2018 World Cup: Portugal Prognosis - Spain, Group B

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The 2018 World Cup group B Start with a fanfare with a shock between the two neighbors.
Portugal plays against Spain for a match that should give us the first of the group if a team stands out.
The 2016 European champion faces a Spain which seems to have found its best level after a bitter failure at the World Cup in Brazil and a premature outing at Euro 2016 in the 8th finals against USA. Spain sees its clubs dominate Europe with an almost disconcerting ease and will want to find the roof of the world during this World Cup.
Portugal is not unanimous in the games, but wins again and again. Ronaldo remains at the heart of this team, but the Euro final has shown that the Portuguese could be sublimated without the five -time golden ball.
The stake of this meeting, without lacking respect in Morocco and Iran, the outsider, is undoubtedly the first place in group B which can avoid a complicated 8th.

First of all the simple bet:

Portugal 4.40 zer 3.30 Spain 1.91 at Bwin Bookmaker

Here is the type of betting which seems interesting without rummaging hours and playing with the balance of possibilities and impossible.
Spain is a favorite for bookmakers, Portugal is more likely to do zero than to win.
In view of the level displayed by Spain, especially in friendly against USA, I do not see why not take advantage of this rating of 1.91.
Yet Spain comes out of two average games in preparation while the Lusitanians won with the way. So is the surprise possible?

2018 World Cup: Focus on Portugal

Last games in Portugal:

  • Portugal 3 - 0 Algeria
  • Belgium 0 - 0 Portugal
  • Portugal 2 - 2 Tunisia
  • Portugal 0 - 3 Pays-Bas
  • Portugal 2 - 1 Egypt

The 2016 European champion was widely criticized for the quality of his game during the competition, especially with us, bad losers that we are. Since then, there has been a clear improvement with a more varied game or players like Bernardo Silva or Le Parisien Gonçalo Guedes can take control of the game and relieve Ronaldo while offering other solutions.
Qualified on the last day by beating USA, the Lusitanians took 27 out of 30 points.
His match against Belgium, sold by a draw, is encouraging when we know the quality of the Red Devils.
Portugal can have ambitions in this World Cup and it is certainly not an easy opponent, even for a machine like Spain.

2018 World Cup: Focus on Spain

Last games in Spain:

  • Tunisia 0 - 1 Spain
  • Spain 1 - 1 American
  • Spain 6 - 1 Argentina
  • USA 1 - 1 Spain

La Roja was dazzling twice. Against USA in friendly and against Argentina in a preparation match. Against the Americans, nothing was less friendly in this match where everyone wanted to show their supremacy for the World Cup in Russia. This match was worthy of a last world cup square. Against Argentina, a 6-1 victory puts the world in the face of Spanish ambitions.
Unfortunately for them, the preparation matches were slow. We can put this on the back of physical preparation, a long season for clubs in the European Cup. Spain is one of the favorite teams for the final victory. She can demonstrate it from this evening. The mixture between old and new generations is done wonderfully. It must be said that the Spanish reservoir seems to produce talents to the chain: Koke, Saul, Asensio, Vazquez, Thiago ... overseen by Andres Inesta, who will bow out at the end of the competition, Spain does not have of individual weakness and, collectively, it is a machine.

Our forecasts and advice on Portugal - Spain, Group B, 2018 World Cup

So we will offer you a Secure bet, which does not mean that it is 100% unfortunately, and a less secure and more remunerative bet.

Our secure Paris: Victory of Spain for a rating of 1.91 at Bwin

La Roja has all the qualities to go to the end. And the biggest of her qualities for us betting is that she was able to show a fairly exceptional level of play during meetings against the Gotha. The experience of the ancients like Inesta, Ramos or Pique has no price while the new ones gutted in the European games and already proven what they were capable of. The consistency of this team and its talent suggests that it should impose itself against Portugal. This shock of the Iberian peninsula leaves little room for parity scores (only 17 %). Bet on a victory from Spain.

Our remunerative Paris: Spain gains by a goal in advance rating 3.25 Bwin.

It is a very daring bet that we make for two major reasons: Spain always has trouble against the teams who are able to leave the ball and counter them. These most successful matches are made against teams who want to play ball.
Portugal is quite the opposite against the big stables. Even if since the euro, she knows how to show another face, the Lusitanians will not take the match in hand, but they will try to hurt against and with Ronaldo or Silva ...
Spain should have trouble and the score should be tight with a lot of goals.
So if our bet seems crazy to you, we advise you to replace it with The two teams mark for a rating of 1.91.

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