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Playing in an online casino has become very easy. We know that in most games, the player will bet against the casino. Obviously, the casino has the statistics for him. To reduce this statistic, there are what is called side bets. Most of them concern poker, but they are also found in blackjack and sometimes with roulette.

What is a side bet?

A side bet is added to the range of playing a game. The lateral bets make it possible to enrich the possibilities and add pepper. The advantage of these bets is that they do not disturb the normal course of the game. You have to be careful to choose a game table that offers them because they are not systematic. Online casinos use it to bring novelty and break the purring of a casino game. They thus avoid boring players, but it is also a way to offer more interesting games than in hard casinos.

Side bets in poker

In online casinos, you can find most side bets, but they are much rarer in pokerooms. This is the reason why they are rather unknown by the players. We can sometimes find them on the video poker machines on online casinos. However, before playing on a table, we advise you to ask support on live cat, which poker games offer the following side bets:

Le side can

This option is only available on a table or one of the players has made a carpet, that is to say that it puts all its pot. In American, Pot Outdoor, the Slide Pot allows players who are no longer in the game to relaunch a lap. Players who have made a carpet cannot participate. The slide pot takes place according to the usual rules of the version of the poker played. It is a way of offering players waiting for the end of the hand, the possibility of continuing to play in parallel.

The color of the flop in the poker hold'em

This lateral Paris is only played on the Texas Hold'em version of Poker. The players will bet on the color which according to them will be the most represented at the flop. The flop is after the first lap when the dealer will discover the first three cards. If only one player uses this option, he will play against the dealer. It is the one that has chosen the most represented color that will gain the bet. It looks a lot like red and black with roulette. It is really bringing poker into a casino mode where only luck will decide the winner. We understand better why this option is not available in online poker rooms, but only in some casinos and on poker videos.

The side bets in blackjack

Blackjack is a classic casinos and it is found under multiple versions in online casinos. It is the table game that has the most possibilities in terms of side bets. Here are two examples, because we could write a book if we wanted to present them all!

To 21 + 3

The 21 +3 allows an additional bet on a part of Blackjack. We find the concept of lateral Paris which is added to the main game without having any influence on him. This bet is a mixture between blackjack and three card poker. The player will bet on the one who will have the best combination of three cards. He will use his two cards and the croupier's return card. Depending on the table, the bet can be multiplied by 100 depending on the discovery combination.


It is one of the most famous side bets in the general public, because it is one of the strategies studied to optimize its gains in blackjack. It is very simple, when the dealer shows an ace in discovery card the player can take insurance and thus recover part of his bet if the dealer makes a 21.

Roulette side bets

These bets are rather known to experienced players. It is true that roulette already offers a range of Paris Who is difficult to understand for a beginner, so we will make the game more complex by adding the lateral bets. And yet they can be very lucrative.

The Lucky Ball

The zone the Paris is above the grid. You can see 4 colors that are often: green, blue, l'orange and purple. Each turn, the colors will be assigned a unique number. One ofbetween them will be chosen to be the bonus color. Players having betrayed On the number and color will earn between 6 and 25 times the bet. For the one who will have the bonus color number, the multiplier can reach 125!

Roul 8 or infinite dice

It is a rarer option that is only found in live casino games. Roul 8 is a dice game that accompanies the roulette. These three dice are not ordinary: five of their faces are empty and only one is marked with the sign of infinity, an eight bed. While the roulette turns, the dealer will wave the dice and launch them on the carpet. In order for the launch to be validated, the ball must stop on the number 8 of the roulette. According to the combination of dice, a winning multiplier will reward the lucky player. Obviously, if the player who bet on a triple 8 and who the chance to see the ball falling on the 8 will see his bet multiplied by 888! Suffice to say that it is extremely rare!

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