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USA is celebrating with this 2019 World Cup of football. The dream of seeing our blue conquer the Grail as the boys did last season is there. For bettors, this is an opportunity to bet on a month of daily football. If women's sport is often forgotten by bookmakers, this 2019 World Cup is at the heart of the offers of online sports betting sites. Everyone expects a real tide of women's football. If women's football is less publicized and less followed by bettors on football, this is an opportunity to be interested in this period when the world of football is more or less on vacation.

Some info on the 2019 female CM for latecomers

We will say that for a Americanman, you have to live in a cave for not having heard of this competition which takes place from June 7 to July 7, 2019 in USA. The female World Cup is 24 teams in six hens. There will be 9 stadiums to host the matches. There is a double issue in this 2019 USA World Cup: the first three teams are automatically qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. The final of this 8th World Cup will be played on July 7 at 5:00 p.m. Décines, house of Olympique Lyonnais.

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Bet on the winner of the 2019 Women's World Cup

For American bookmakers, USA is favorite at home. From a little, but when we see the odds, the uncertainty at the start of the competition is great. A favorite at 4 is rare, whatever the sport. In women's football, there is a chasm between the major nations of world football and the modest nations. For example, the first opponent of the Blue, North Korea at 400! Unless surprised, we should find a quarter -final between USA and the US. The Americans have a talented team and it seems that the bookmakers are quite severe with the semi-finalist of the last World Cup. The Netherlands team is reigning European champion. By digging a little, we understand that the dimensions are also high, because the level is tightened at the top of the top level. Japan which was in the final in the last two World Cup, one of which won, is listed at 16. We are beware, because we who are not specialists in the discipline, digging a little, we already see some quirks .

The ratings of the 2019 Women's World Cup winner

  • USA : 4,00
  • United States: 4.25
  • USA: 5.50
  • England: 7.00
  • Netherlands: 12.00

Who is to bet on this World Cup?

It is not easier than for men, but there we are missing elements. Reality is that we find ourselves as a Beginner at sports betting. We are missing information, we did not follow the national team season and we just saw the new triumph of OL in the Champions League.
So that's some information that can help us make a delicate choice.

Betting on a victory for USA?

American football is fine. Club teams dominate Europe with OL which stacks C1. PSG is progressing in the Gotha, but the girls seem to encounter the same problem as boys. The 4-0 victory against South Korea has made an impression. 10 million spectators for this meeting, more than for men. It seems that women are the future of man, and for this sport, women's football is a real bowl of fresh air. This can wear blue, but also be phenomenal pressure. The victory against South Korea is celebrated as a qualification. Be careful, so ladies and ladies, beware of beautiful speakers ... To bet on USA, you have to believe that the immense expectation of a country is a source of motivation.

Betting on a victory for the USA?
The US won three world Cup. They are the defending champions and participated in the last two finals. Women's football, called soccer across the Atlantic, is a tradition for all little girls. Small Americans make American baseball or football.

And the others ?
USA is a very great nation of this sport, but the new generation is still looking for its marks. The last euro is a bitter failure for the Americans who have failed to join the half-final.
The Netherlands will be monitored. Champion d'Europe In title, this can be the big surprise of this 2019 World Cup with a rating of 12.00.
Japan is also an option that should not be overlooked. Finalist of the last two World Cup, his team under 20 has just been crowned world champion.

In conclusion: C'is therefore very tight. For us, we can very seriously avoid betting on the winner of the 2019 USA Women's World Cup. However, ratings over 4 for a favorite are tempting. For us, the idea would be to bet little to win big. A small 5 euros note in view of what we have won this season, would not be madness. For all the observers, the quarter -final USA - USA should Give the name of the winner of the competition.
The more we work on this World Cup, the more we have the impression that we fall into the marketing drifts of the sport where we are sold more a product than a reality. So be careful!

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