Quarter -final draw C1 - C3 2019

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Drawing of the quarterfinals of C1 and C3 2018-2019

The time flies. European football therefore knows the eight qualified for the Champions League and the quarter -finals. For bettors, this is an important moment. We can start trying to answer the question that online bookmakers have been asking us for 6 months on "Who will win the Champions League?" Or who will win the Europa League. In our advice we suggest that you do not bet on the winner from the start of the season because it is too risky and especially that you monopolize part of your bankroll over too long. Today, there are two months left and dust to wait to see a raised team. Successive eliminations leave us in front of a clearer table to read with six months of matches to feed our reading of the meetings. In addition, the odds, as you will see for the two competitions, remain high. It can be interesting to bet a small room now to enjoy the odds before they fall for the half-finals.

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The draw for the quarterfinals of the 2018-2019 Champions League

  • Tuesday April 09, 2019 (first leg)

21:00 FC Liverpool - FC Porto

21:00 Tottenham Hotspur - Manchester City

  • Wednesday April 10, 2019

21:00 Ajax Amsterdam - Juventus Turin

21:00 Manchester United – FC Barcelone

This year, it's striking. The English clubs are in excess and we notice that there is this duel between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City. The Spaniards have therefore left the domination of recent years, but the presence of FC Barcelona makes it possible to think that everything is not lost. The two little ones will have a lot to do with Porto who goes to Anfield and Ajax which receives the Juventus from Turin The shock of the tombers of American clubs, without stirring the still bloody knife, opposed United and FC Barcelona. Note that we know the print of the final half, which is practical to imagine the painting and therefore the winner.

The qualification ratings for the semi-finals of the C1 2018-2019

  • Liverpool 1,20 FC Porto 4,00

  • Tottenham 4,50 Manchester City 1,016

  • Ajax Amsterdam 3.80 Juventus 1.22

  • Manchester United 3,75 - FC Barcelone 1,22

Bet on the quarterfinals of the Europa League 2018-2019

Again, we soon touch on the goal. And there again, it will be without American club. This will allow us at least not to let go to a chauvin sentimentalist who can cost dear as we explain in our article do not Bet not online like a fan. The choice will take place in the sad Emirates, far from the volcanic heat of the late Highbury stadium, with the Napoli who will have the chance to receive in his lair of San Paolo. Villarreal's yellow sub-sailor confronted the Bat of FC Valencia for the duel of the Iberian Peninsula. Benfica will be opposed to a Franckfort for a poster that feels the 1970s and the Slavia will receive Chelsea. We often talk about motivation in C3 when you have to bet on the American teams, but now the shadow of the cup is already there and the foreign teams do not snub this cut which gives a direct place for the Next edition of the Champions League 2019-2020.

Drawing of the quarters of C3 2018-2019

  • Arsenal - Naples

  • Villarreal - FC Valence

  • Benfica Lisbon - Eintracht Frankfurt

  • Slavia Prague - FC Chelsea

Qualification ratings:

  • Slavia Prague 5.00 - Chelsea 1,13

  • Villarreal 2,35 – Valence 1,55

  • Benfica 2.00 - Eintracht Francfort 1.62

  • Arsenal 2,00 - Naples 1,72

The first two meetings offer us a favorite. The last two seem more balanced for Bookmakers and Ligne. The Slavia Prague is the little thumb that no one was waiting for. Going out the Sevilla FC, the Czechs showed a very beautiful face against a beautiful team. Chelsea plays the Premier League elbows for a 4th qualifying place for the next C1. You can think that this Europa League is an opportunity for this team to qualify and win a European trophy. It may be a match where there will be a blow to make annexed bets, but it is better to wait for the outcome of the first leg to try the surprise. This is the advice we give you. Be patient. The reputation of the teams can bring the bookmakers to the other hand, the outsiders. Villareal for example which dies in Liga shows a diametrically opposed face in this C3.

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