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Cryptologic, online casino game publisher

Cryptologic Limited is a sacred monster of the world of online casinos. If his name no longer exists, it is because he was bought by Amaya Gaming in 2012 for the trifle of $ 40 million. However, this software publisher has kept his identity which led him to an unprecedented success.
Founded by the Andrew Rivkin and Mark Rivkin brothers in USA, it is from the family home cellar that the two brothers decided in 1995 to launch a secure online financial transactions on the market. I don't know if you remember the net in 1995, but at the time security was a secondary issue when it was a question. Imagining a secure online financial transaction system was more than useful and somewhere essential. The name Cryptologic comes from the original profession (encrypt data) from this company which will obviously go to online games. In 1996, she launched her first license casino. Everything is linked quickly for the Rivkin brothers who land on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1998 and at Nasdaq in 2000.
Today it is Amaya Gaming who benefits from the know -how of this Online game software publisher. Amaya Gaming subsequently sold everything that did not affect the creation of a slot machine, table games, featuring etc.
Today, it is since Dublin that Cryptologic Limited has invented the slot machines of tomorrow

Crytologic has launched many slot machines. Classic inspiration, graphics or 3D animations sometimes lack the pep of its competitors. At Crytologic, we are more at Rolls Royce than at Bugatti. On the supplier side it offers turnkey software called AGO. The casinotier benefits from complete management software: advertising, customer accounts, management, follow -up of affiliation ... This all in one explains why the casinos were seduced by this offer.

Cryptologic, players' paradise!

Well, it's not far from being paradise. More than 20 new features per year, exclusive licenses, originality and more than 290 games in the Dublinois catalog. Nothing can resist the appetite of Crytologic which offers a full range of games of Online casinos ! 2D and 3D slot machine, feature, table games: blackjack, roulette, craps, poker video.
If not the live casino experience, Cryptologic Perform in all categories of online casino games.
You will not find a high roller who has not played on a cryptologic slot and certainly the aptly named "Millionaires Club" which can make you an authentic millionaire.
Know -how is found in the intelligence of games and the longevity of the stories they tell you, stories dotted with attractive jackpots.

Cryptologic slot machines

Millionaires Millionaires Club 1 "machine

The series of Millonaires Club machines is made up of several babies as the number 1 lets you deduce. Millionaires Club 1 is the most bling bling machine on the market. The shots on the new rich are put on like pearls around this slot of 5 rollers 3 lines and its Progressive jackpot.
The figures represent the ostentatious symbols of the richness of the wallet: namely a luxury watch, a gold ring, a luxury car, a horse iron, a yacht, a diamond, this entertainment option also presents several symbols like a Rolex watch, a gold ring, a luxury car, a horseshoe, a yacht and a diamond. If some games offer combinations out of NASA, there have a line of payments that can make you fall 1500 tokens at once. The austere graphics will not bother you in your quest for diamonds. I forgot the essential. This slot machine can really make you millionaire thanks to its progressive jackpots which go up very very high.

Superman Cryptologic Slot

Do I really have to introduce you to Superman, iconic dc BDS? The man of Krypton stranded on the earth where his powers become extraordinary has just been blocked in a cryptonlogic slot machine .. as much for me, of cryptologic!
The universe is there - be careful spoiler - with our Clark Kent dressed in its blue and red pantyhose pantyhose Metropolis.
This 5 -roller slot machine and 3 lines have 50 paying lines. Music, graphics, items ... Are you there?
The Sitems immerse us in action with a tank, a fist, explosives, glasses and kryptonite stone. The green stone which is able to kill Superman. I tell you, you never know, some still think that the earth is flat. So let's be careful.
Obviously the Wild is our superhero. Superman who fights for all the oppressed has not forgotten to offer an accessible slot machine with 1 pennies with a maximum of 2 euros. With 5 Superman, you type the box with 10,000 tokens in your pocket. If you have identical characters symbols, it is also a good fall in chips: Lex Luthor or Lois Lane. If the theme is quite basic and not really original, this slot machine is really nice and the mechanics of the game well oiled.

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