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So guess where is the publisher of Casino Elk Studios game software? Stockholm of course. "The place to be" of the game creation studios has welcomed a newcomer since 2012. At Elk, we work on his difference and his identity. We produce little, see very little, but we cisèle demanding slot machines. You will not find to copy/paste or awkward inspiration. Creativity and the search for new themes are at the heart of the Swedish team's approach. The casino games are based on sharp algorithms which must serve the interest of the slot and give it real longevity. By introducing Paris strategies at the heart of its machines - Bettings Strategies - Elk Studios adds additional reflection for players wishing to go to the bottom of the machine potential and game strategies. With this new creative wind from Sweden, the time when the jackpots were the only engine of choice for online casinos players is over. Elk Studios is completely part of this movement that overwhelms online casinos for our greatest happiness!

The Elk Studios slot machines put the package on the player's experience. The choice is radical. Low volatility, but gains that fall en masse. Perfect graphics and ergonomics for players accustomed to the world of online casinos and at the same time easy to handle for the curious, occasional players and beginners. Note that development for smartphones is as well done and neat! It is very pleasant to be able to enjoy the ELK slots on both computer and on your mobile phones. On the latter you will take advantage of his slot machines without the eternal disconnections, lags and other unbearable desynchronizations.
At the creativity level and respect for his players, Elk applies to developing each slot machine in a cocoon and you will not find the same machine duplicated indefinitely with a few touch -ups to justify a “new” shame.

This explains that despite its 6 years of existence, Elk's catalog is far from being provided. This is undoubtedly the price to pay for the quality and innovation of this casino game publisher. Innovation is not a overlooked term here. Elk Studios offers in all its machines to slot options that you will not find anywhere. Far from the classic auto play you have rather sophisticated settings: increase the bet after x losses or x gains, spins. Limit your bankroll to invest etc etc.

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Elk Studios put strategies

The launch of "Betting Strategies" is a real master of the Swedish studio! This is a novelty in the world of online slot machines: you can choose between four predefined Paris models which regulate the evolution of your bets according to different parameters. By observing the way of betting on the slots, the studio noticed that most players changed the bets according to the previous towers. Bingo! Why then not offer automated strategies?

The Jumper Strategy

This strategy adapts your bet according to your winning towers. Your bet increases at each winning turn with the limit of 4 times the original level. The level is reset as soon as you have a lost turn.

Leveller's strategy

Your bet is increased by two steps if you lose 5 simultaneous rounds. After five laps of lost slot machine, your bet will be increased by two additional towers. Your bet will originally fall as soon as you win a turn.

Booster strategy
This strategy is direct. With each loser round, your bet automatically increases by a row up to 4 levels. Your bet will fall back to its starting level after a won turn.

Optizimer strategy
This strategy is based on your bankroll. The algorithm adapts to the percentage of your bankroll that you have selected beforehand. Your bet will therefore vary depending on the evolution of your bankroll and therefore your earnings. This is the security strategy!

Some slot machines by Elk Studios

We will make you discover some slot machines to give a more precise idea of the work of the Stockholm team.

DJ Wild
An original creation that puts you in the shoes of a DJ star. We tell you right away, this slot machine is completely immersive and do not be surprised to move your body in front of your computer! Don't hide it, if you don't like Techno House, the game will seem very long to you. Psychedelic, tangy icons immerse you in this universe not far from being psychotic. You will like reading the gains that is done in both directions. The profusion of Wild can take you into collective hysteria sequences, even on its own so much they are powerful!

Welcome to the Middle Ages in this slot machine traces the exploits of Ivanhoé, illustrates hero of the book by Walter Scott and for the oldest of you embodied by Roger Moore in the eponymous series. It is a great success of Elk with an immersive dive in a slot machine that manages to offer real coherence between the theme, the design and the soundtrack. The slot has relatively low volatility and requires patience and humility to get the levels and drop the jackpots.

In conclusion: Elk Studios offers a real creative choice with well -defined themes. We notice volatility of these machines which therefore require a Knowledge of slots In order to have patience to get the bonuses. It does not fall in all directions as in some of its competitors. It is a real choice, rather daring. With a limited offer, Elk Studios continues to gain ground and it is a good quality index. Let us not forget his clever bet strategy system which is surprising and welcome to say the least. We even wonder why nobody had thought about it before!

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