You certainly think that if there is a Casino game on which no strategy is applicable, is the slot machines ...? However, you are wrong !! If it is true that the slot machine is considered to be the game of chance par excellence, today software providers have developed such characteristics and such a variety of Slot machines that game strategies adapted to each of them have been developed.

Before talking about complex techniques it is necessary to know the basic tips to play and win the slot machines. These tips will allow you, before even going into detail of more professional strategies, mastering your game but above all your money to allow you to maximize not only your chances of winning but also your losses, you can also discover many tips who will make you a seasoned machine player.

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Tips to Slots Machine Players

If this casino game is undoubtedly the most popular game of online casinos, it is obviously for the excitement it generates among players but also because in recent years, online casinos have managed to develop games to the intrigue, design and themes all crazier and efficient than each other. However, if the slot machines attract casino players as much, it is especially for their financial attraction, because as you surely know the biggest jackpots are won to slot machines. Faced with so much craze generated by slot machines, it was our duty to share with you all the tips and tricks as well as the techniques that will allow you to put all the chances on your side to enjoy your experience and generate A maximum of gain. Because although the slot machines are a game of pure chance, there are a number of techniques intended to help players win much more than expected. So if you too are a fan of this game, follow the guide !!

Fix a budget and ... master it!

The biggest risk when playing slot machines is to quickly slam all your available money. The game is so engaging and everything goes so fast that in a few minutes, some people are deprived. The first advice we give you is therefore not intended to save you more, but in any case to make you spend less. Indeed, when you start playing slot machines, it is important that you set a maximum budget not to exceed. Once your budget is established, be sure to play small stakes at the start.

On most online casinos, you can bet very small sums such as 20 cents. The goal here is not to enrich yourself but to get to know the slot machine on which you have set your sights and to learn to master it. Once a slot machine pleases you, do not change a machine with each game. Remember that the unexpected and unreasonable risk taking is the largest enemy of casino players.

Place your stakes without endangering your budget!

When you play slot machines is obviously to win, but since the probabilities are weak, the whole thing is not to bet all your budget at once but to multiply the bets, even if everyone of them either a small amount. It is well known, the more you play and the more you increase your chances of winning. By playing this way you can be eligible for progressive jackpot. Thus, start by betting small sums, especially since you will have to get to know the "slot" that you have chosen and that you will have to make two decisions: the first will be to determine the value of each token, and the second to determine The number of tokens you are going to bet.

Not all slot machines are valid for all budgets, so you need to choose the one that best suits your budget. Finally, don't forget that you can always test the different slot machines completely free. For more information, see our page for free slot machine games!

Know your needs in bankroll

The first step in terms of managing your money to slot machines is to determine the amount you need so that your session of slot machines is a pleasant experience. The repair rates of slot machines differ from each other, they generally go from 75% to 99% for the highest.

It is clear that any player wants a reversal rate as high as possible; You should know that the average reversal rate revolves around 90%. This means that you can expect to lose 10 cents each time you play a dollar, or $ 10 each time you bet $ 100. This is not an exact account: it is only what you can expect to lose long term, on average.

Calculate the size of your bankroll

You must now try to determine the amount of your time. If you bet an average of $ 100 an hour, a $ 200 bankroll should allow you to play for 5 to 10 hours, even if you come across a long series of bad luck. If you set up $ 2000 per hour, you will have to plan considerably more.

Note on the management of money for slot machines: it is not necessary to expect to lose the entirety of your bankroll of slot machines. In fact, with a little luck, you can even get out of it. However, the goal is that you have enough money to play and have fun until the opportunity to re -inflate your bankroll arises.

Learn the secrets of each slot machine

In order to take advantage of online slot machines it is important that you know the ins and outs. Know that there are different types of slot machines. It is not necessarily a question here of the fact that the machine is in 3D, with progressive jackpot or not but more of the number of lines it offers. The gain line is a determining element of your approach technique because starting from the principle that certain slot machines represent up to 25 gains lines, the number of lines will therefore determine the number of tokens that you will place as well as the number lines you will play. You will understand, the more you will play on a large number of lines the more you put the chances on your side.

