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After going around 2018 World Cup groups, we will see the bets on the favorites. Bookmakers offer bets and varied to determine the winner, the podium, the quarters or the scorer. We will go around the odds and see if we find more or less secure Paris and good shots. In this part, you will find less security than in the groups.

It is obviously necessary to plan and make a bet on the future. Everything we don't like, so the goal is to find more attractive types of bets for our bankroll and for our mental health. Let's go!

Whoops ! I forgot to tell you that these ratings will be without doubts updated downwards and more rarely up more we will approach day D. They give an idea of the vision of bookmakers at 15 days. We use cotes Bwin and Betclic. There are several favorites.

2018 World Cup: the favorite for the final victory

The favorite for the final victory: Brazil: 5.25 USA: 5.25 Spain: 6.25

It is undoubtedly the most difficult to determine. Three teams are favorite: Brazil, Spain and USA. The three collectives show for two years that they are at the top with significant victories and a health walk in the hens. The path is long and it can be dotted with a pittance, including half-final people who could be finals as the expected formula says. For example, according to my predictions from Madame Soleil, we could come across a half between Spain and USA.

Good luck to get an idea about this match that will be played after 3 weeks of competition.

Whatever the bookmakers say, I can't understand why Spain is not equal to others. In fact, it is undoubtedly his journey to the last World Cup that has been leading it but since then, nine victories and a draw in ten games with 36 goals and the elimination of USA in the pool. I would never understand that a 4 -year -old competition can serve as a basis in Paris. We will therefore observe the dimensions of Spain on the different towers. What about USA? She arrives 4th in front of Argentina. The problem is that it could have a dangerous course with why not Uruguay in quarters. If I take off my jersey, I am not convinced that our team comes out of the Celeste.

Even if the favorites are clearly known, find which of them will be the winner ...

Our advice: Wait for the end of the group matches and watch the favorites' meetings to see the forces involved. You will also have the table for each team.

Interesting bets on the favorites of the 2018 World Cup

Wait therefore, but on the other hand, I will try to find you an interesting bet for one of the 4 favorites of the 2018 World Cup.

For Brazil: for a rating of 2.00 (!) To bet on: Brazil reaches the semi-finals.

Why Brazil and not USA? Brazil is strong and say that it is revenge after kick behind that USA put it in its own World Cup, it is nothing to say. Brazil is only the pale little brother of its elders. Football has changed and if today it counts on its soloists, the team is solid collectively and seems to have found a balance. His painting seems clearer with a quarter perhaps difficult against Belgium? For a rating of 2, 00 the risk/gain ratio is to be attempted.

For Uruguay: qualifies for the quarter -finals: 2.40 (cote Betclic)

It is not a favorite, but the rating seems crazy. 2.40 to reach the quarters. Released in 8th in the last World Cup 4 years ago, Uruguay de Cavani has the means to climb to the top of its group which is largely up to it with a Celeste which has the most experience of These matches. Egypt could have its legs that tremble especially if Mohammed Salah has not returned to 100%. In 8th, Portugal. It is widely playable. The reigning European champion Portugal should finish 2nd in its group. Ronaldo cannot make the match alone and we see that the age is also felt even if his extraordinary talent puts him above almost all. Portugal won Euro 2016 by destroying the opponent game. Uruguay does the same, better and it's almost in these genes.

It is a blow to try for a fairly huge dimension.

For Brazil: best South American team (1.90)

The only risk is the misstep lined with a surprising journey from another team in its area. Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia? Yes, anything is possible. But today 15 days from the Russia 2018 World Cup, this rating is almost a gift.

For USA: Paris placed (2.20)

The bet placed is to say that USA, in this case, ends in the first three of the World Cup. An easy group, a relatively open table with perhaps England in quarters. The half that I fear let me think that even for a third place the supporters of the title will be able to beat perhaps .. USA.

For USA: so close to the goal.

USA is too strong to have good odds against small or means, but not strong enough so that I can imagine it easily out Uruguay for example. Talent is there, but it gets too lost in individualism in this new generation. Mbappé will have everything to prove, Pogba is not constant. Varane and Umititi seems less good without the monsters with whom ILS do the hinges in the club. Capable of dazzling, the Blues seek consistency. My challenge is to find a good rating for USA is a failure. I see them - almost on - in the quarter -finals. The rating is 1.40. les bookmakers agree with me. Great. With a rating of 1.40, we are not there. On the other hand, I remember the miracle of Marseille where we take out USA against wind and tide and above all all logical.

We are in the 10 commandments of the bettor. Never bet on his heart team.

2018 World Cup: betting on the top scorer?

SIL YOU ALLOW A PART IN WHAT YOU HAVE WITHOUT WEEK ... KEEP FOR A FAUTION, you will probably have more chance of winning the bet than betting on "top scorer of the 2018 World Cup"

Obviously his forecasts only engage me. I am not a Pro Tipser. They show beginners how to think and make a bet. The important thing is the approach. If you are passionate as I am, beware of your own inclinations to this or that team. The World Cup is the perfect place to be fooled.

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