Divine Fortune: Avis & infos

Average User Rating:
RTP : 96.5%
Payment lines: 25 payment lines
Rolls: 3-5 rolls

Divine Fortune by Nettent

Divine Fortune immerses us in the meanders of Greek mythology. NEZ is one of world leader in game software publishers online casinos. The creation studio is not really the type to copy and paste a slot machine even when the theme is one of the basics of slot machines. Going to know why Antiquity in Greece is one of the favorite themes of slot machine software publishers: we could even try to find out which of them has never made this trip to the Hellenic beaches. When we say net, we expect a high -end slot with a worked theme, perfect design and game mechanics with small onions. This divine fortune machine is present in a lot of online casinos. It is a successful slot machine and it therefore deserves to pass between our hooked and greedy fingers, while our eyes thirsty for beauties seek the perfection of lines. So let's hope that this slot machine does not take itself for a sun and that our wings melt disappointment. It's gone, we will still have a jump in the time space, direction antiquity in the nation of the Socrates and other Plato.

Divine Fortune by NEZ: pretty and unsurprisingly

Surrounded by two caryatids, a Greek statue representing a woman wearing a basket on the head, they replaced the columns, the machine to offer a beautiful presentation with HD graphics of the best effect. You will find items: stylized letters, minotaures, head of the jellyfish, lion, harpies and the Delta letter (isosceles triangle shape). The soundtrack is rather successful to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of these myths that have lived in the history of humanity for more than 2000 years. If the Successful slot machine, the theme having nothing original, you will find a machine with underside of the canons of the theme on Greek mythology.

Divine Fortune de Nettent: a very beautiful game mechanics

The technical characteristics of the Sous de NETT machine:

  • Rolls: 5
  • Minium value of the tokens: 20
  • Maximum value of the parts: 20
  • Minimum lines: 20
  • Payment lines: 20
  • Maximum tokens: 600
  • Maximum parts of the parts: 5 $
  • Minimum value of the parts: 01, cents of euros
  • Return rate: 96.6%
  • Bonuses: Falling Wild Re Spins, the Wild On Wild, free spins, a Joker, multiplier and three progressive jackpots
  • Options: autoplay, free spins, progressive jackpot, bonus game, re-spin, scatter symbol, Wild symbol

Will fortune be there? Necessarily, but will be good or bad there is the question!

Nice redistribution rate for the Divine Fortune Slot Machine

With a redistribution rate of 96.6%, we know that the machine gives generously, but less often with more tokens at once. And for having tested it in free mode, you feel that even in virtual money, you have to be a little more patient than on other slots where with each click the tokens fall, but for not much. Divine Fortune is an excellent machine for players wanting to learn to become a real slot machine player, as well as for the high roller. You have to be patient, but not too much. Like bonuses, wilds or free spins, tokens punctuate the game and when they fall, it feels good. This game mechanic allows an breathtaking experience with this little fear of making white cabbage, swept by the jackpot jackpot. You will have the impression of being led by the nose by Dame Fortune. Pegasus acts as Wild and we can say that he does it well. When the winged horse appears in a winning combination, it triggers the “Falling Wilds Re-Spins” which causes the rollers until the Wild is carried away. It can last a long time and report big. It is a bit the principle of this machine which gives from time to time, but which compensates for its greed with a rain of tokens.

And if after the Falling Wilds Re-Spins, another Wild falls, then there, it is fortune or in any case a step towards it. The “Wild on Wild” function is triggered to win all the spin gains. The golden piece engraved with a pegase, again, is the scatter of the game. If you manage to have three, it's 5 free spin while for 5, it's no more or less than 12 Free spin. You will find a hidden bonus game with no less than three jackpots ... We leave you the pleasure of discovering it.

Divine Fortune de Nettent is a quality slot machine with a classic theme and a volatility Rather high. This slot is therefore rather to recommend to experienced players who know how to take their time and tame the machine to seduce Dame Fortune!

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Scatter Symbol
free towers
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