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Boxing has offered us great spectacle with stories like only noble sport can tell. They are rare and precious. Whether it is female boxing with Estelle Mosely or the fight between Andy Ruiz and Joshua, the ring tells us two beautiful stories. The latest news for all enthusiasts and bettors on boxing for a month of June 2019 who will remain memories.

Bet boxing: Andy Ruiz, the little big on the top!

This is the kind of title that must be assumed in front of a boxer who has just won the WBA-WBO-IBF of the heavy belt. Before this match, we all forgot that the habit did not make the monk. Facing Joshua (29, 1.98m, 112 kg, 22 victories, including 21 before the limit), Andy Ruiz (29, 1.88m, 121.5 kg, 33 victories, including 22 before the limit, 1 defeat At points) showed that too much pounds were not a handicap when you had the will and the plume.
Hispano-American was more than an outsider against the untouchable Joshua.
The fight launched as everyone was waiting for it. Ruiz, entrenched behind his gloves, advanced on Joshua who was content to turn with a more than loose guard. It is Joshua to the second round that begins to show inclinations, but quickly the pace drops to the bell. The third round following a good exchange, Andy Ruiz touched Earth and was counted. It may be the turn of the match. Andy Ruiz got up and Joshua seemed a little too relaxed, a little too confident by him. Then, Andy Ruiz in the same round sends him for the first time in the Passover before making him fall harder by touching him with a very dry hook. Joshua returned to his well shaken corner. The next round is calmer, but it is in the sixth that Andy Ruiz takes the match at her game. In a dumbfounded Madison Park, Joshua finishes his knee on the ground and without being counted, he goes by himself in his corner. The referee decided to stop the fight on this strange scene where Joshua seemed to want to stop and then we saw him contest the decision of the referee.
For his part Andy Ruiz was drunk with happiness and capsized this legendary room which loves these stories where the challenger makes the reigning champion fall. He declared at the end of the game:"I just want to thank God for giving me this victory. Without him, it would not have been possible. This is what I dreamed of. This is what I worked so hard for and I can't believe that I realized my dream. »» Revenge between the two boxers should quickly organize. We look forward ! The bookmakers "boxe "Online are already rubbing their hands.

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Estelle Mossely: a first pro title

With only 5 pro fights, the Olympic champion, Estelle Mossely wins her first light IBO belt. As we explain to you in our advice to bet on boxing, belts, it's NASA. This belt is important in the progression of Estelle Mossely, but it is only a passage to the ultimate dream, the unified belt.
His opponent, Lucy Wildheart, Swedish by his state, gave him a hard time. The Swedish was also five victories in five fights, two of which are before the recovery. The fight was harsh, but the less powerful Americanwoman made her speed play by clearly touching the Swedish several times. It is therefore a victory at the points that crowned the Americanwoman. At the end of the fight, the IBO champion of the Light displayed her ambitions:
“An Olympic title is different. There, this is a first step that will allow me to access other even more important belts. The Olympic title is the maximum that you can have in Olympic boxing. The IBO world title is not yet the maximum that you can have in professional boxing. It's just a step »

The Olympic champion, like her husband, Tony Yoka has great ambitions.

note that Tony Yoka returns to the ring on July 17, 2019 After a year of suspension. He will face Alexander Dimitrenko, 35th in the world, aged thirty-six, this right-hander boxer installed in USA has 41 victories for 5 defeats. And a nod of the story since Dimitrenko bowed against Andy Ruiz in the fifth round. We often reproached Tony Yoka and his partner, Canal +, for doing too much with far too unbalanced fights. Afterwards, a year of suspension, it's a serious opponent and Tony Yoka is far from being favorite. We'll discuss it again later !

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