is as simple as choosing your starting skills. As you gain experience during the campaign, you can regularly devote it to additional skills, thus strengthening the available capacities of your hero. For example, once you have chosen the warrior archetype and the Berserker class, will you focus on the elimination of several enemies at the same time or on the devastating blows given to a single fighter? These convincing choices, and many others, determine the rapid and intuitive character system of this second edition.

Get started in a perilous campaign against evil

Descent: Voyage in Darkness, second edition, is a captivating story which opposes the greatest heroes of Terrinoth to the machinations of the mysterious Lord. When the heroes arrive at the once idyllic barony of Rhynn, they find it in danger by a rising tide of ferocious monsters and filthy spells. But can they reveal the real horrors of these alarming attacks?

With meetings that work both as autonomous experiences or as part of a series of linked surveys, the second edition offers a ready -to -use story that adapts perfectly to a variable number of players. The story even adapts to your successes and your failures! Have you managed to get out of the living dungeon, but failed to achieve an important goal? Your failure may have strengthened an unknown enemy or have deprived you of a future opportunity (although you always gain experience points before continuing). The captivating narration of the second edition, with its many intelligently designed intrigues, creates the true meaning of a permanent and responsive fantastic world ... in which you are the only hope.

Your favorite heroes can come back!

Do you want to transfer your favorite heroes and monsters from the previous version? The conversion kit descent: travel in darkness, second edition, understands everything you need for that. With cards compatible with the second edition for all monsters and heroes never produced (including promotional heroes!), This practical conversion kit is an essential tool. So, whether you want to bring your vast collection of Descent with you during new adventures or choose a favorite hero every time, we are there for you.

New player?

For those who do not know DESCENT: travel in darkness, here is a brief overview ... In this popular game of fantastic adventures, a player assumes the role of the Lord, responsible for thwarting the plans of heroes in each turn using A special card game. The other players each control a hero and join forces to achieve certain objectives dictated by a scenario. The current scenario also advocates the construction of the tray, made up of nested modular pieces to create a new dungeon each time!

With the danger behind each shadow, the fight is inevitable. The second edition uses a unique dice system. The players build their dice groups according to the capacities and weapons of their character, and each die of this group contributes to an attack in different ways. The overvoltages, special symbols that appear on most dice, also allow you to trigger special effects to make the most of your attacks. And with the horrors that await you below the surface, you will need all the advantages you can take ...

The dungeons located below Terrinoth swarm horrible servants of the Lord and all wait to end your quest. However, not only does the Lord have access to the monsters of the plateau, but his forces are periodically reinforced. If the heroes do not remain vigilant, they may find themselves quickly overwhelmed by their enemies.

Are you ready to brave dungeons and crypts under Terrinoth? Gather your troops and challenge the Lord's seides!

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