How to choose your online sports betting application?

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Anyone's application is not chosen at random from a nonchalant click. So when it comes to using a sports betting application you have to be careful, curious and compare the different solutions well. For the hexagonal bookmakers market, you have the Arjel label which allows all the budding bettors not to get lost in the online bookmakers jungle. However, label or not, it is necessary to choose your bookmaker and therefore your mobile application. If you obviously have common points between applications, you will have small differences, big , aesthetics, ergonomics ... It is quite common that pro geters do not use the same books on their computer office and their smartphones. Why ? Well because applications and bet online on your smartphone is another proposal and you can like the site of a bookmaker and prefer an application from another sports betting site. .. We will present the online applications of sports betting sites to you so that you can make a thoughtful, intelligent and regret choice.

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Why choose a bookmaker application recognized by the Arjel?

An application is downloaded and therefore sets up on your smartphone or tablet. It is therefore essential to download it on a site on, transparent ... We do a little pedagogy, but it is also the role of our site. Avoid getting ripped off by selecting online gaming sites for you, offering all safety and transparency that guarantee you an optimum experience. It is therefore obvious that the best known players on the bookmakers are the ideal solution for all bettors who want to invest time and money in their bets, their forecasts and sports analyzes. Foreign bookmakers, as well as some sites, which offer you to download sports betting applications will install the app in the best of cases, a virus in the worst and third -party software as well as malware if you are not careful. Very simply, a global and general council. Whatever you want to install, you always have to go to the official website of the app. Ideally, on the site of your favorite bookmaker. Stores, why not, but stop feeding the GAFA and download your applications directly.

Online game regulatory authority allows you to be certain that Bookmakers that you will find in our journals Skipped and offers security, not average, but well and well optimum.

What are the criteria for choosing a sports betting application

Compatibility is obviously the basis. So you can read Our articles on online game compatibility Depending on whether you are on iOS, Android, Windows or Linux. The online Paris sites approved by the artel offer you online Paris applications dedicated to each iOS. Please note that even the old versions allow you to take advantage of all the services and possibilities of applications.

What are the advantages of online sports applications

Most bookmakers applications offer the following services

  • Streaming match: Watch the live matches from your Subscription Smartphone. You have to have an account with more than 5 euros on average.

  • Manage your accounts with ease with simplified and tactile ergonomics.

  • Remove and deposit safely on your bank accounts or your bookmaker account.

  • Live Bet: Bet in live from your smartphone

  • Special offer at some bookmakers for mobile users: bonuses, bet offered, VIP points.

  • All statistics, your history, match options are available.

What bookmakers have the best apps?

It is a sensitive subject. Long Unibet was at the top and had a certain advance on the whole competition. First application with a livebet and live streaming, Unibet Pari Sportif was quickly copied by competition. Unibet still has a step ahead with the possibility of a multi streaming to bet on live meetings. It's really a matter of personal tastes. We can advise you to read our Bookmaker reviews to get an idea. Design, ergonomics and features will appeal to certain online bettors while others will prefer the offer and the dimensions rather than the ease of use.

With a homogeneous offer, you must therefore compare the following criteria:

  • The Live Bet offer must be wide and deep.

  • Live Bet must be fluid and with a minimum of lag with the meeting that is played live. It is a detail that is not one. Nothing worse than an offbeat live live that does not take care of quickly because it does not allow you to optimize your bets on the live, which is the original goal.

  • Look on the forums, you will have user reviews

  • Welcome and special applications bonuses can also make the difference.

  • The quality of the streaming: a streaming that stops every 2 minutes, it makes you crazy and that does not allow you to take full advantage of the Live Bet of the online bookmaker.

To conclude, a good application must above all be an application that suits players you are. The more precisely you play, the more you will need sharp tools. The design will be the cadet your worries. On the other hand, a beginner will like a sports betting application for its ease of use and conviviality. It's up to you!

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