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Uberplay is a publisher specializing in so -called set games that stopped activities in 2008. It has three main game collections: family games, games for religious public and a digital section with IT games - such as games video Online casino.

Translated from English and adapted by Bernard Karnet, 2018

This game created by Klaus Teuber is, like the POKER, based on the bluff and has just been reissued by specialists in plateau games, UberPlay. The game of the Huity Toity is played with between 3 and 6 players. A part lasts on average between three quarters of an hour and an hour. The bluff game was produced for the first time in USA in the 1990s. At the time its name was "Adel Verpflichtet". It is found at the publisher Alea under the name "number 5" in his series of strategies set games. It is in the USA that Adel Verpflichtet becomes "E by Hook or Crook and Fair Means or Foul. ». Passing between 2 and 5 players to a game of 3 to 6 players, he officially becomes the Huity Toity.

What does a HIITY TOITY play box contain?

  • 1 game board

  • 6 figures

  • 60 action and placement cards

  • 51 collecting cards

  • 1 rules booklet

    The game board consists of 4 colored parts on a cardboard platform in linen. The result is rather aesthetic although a little chaotic. Apart from the main draw, a track represents the different icons of castles and residences where antiquities and collectibles are located. The value of each place shows the notoriety won by exhibiting collectibles. In the center of the plateau, in the table is the "auction room". Around the room, two places are placed to deposit the collecting cards and a recorder to keep its liquid. A little higher, just above are the dungeons and the forgetfulness where the thieves will be locked up. The design and illustrations quickly understand the functioning of the game board.

    The characters are placed on wooden triangles in six colors: purple, white, black, blue, red and green.

  • Movement and position cards : Cards are standard glossy paper models. There are 60, 10 per color. Two represent one of the two rooms to visit during a turn. The other 8 are possible action cards: 4 payment cards, 2 thieves, a detective and an exhibition.
    The cards are rather simple and clearly represent the action or the place. The distinction between action and places cards is more difficult to do. Joueters must therefore be careful not to confuse the two picks.

  • Collecting cards are thicker and the size of a American tarot card in color, with rounded corners. There are 51. They each enter a "family" ranging from A to F. Each family has its own color. The B family for example is gray. This family brings together advertisements to collect. On all the cards you will find a description with the origin. For example: "Israel" and the "Ark of Noah" object, as well as his photo. It is of little importance for the game, but it is the most cultural side of the Huity Toitty.

  • The regulation booklet : A guide that explains to you step by step the rules of the games is provided. Colorful and clear, it can be useful in case of doubt or disagreement on a rule.

    The Huity Toty game is a game whose aesthetics have been a lot worked. We can note a bad way in the slots to store cards that are not suitable for the size of it.

The progress of a game of Huity Toîy

The goal is to gain celebrity and prestige by exhibiting the rarest objects on the planet. It is just as much to capture the horde of thieves that rages in the game, attracted by your collection. As a collector, the player has cards in hand to hold the largest collection of rare objects on the planet.

Start of the game
At the start of the game, players choose a color. The player must have two position cards and 8 action cards of the chosen color. In a card game, there are place cards, cards to pay for a cumulative value of 50,000 euros, two thieves' cards combining thirteen years of experience in rapine, a police inspector and finally, An exhibition card. Family cards to collect must be four in each hand. The cards that have not been distributed are placed on the plateau, the visible side in two equal and distinct batteries. Each player also receives 4 collecting cards; As already noted, this can be a variety of categories, from A to F. The remaining collectible cards are divided into two visible and placed faces in the center of the table.

The players put the pawn on the 2/1 score box which is the start of the game.

Le drough de la Partie de homboity toy

In this game, all participants play at the same time.

They select the place and action cards in the following order:

  • Choose a place

  • Take auction auction auction

  • Take castle actions

    The choice of place: The player must secretly choose his current position between the sales room or the castle. He must place the place chosen place face down in front of him. Basically, the sales room allows you to recover goods and the castle, points gains for the final victory. Once all players have made their choice, they must all show the chosen card together. The auction map allows you to play before that of the castles.

In the auction hall: players hide the action card of their choice, that is to say a collector's object or a payment card.

Once the action is determined, the players show the card. Payment cards are priority for those of thieves.

  • For the payment card : You should know that if all players have the same starting amount on 4 cards, the cards' amounts are different. If two players bet on the same object, there cannot be equal. It is the player with the largest payment card that takes the collection object. Those who have been beaten recover the playing.
  • For the thieves' map: thieves can only steal the money that has been paid and not the one bet but recovered by the auction losers. If there are several thieves, the flight gives nothing. If nothing has been paid, there is nothing to fly. The thief card only works if there is only one player who puts it. In this case and only in this case, the thief takes the money spent to acquire the property. The thief card is always recovered at the end of the Tour.

Take the action card in the castle

Like the sales room, players must choose an action, without showing it, and once all the opponents who have chosen the "castle" place are ready, they can show it. The choice is made between the exhibition card to show its objects, the thief card for the exhibition and the inspector card to catch the thief. Once the cards have been discovered, you have to proceed as follows: to organize his exhibition, the player must set up connected families. That is to say that the letters must follow themselves in alphabetical order. For example, a player can put a series of A-A-B-B, but not A-A-C. The series can start with any letter of his choice. All exhibitors must show their cards at the same time if there are more than one. The note of each exposure depends on the number of cards. If there is equality, it is the oldest collection object that wins. You will find the corresponding age in a dedicated table. The points are allocated according to these conditions:

  • All castles have a score on this X/Y model. The first figure is the number of points for the best exposure and the second for the second.
  • Players are advancing as many boxes as points won. If the objects are not stolen, they are recovered by the exhibitors.

Thief cards by exhibition
Thieves can therefore steal objects and if there are several thieves, it is the thief experience who will determine the one who will play first - in the oldest case.

The inspector card : If an inspector card is played, all thieves are thrown into prison. They go to the prison boxes. If players are already in prison, they are offset from the number of adequate boxes to leave a jail to the newcomers. If there are too many thieves in prison, those who are ejected from the boxes are returned to their respective owners.

Detectives are rewarded and can advance the number of boxes equal to their ranks indicated on the map.

Who wins the part of Huity TOITY?

The objective is to arrive in "the reception room" which consists of a long suite of boxes "8/4". The first player arrived there automatically a very last exhibition. The best exhibition earns eight points and the second four points. The High Hity Toity, that is to say the big winner of the game will be the player who will be the most advanced on the set.

Translated and adapted to an article by Shannon Appelcline for the RPGNET site.

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