Online craps: the rules of the game

Famous dice game practiced in casinos, the craps seduces many amateurs who crowd around the tables, real or virtual. Somewhat complex according to beginners, the rules of the craps are to be controlled if you want to earn money or even simply take pleasure in playing.

CRAPS basic rules

CRAPS is played around a specific table, with two classic cubic dice. One of the players, named the shooter, launches the dice while the others bet on his result: will he "pass" or not?

The game is animated by four deales each having a well -defined role: the table manager checks the good progress of the game, the first dealer places the players of the players, the second dealer recovers the bets and gives the gains of the players. Finally, the stickman directs the game and gives the dice to the launcher.

The game takes place in two phases: the first consists in determining the point and takes place in a single jet of dice then, if the rules impose it, the second which may require several throws depending on the sum obtained.

The shooter changes as soon as the launcher loses after the second phase. He then gives the dice to his neighbor on the left who becomes the new shooter and the game can continue.

The first phase of play

During this first step, all the players of the table must bet on "pass" or "does not pass", that is to say bet on the fact that the shooter will succeed or not. He then launched the two dice by following very specific rules:

  • He must not let someone launch in his place
  • He should not use piped dice (obviously!)
  • The dice must be launched in the longitudinal direction of the craps table, touch the wall then stop flat
  • The dice must not leave the table
  • The dice must not fall into the bank or the stick of the stickman

Once the dice is launched, we calculate the sum of the faces obtained.

  • If the result is 2, 3 or 12, it is a craps (a "waste"). The shooter then lost just like those who had bet on "pass". The players who had bet on "does not pass" recover their bets more their earnings if the sum was 2 or 3. If the dice gave 12, the part is neutral and they simply recover their stakes without additional gain; This is a way for the casino to keep a small advantage. The shooter keeps the dice to launch it next.
  • If the result is 7 or 11, the shooter won, just like those who had bet on "pass". They recover their bets to which are added their earnings. The other players lose their bets. The shooter also keeps the dice there for the next throw.
  • If the result is 4,5.6, 8, 9 or 10, it determines the "point" and it is then necessary to carry out the second phase.

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The second phase of play

CRAPS rules therefore impose a second phase only if the first launch gave 4, 5, 6.8, 9 or 10. Players cannot change the bet but can increase their "pass" or on the contrary decrease it or even delete it on "does not pass".

The shooter then relaunches the two dice according to the same rules as in the first phase.

  • If the sum is equal to the result of the first phase -it is said to be "rebuilding the point" -then he won as well as all those who had bet on "pass". They recover their bets more their earnings while the dealer picks up the bets of other players. The shooter keeps the dice and a first phase can start again.
  • If the sum is worth 7 (which is the most likely result among the different sums possible), the shooter lost just like those who had bet that he "passed". They lose their bets. The other players resume their bets with their gain. The dice go to the next player who becomes the new shooter. However, you should know that, if he wishes, he can refuse the dice to be content to bet on the throws of other players. The stickman then gives them to the next player.
  • If the amount is neither 7 nor the point, nothing happens. The shooter relaunches the dice until he obtains one of these two results.

Other possible bets in craps

During each game, players can bet on "pass" or "do not pass" but the Craps table allows many bets for the most connoisseurs of the game.

If the first are paid up to the initial bet, the other bets are generally more profitable if they are winners (up to 30 against 1 by focusing on the 12 in a throw for example) but are also more risky because they are linked to less likely events. The most strategists also choose their bets according to the commission taken by the casino, which differs according to the type of betting.

To familiarize yourself with these very specific rules, do not hesitate to try the Free online craps Before embarking on the big bath at a real table of craps to feel the particular atmosphere that reigns there.

How to play craps?

CRAPS is one of the complicated games of the casino. It requires two dice and a table of craps. CRAPS consists in betting on the game of the dice launcher, to bet on his luck ... or his bad luck. At the Casino four people surround the CRAPS table: the "boxman", two deales and the "stickman". The Stickman offers six dice to the launcher, who must choose two. Then the launcher makes an initial bet on "pass" ("pass line" in English) or "will not pass" ("don’t pass" in English).

During a party of craps, 4 deales can be present and have well -defined roles:

  • A table manager controlling the game,
  • A dealer present to help players place their bets,
  • A second dealer whose role is to pay the winning bets and pick up losing bets,
  • finally the stickman. He directs the game and brought the dice thanks to the stick To give them to the launcher player. The stickman announces the winning point.

Here is the progress of a step of step by step:

  • The player draws the dice. The launch that begins the game is called "Come Out Roll", or "Exit throwing" and determines the rest of the game.
  • If the amount of dice is 7 or 11, the player wins the amount of his bet.
  • If the sum of the dice is 2, 3 or 12, the player loses his bet. It then sagit of a "craps", the game stops for him and all those who have bet on "pass"
  • If the sum of the dice is 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9, the player marks what is called a "point". It is then up to the dealer, to act by placing a puck on the game table. This which makes it possible to give value to the point.
  • When a player makes a point, he must relaunch the dice.
  • If following the second dice launch marks a point the player then wins his bet.
  • If the player draws a 7 at the launch of dice after having established a point, he then loses all of his bet.

The different bets during a game of craps

Summary table for available bets

Here is a painting that we have tried to make as clear as possible, explaining all the bets available during a game of craps. In order to maximize your chances of earnings, we advise you to control this table well, or failing to always have it at hand.

Pass This means betting on the player who during his dice launched will release a 7, 11 or will make a "point" from the first launched. This bet reports to the player his starting bet.
Don’t Pass This means betting on the fact that the dice launcher will draw a 2, 3 or 12. This bet also reports to the player his starting bet.
Come This bet is the same as the pass, the only difference is that it is taken by a player who joins the game along the way.
Don’t Come Equivalent to the Paris Don’t pass except that this bet does not take itself for the first launch of dice.
Odds Paris which takes itself after the first bet and the first draw of dice if the player fired 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. It allows to bet 3 times the amount of its passing of pass
Field This bet relates to a single dice on the drawing of numbers 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11, it will then be paid equal. If the 2 is drawn the pay report is 2: 1 and if the 12 is drawn the pay report is 3: 1, much more.
Big 6 You bet on the number 6 draw before the 7 is fired by a player. In case of gain you win your initial bet.
Big 8 You bet on the number 8 draw before the 7 is fired by a player. In case of gain you win your initial bet.
place You bet on the draw of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 before the 7th is just the opposite.
7 You bet on a draw of 7 first. This bet is paid 4: 1
11 You bet on a print of 11 first. This bet reports the biggest and is paid 15 times the amount of the starting bet.
craps You bet on the draw of a 2, 3, 12 or the CRAPS. This bet is paid 7: 1
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