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Average User Rating:
RTP : 96.5%
Payment lines: 25 payment lines
Rolls: 3-5 rolls

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde de Betsoft

Diabolical slot machine Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde de Betsoft

When you hear Betsoft Slot Machine, the ear stretches, a small additional heartbeat before looking for the new armed bandit Swedes in the lobby. This time, it is still to a monument that the game software publisher comes to challenge. This novel published in 1886 in the Kingdom of His Majesty gave rise to an incredible number of books, game films ... It even became a common expression evoking the duality of an individual. The writer Robert Louis Stevenson has offered the world a story that will inspire generations and generations, to the point of inviting himself to a Swedish creation studio to be at the heart of a slot machine. The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tells the adventures of an English doctor trying to separate good and evil in him. This experience will condemn him to be a nice doctor during the day and the dreadful monster at night. In England of the 19th century industrial revolution, the doctor will have to face the worst and the best by giving rise to a dark and schizophrenic story. Betsoft is a master in the reinterpretation of classics so we will see if theE Stockholm Creation Studio manages once again to tape in front of his slot machine.

Dr. Jekyll and MR. Hyde de Betsoft machine: a superb achievement

We recognize Betsoft's pen at first glance. The drawings will make you think of all the other creations of the slot machine software publisher for online casinos. Less childish and a little more obscure than usual the Dr. Jekyll and MR. Hyde slot machine allows us to regain its parentage through careful graphics, fluid animation and a sound universe that completes immersion. The items are obviously resulting and inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's novel with period objects and characters, as well as everything you need for your experience including blue and red vials. The little downside a little drunk, it is the "ha" and the "hmm" and other onomatopoeias which are a boring when you leave the slot machine in your desktop to write a test for your favorite readers. If you Do not project this activity, these sounds will not be unacceptable. This slot machine is still the result of Betsoft know -how. The Sous Machine Creation Studio has not finished surprising us unless it is gradually used to the best. Beyond the bait of the gain, the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde de Betsoft slot machine offers us a real gaming experience and we love it!

The characteristics of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde de Betsoft

  • Mise Minimum: 0,02 $

  • Maximin 1 $

  • Rolls: 5

  • Payment lines: 30

  • Jackpot: 1200 tokens

  • Redistribution rate: 96 %

The bonus game is really nice with Mr Hyde that you have to guide in the London streets with a simple right or left choice. Above all, do not come across the London police officer who takes part of your bonus earnings .... prefer the candy store, the traditional candy shop not that of 50 cents eh, to win the mini jackpot of 2500 tokens, or in the Worse cases the little granny who will give you her purse. You will notice a small red line that will be filled each time you get a red vial ... Once full, expect to take the mirettes and full your pockets. With a redistribution rate of 96 % you will hear the tokens falling into your bag, but not every turn of spin. The game mechanics are based on the red vial that you fill. By cons you will have the icon very regularly to fill the gauge. With weak bets, you can play long enough to enjoy pleasure and discovery and this new gem.

With a jackpot of 480,000 tokens, you will go around London and discover your dark side with the question that Morpheus poses to Neo "the red or the blue", an explicit matrix, becomes here the choice between the good Mr Jekyll or the monstrous Mr Hyde. As the poet says, regardless of the bottle, as long as we have drunkenness!

In conclusion: just want to write Betsoft. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slot is superbly made with a real rhythm of play. The immersion is total and we even start to play this slot machine as if we were in front of a video game to fill a gauge. . The playful side takes precedence over the venal side. Betsoft has the talent to make Slot machines remain games. And once again with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, they hit the thousand.

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