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Cryptocurrencies, and more particularly Bitcoin keep talking about them. Mine of gold for some, refuge value or simple way to diversify its assets for others, the reasons are multiple, but the cryptocurrency is indeed. It was therefore very logical that the casinos start there sooner or later and take this Payment method now essential for Online gaming.

Its decentralized side has made Bitcoin a huge success with online casino players who are subject to all kinds of restrictions. Consequently, it was only a matter of time before the casinos offering to play cryptocurrency begin to multiply, and just as for ordinary casinos, competition has become fierce. Virtual currencies also multiply, so we will see what are most frequently used and the most advantageous to play online, but also their limits and weaknesses. All answers to questions on online casinos and cryptocurrency.

What is cryptocurrency?

First of all, here is a brief reminder of what cryptocurrency is. According to its official name, this is a virtual and decentralized digital currency, based on Blockchain technology. To date, there are more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies in the world whose respective value varies regularly and is linked to the level of product scarcity, as for precious metals. This is what largely explains the growing success of cryptocurrencies in which more and more users see a safe refuge value, in the event of collapse of conventional currencies.

The best crypto-cassinos

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Cryptocurrencies accepted by online casinos


The most popular cryptocurrency, whose historic development had reached incredible records in 2017. The bbitcoin Assured an excellent introduction to cryptocurrencies, a safe option, and whose value is almost guaranteed by its value based on not exceeding the threshold of 21 million units in circulation. In addition, it is the most widespread currency crypto in casinos - see our article on Bitcoin at the casino.


This is the second most widespread currency crypto (especially in casinos) after bitcoin. With capitalization greater than 37 billion euros in November 2020 Ethereum remains a safe bet. It also seems that security was reinforced after a cyber attack targeting Ethereum in 2016. Be careful however, this event also led to the creation of two separate blocks giving rise to the setting up of two currencies, the ETH (official) and etc (spin-off/derivative). Beware of confusion therefore.

Binance Coin

A little less known than the two foreign currencies mentioned, Binance Coin nevertheless has several million active users worldwide and a volume of exchanges of more than a billion dollars per day. Launched in 2017 in Hong Kong, the cryptocurrency platform is now valued at $ 100 billion. 100 million tokens were put into circulation and as much that have been deleted to maintain the currency course at the highest. This is what the platform continues to do on a regular basis, ensuring a sure placement for its future users.


Created in 2012 but holder of a Bitlicense only since 2016, Ripple does not have the reputation of Bitcoin or Ethereum (he arrives third) but is indeed present on a certain number of Casinos crypto. According to the specialized press, this exchange system deserves a little more consideration because of its characteristics which compete with competition, which could indeed happen in the near future.


Litecoin or LT is a crypto currency created in 2012 and technically similar to Bitcoin, it works with the same mining software as this one. Less popular than Bitcoin, Litecoin is nonetheless a safe bet whose capitalization in March 2021 reached $ 13.3 billion.


Created in 2013, Dogecoin, although capitalized at 60 million dollars, remains more confidential and less widespread than its counterparts.

Electronic wallets for cryptocurrencies at the casino


Coinbase is positioned among the best choices for a crypto wallet. It is also one of the most common and useful, allowing you to buy and store your tokens in one place. Some choose cold portfolios due to their safety, but Coinbase is also positioned as a safe bet in this area. This is one of the best choices if you are handling virtual parts for the first time. Coinbase also offers a perfect portable application which has all the functionalities accessible in one click.


Electrum is an ideal crypto portfolio for Crypto Casinos users. Using a two -factor verification and a simple approval system to allow you to control your expenses, while ensuring that your tokens remain safe. Electrum is to date one of the most used cryptographic portfolios.


For iOS customers, Edge turns out to be a completely incredible alternative. It is secure, private, friendly and decentralized, perfect for betting and recovering your casino game earnings. Edge is also versatile, which can store a multitude of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its many strengths and versatility, it is now positioned as one of the main major cryptocurrency.

What is the best cryptocurrency to play casino?

Bitcoin, probably for its seniority and despite the increased competition, remains the most commonly accepted currency and that displaying the most guarantees in the medium term.