Some additional advice

  • Monitor what is happening - real casinos often offer several thousand slot machines. They are not all identical. The symbols differ, as well as their number of lines, the type of parts they have and the types of bonus mini-games you can play. Take your time to find the machine you like - you risk being seated in front of it for a long time.
  • Search for progressive machines - real casinos often offer several thousand slot machines. They are not all identical. The symbols differ, as well as their number of lines, the type of parts they have and the types of bonus mini-games you can play. Take your time to find the machine you like - you risk being seated in front of it for a long time. The variety in online casinos is even more important. There are even online slot machines that tell a story that you can finish as you play play. Take a look at the different online casinos and observe what they have to offer. You will be surprised by what you will find: progressive machines are linked to a large jackpot that brings together players from several machines. The jackpot continues to grow as long as it has not been affected. Sometimes it happens that the jackpot is so important that it places you in a situation of positive mathematical hope. Look for machines that offer super high progressive jackpots.
  • Keep in mind what you have played - it is easy to continue putting parts in a machine without remembering how much you have put it, until you no longer have rooms. Determine a gain or loss figure and stand this amount. Check regularly if you are far or close to your goal while you play.

What is the profile of the winning machine winner?

Once the base has been acquired, and if you want to become the ultimate winner at the slots and win the jackpot we advise you to put yourself in the shoes of a real winner and to know simple slot machine strategies! It has been proven repeatedly that the winners with sub -huge machines follow almost all the same process and try to leave as little space as possible to the luck factor. Thus, it was found that 80% of loss to the slot machines were generated because the player in question did not comply with any rule. Did you also know that only 2% of the players of slot machines really win this game? This means that respecting bases of bases in slots allows you to be a part, with certainty, of the 2% of winning players !!

So why not apply all these little ploys to the letter? One thing is certain, losing the slot machines is simple - you just have to be impulsive, play at random on any machine, not know how to manage your budget and play big fast and anyway, and Stop just as fast after losing everything.

How to win the slot machines?

On the other hand, the winners have understood everything! They choose their machine carefully according to the number of gain lines, the type of jackpot (progressive or not) but also the bonuses and options available. In order to win the slot machines it is necessary to take your time, to analyze, to think but above all, and that is the most important point, to know how to count.

Indeed, to gain the machines with nothing more important than to know how to control your budget and place your bets according to the maximum authorized bets, your budget available but also the number of winning lines. In one word: to win the slot machines you have to have restraint !!

And to gain even more slot machines, once you have assimilated all these concepts that make the difference between a slots player and a winner at the slots, you can participate in tournaments and obviously earn a lot of money!

Slot machines

The ultimate strategy to win the slot machines is obviously linked to bets. As in any casino game, playing often rhymes with betting. And each game is its types of bets. What are the types of bets and how to bet on the slot machines? We have devoted an article to this question on which the optimization of your game depends a lot. In this article we will tell you about redistribution rate, choice of slot machine, choice of game options, but also gain lines ...

RNG systems and probability

If you have already tried your luck at the slot machines you have already met the term RNG. This term is the increase in random numbers generator. This is the system that dictates to the slot machine when and where to stop turning. RNG is a computer system that determines results for online slot machines. But then will you tell me, are the slot machines faked? No, that has nothing to do with it !! On the contrary! This algorithm allows the player to ensure that the slot machine will fully work in random mode and that the rollers will not stop following manipulations of the casinos or because of the luck (or bad luck) of some players . The RNG system basically guarantees, the random aspect giving everyone lucky to win the slot machines.

As you can see, online slot and slots are like all other games. To gain anything better than knowing everything on the subject! In this case to unravel the secrets of the slot machines and to master the different saving strategies to slot machines.

Be sure that if you scrupulously follow the advice of this dossier on online slots and strategies, you increase your chances of winning on online slot machines and being part of 2% of winning players quickly! Do you want to try your luck and apply our advice? Start with Play for free slot machines without taking risks !!

Once you have acquired enough insurance you can consult our list of the best online casinos to try your luck in real money and win the jackpot !!