Card game: cuckoo

Text translated and adapted from a document from John McLeod's site. 2018

Cuckoo (Cuckoo in English) is a game that responds to several names around the world for specific rules that can change depending on the country and sometimes even the region. This article will evoke in a first chapter the rules of the cuckoo in its most widespread generic form. In general, it is found under the name of Chase The Ace, chase the AS, or even to Ranter Go To Round in the United Kingdom and the Coucou game in USA where the more official name "Hére" is less widespread. This card game resembles other older games also having several names, several rules and all find themselves in the 1725 game encyclopedias "The Universal Games Academy" written by Théodore Legras in Paris.

In addition, there is also a play of cuckoo cards which is played with special cards and radically changes the traditional game. In the original version of the cuckoo, it is necessary to use a game of 52 traditional cards to which you remove the jokers. We usually go around the table clockwise. This rule is recommended, but you can very well do the opposite.

The rules of the cuckoo game: the basics of the game

For a game of 1 to 6 players, a game of 32 cards is used and for more players, which is advisable, a game of 52 cards is required. It all starts with the lives: each player has three for the whole game and must put his bet in a pot. For each hand, a single hidden card.

The value of the cards:

  • AS is the lowest card

  • The king is the strongest card

From the highest to the lowest: Rois, lady, valet, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, as.

The colors of the cards are not considered das the game of cuckoo, only the value matters.

The donor has a special and particularly advantageous place. He must distribute a card to each in the opposite direction of a watch needle. For him, he uses three cards. The advantage is quite clear, but as the role turns, according to a predetermined sense, the advantage is smoothed. The donor will choose a card among the three and probably the best. It is then under the cards of cards that he puts the two that he does not want to keep.

Cuckoo game: How does this go a game?

The player has two possibilities: either he keeps his card, or he exchanges it with the player to his right if he thinks she will be stronger. If the player next door has a king, he can refuse and declare "cuckoo". The "cuckoo" therefore keeps his card, and it is the player placed on his right who will have to exchange his card. Unclear to have a king in hand too.

Please note, the donor is not allowed to exchange his card. Once the turn is over, everyone shows their card and the strongest wins the Tour. If two players have the same weakest card, they are both losing. The game ends when there are no more tokens in games. Whoever has them all loses the game.

The tokens are sometimes replaced by coins, but the game remains a game of entertainment cards and has been classified as such in the works that have been authoritative since the 18th century. The little money played; When there are, does not allow you to classify the card game in the Game of Silver. He is officially considered an entertainment game. This is the basic version of the cuckoo. So we will now see another big version of this card game. Its basis is cuckoo, but the deep change in the rules modifies the impact of the role of donor.

The cuckoo "AS Cour" version

"The AS which runs" represents the path of AS in this variant which passes from hand to hand, unless obviously it is blocked by the famous "cuckoo". There are therefore notorious differences with the original rule and especially for the donor. To start, the donor no longer takes three cards, but a card like all other players. It is the player who is on the left who exchanges with that distributed. The donor cannot play his card only by exchanging it with the card which at the heel of the heap. And we don't say "hello" when you have a king, but you put it on the game table the discovery face. This version is really interesting since the donor loses his advantage. It is therefore a version which with rules common to cuckoo changes from everything. The short ace therefore allows you to renew the game and discover new strategies to become a crack in this card game. This game having appeared after the "hello" we can imagine that its creators wanted to renew their card games between friend.

The cuckoo card game has been available in different games, such as platform games and more original with an under -line machine! This card game is experiencing a boost of popularity. We even start to find it online.

there is a complete Description of cuckoo and its rules in the peter sarret game report.
the universal games academy, by théodore legras, 1725 in paris.

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