Playing in Casino cryptocurrency - Advantages and disadvantages

Cryptocurrencies have several advantages as well practical and in terms of security. First of all, if an electronic portfolio supplied in cryptocurrency is one thing, finding places to spending them is another. Thus, the players find themselves there with a formidable opportunity to spend their Cryptos type currencies. In addition, from a point of view as well safe and practical, payment in cryptocurrency makes it possible to maintain a total anonymity and the protection of personal and banking data during a transaction but also during the bets. And finally, from a strictly security point of view, payments via cryptocurrency are secure using a most sophisticated encryption system.

Advantages: Secure, an interesting, anonymous exchange rate, no bank costs on transaction.

Disadvantages: Less widespread and therefore more limited than conventional currencies. A little longer time for a transaction.

How to play casino with cryptocurrency?

To play cryptocurrency at the casino, you must first have an electronic portfolio containing cryptocurrency. Be careful, however, because if there are more than 6000 types of cryptocurrencies, in reality the most commonly accepted are counted on the fingers of one hand. The most widespread and therefore accepted in as many transactions are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Ripple, and Litecoin. It will therefore be necessary to have one of these “currencies” in its virtual portfolio, but that's not all, it will also be necessary to find a casino that accepts these cryptocurrencies - and good news, there are more and more - as We see it on the following table.

How to deposit and remove cryptocurrency funds from online casinos?

From the page corresponding to the means of payment there should be an option " bitcoin ». By clicking the digital portfolio should be opened automatically. It is now only a question of adding the desired amount in the part provided for this purpose and validating the operation (under sufficient funds on the portfolio). Regarding withdrawals, you must go to the Casino Caisse section, click on the "Remove your earnings" option, choose the payment method "bbitcoin”Or other currency, choose the desired amount and add the details of the digital portfolio to which the transfer must be made.

What are the casino games compatible with virtual currency?

They are all, as soon as the casino accepts cryptocurrencies. The most popular are, however, poker, Slot machines, blackjack or even roulette.

Bonuses and cryptocurrencies

Crypto casinos offer Bonus "Payment Mode" coherents, just like their counterparts in conventional currencies. The world of crypto-casinos has establishments that know how to reward their players. The new players can discover special offers in cryptocurrency with without deposit and welcome bonuses, while regular players can opt for bonuses in percentage, cashback promotions, with or without deposit, and the list is long . Cryptocurrency bonuses use the same principles as standard bonuses, however, the limits are generally higher in terms of maximum bet or maximum withdrawals.

The future of Crypto Casinos

Whether in USA or in the rest of the world, cryptocurrency shows no sign of slowdown. With Bitcoin and Ethereum increasingly popular around the world, there is no doubt that more casinos will opt for cryptocurrency. Without forgetting a continuous increase in cryptocurrency prices making their use all the more relevant. So there is little doubt about the future of cryptocurrencies - it could not be more promising!

Can we play all casino games with cryptocurrency?

Even if you play in a casino accepting cryptocurrency, this does not mean that all the games present will be available to play with crypto. Accep or not the cryptocurrency is the choice of the supplier and some games are therefore not accessible with cryptocurrency.

Are all casinos accepting cryptocurrency regulated?

Each country or jurisdiction has different regulations concerning casinos and cryptocurrency. What is essential is to make sure you choose an approved operator to avoid disputes and have the best possible experience. You can trust the casinos on our list of recommendations.

Is the crypto game legal?

Of course, there is no law that makes the casino play with illegal cryptocurrencies. You can be sure that there will be no particular problem with the use of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or any other official crypto to take advantage of your favorite online casinos!

Do I need a crypto physical wallet to play in Crypto casinos?

Most cryptocurrency casinos have agreements with cryptographic platforms to help you convert fiduciary currency into Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other popular currency. However, having a physical portfolio in which you have cryptocurrency is a good option because most cryptographic exchanges give you only the value of the token you have bought, without you having it physically.

What is the minimum deposit in Crypto casinos?

The minimum deposit changes from one casino to another, however, it is generally similar to the minimum values of conventional casinos. If you play with Bitcoin, you will need to use token subunits because of its high value. Consequently, some casinos have a minimum deposit of 1MBTC, or even less.
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