Cranium: the rules of the game

Translated from English by Katyousha Dolores, 2019

The goal of the game is to be the first to move on the whole set and arrive at the central cranium. Then, to win, you must succeed first your last mission.


You will need a pawn for each team. It will also take the game board, the modeling dough, a timer and an 8 -sided die. And of course, the four boxes of questions. These are designed as follows: the blue color, "chat of work", consists of drawing or sculpture missions in modeling dough. Yellow, "Vocabu Vert", which offers word games. Green for "rising Star" which requires mimicking or humming to imitate a personality or a song, and red for "Neuro Naute" which asks questions of general culture. Finally, you will need paper and a pen or pencil for each team.

Installation of the tray

The rules of cranium allow you to adjust the tray for a more or less long playing time. For a quick game, fold the tray so as to show only four sections. For a part of about one hour, fold the tray into a rectangle allowing eight sections to appear. For a complete game lasting about an hour and a half, install the “T -shaped” tray, allowing the twelve sections to be at stake.

The course

To start playing, place a pawn for each team on the set. The purple spaces constitute two compulsory courses, one tourist and the other rapid. The team whose player celebrates his birthday on the nearest date begins first.

Your turn

You start your turn by completing a mission. The color of the space corresponds to the four boxes of card. During your first round, and each time you are on a purple box, you can choose one of the four boxes.

The right team draws the card corresponding to the color of the box and reads it. These are clues that will allow the opposing team to find the solution to the challenge. They will also set the timer for you when you are ready. You must complete the challenge before the end of the time allocated.

If you succeed in the challenge, launch the dice and move for as many spaces. Your turn is now over. If you fail, your turn is finished. You will stay on the same box and try again in your next round.

Note: If you play depending on the part of the half-time cranium or the full version of the game, you have to stop on all purple spaces.

Les Cartes «All-Play»

When an All-Play card is drawn, all the teams are complete. The first team to shout the right answer before time has passed, must launch the dice and move. Once the winning team has moved, the game resumes where it had stopped.

Cranium turbo

When you play the long cranium version, you have the possibility of taking the quick variant - called "turbo". For the full version of the game, you have to stop at each purple box. If your team is able to carry out the action on this box during your first round, you can go to the internal quick procedure. If you fail the first time, you must stay on the outdoor track and take the panoramic road.


To win, you need to enter the central cranium. Then, the other teams can choose the type of challenge you need to meet. To win, you must carry out your final mission. If you fail, you can try again in your next round and at each next round until you have succeeded. The first team to have successfully completed the last mission of the central cranium is the winner.

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