Online craps: strategies

CRAPS strategies, as for all casino games, are multiple and ... hazardous. However, some of them have proven themselves and many are the players who apply these strategies with some success. The whole thing is to find the strategy that looks like you, the one with which you feel comfortable and confident. Here we will mention some of the most popular craps strategies as well as the ultimate method, that of patience - or "patient field" in English.

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The best of CRAPS strategies: your attitude

CRAPS Game rules You will understand, quite complex. Attention! We didn't say they were complicated! They are very simple in reality but as there are a lot to know and parameters to be taken into consideration, it may seem quite difficult at the beginning. This is the reason why many online casinos put in view of different bets and possible yields during a game.

On the other hand, as often when a game seems to be complex, the risk in craps is to bet by excess of zeal and without thinking too much. It’s the biggest error !! The first CRAPS and the safest strategy is to take your time and make your brain work! If you want to be sure to burn all your bankroll without generating any gain, bet quickly and big sums.

On the other hand, a more retained, more thoughtful attitude, but also the observation of the game of other players will allow you to place your bets more intelligently and to put alls chances on your side. Some parts have an excellent yield and can make a lot of money. But don't forget that it is better to advance slowly but surely.

What to bet at CRAPS?

In terms of winning strategy at CRAPS there is one that may seem simple and stupid but alongside which many pass. This is the strategy of betting on the most certain! As you have noticed by reading our rules of the game, there are different possible bets in CRAPS and each has a different report and payment rate. Thus, in general, the best bets that you can take at the CRAPS are the “pass” and “pass” bets as well as those of “coming” and “not come” (Come and Don't Come).

If you respect this rule you reversed the advantage of the house or the online casino and the latter will only be 1.40%. The bets on the 6 and the 8 also pay quite well and quite often. By the way you are much more likely to win with these bets than with others which announce a very high yield but are not very lucky to go out. This explains that you will tell me.

CRAPS, between probability and luck ...

When you play craps in a Online casino Just like in a terrestrial casino, it's all about probability. What is the probability for one number to come out rather than another? Well, certain numbers come out more often than others for example, it has been mathematically proven that the 7 is the number that comes out the most in the draw of the dice, then come all the numbers around 7 (6-8 ...) the We move the probability of a draw, more is low.

Except even if we know this principle will suit you that nothing is ever sure and that it is you and your luck. Therefore, betting on a follow -up will make you win much more than betting on a single number. Indeed, betting on a single number implies that you are betting on a combination specific to the dice draw, as much to say bet only on your luck factor. And when it comes to money nothing better than betting on the probability factor What lucky ... don't you think?

Manage your bankroll ... and its impulsiveness in craps

Casino players know this well - the enemy often comes from the inside, the enemy is often your own impulsiveness - but conversely, excess of hesitation and reflection can also be fatal to you.

The craps being above all a game of chance and luck, you may lose several games before imposing the jackpot. There is therefore no point in running and burning all your bankroll in very large stakes, however judicious they are, from the start. For your first games, move forward and bet with small sums. After all, playing the casino is especially for the pleasure of the game and adrenaline - do not think of the gains and immerse yourself in the game. Winning at the casino is a bit like love - it always happens when you least expect it!

If you make big bets and lose all your bankroll too quickly, where is the pleasure? What interest? Take your time. Breathe. Observe, listen. No rush! The chances of earnings are always larger in the long term - so yes, take your time ... time is money, even in these conditions!

Also, even if you have lost a game do not lose your calm by being impulsive and do not bet all your bankroll on the following bet in the hope of "redoing yourself" but rather do several small bets. You will be sure to recover your money.

The method of patience or "the patient field"

The best gaming strategy at CRAPS is that of the patient Field. This strategy really makes it possible to increase your chances of gains in CRAPS.

The Patient Field strategy is extremely effective because it is based on mathematical studies. In order to be able to master this strategy it is important to follow the logic of your reasoning and to function with reason during your game.

This method of gaming for the craps is based on the fact that if we scrupulously observe the game as a whole, and that we perform a logical analysis, will follow OblIGATORY OF PARTS OF PARIS, effective. Clearly, the objective of this CRAPS strategy is to try to see which players who have the most luck in the game and to put themselves in their place to bet.

Also it is important to take only small bets during the first 4 throws and only start to place big bets from the fifth throw.

Why use the CRAPS patience method?

This method does not guarantee you to win every time but however this method allows you to reduce your losses and therefore optimize your earnings.

Some players think that launchers have a good hand and that it manipulates the dice as masters, so the method of patience can help isolate a good launcher in order to know more or less in advance if the latter will make a good launch or not.

Does the CRAPS patience method work?

Patience is always paying, in life as in the craps, as the proverb says "everything comes in time to who knows how to wait", so this method will reduce your losses significantly and thus you will be less than other players but in Optimizing your earnings!

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