Boxing: online betting strategies

English boxing is a much more complex sport than it seems. Boxing assessment is a full -fledged job. For us, humble bettors, it is the discipline that the most awakens our fantasies. Historically, the bet has always accompanied boxing for the better and the worst. The noble art, as we nickname it, awakens all the fantasies, but do not forget that it is regulated by the Arjel and that the number of bets available for English boxing matches is often limited. Sometimes there is only the simple “1N2” bet available on online betting sites that offer English boxing meetings. So, it is impossible for a serious site like ours to tell you that you should not bet on boxing. For us and for all bettors, boxing has a charm, perhaps outdated, but the dose of adrenaline when you bet part of your bankroll on a challenger has no equivalent. You can therefore use boxing as a in your Paris strategy and a tool to learn how to bet and how to get into an unknown sport or almost for you. You will fall, you will fall back and then you will understand: "boxing is a religion, you can believe it even if you do not practice." Julien Lorcy, world champion boxes WBA light weight in 199 - 2001.

Low ratings on the favorite

Again, we're going to shoot your morale. We can't lie to you. A favorite on a 1N2 will be rated in online books at the maximum at 1.10. Barely better than booklet A. This is easily explained by discipline itself. Fighting is often organized with a challenger. In the Generic terms of online sports betting, we are talking about outsider. A boxing fight is always a priori unbalanced. A priori, because all the champions went through the role of challenger before progressing towards the belt. This characteristic is therefore found in the ratings that sanction the favorite.

Contrary to what one might think, the uppercut from nowhere who puts the champion is rare. It is all the beauty of this story. This story being rare, it becomes legend. And in the end, we can believe that it happens regularly. One of our advice will be not to bet on the challenger to enjoy its rating. You will lose most of your bets. What seems logical for other disciplines becomes more vague for English boxing.

The following advice is precisely not to be bewitched by the aura of boxing. Everything is done for that. You should know that promoters sell a product. They go voluntarily on selling the challenger, explaining that it is the new Mike Tyson, that he will go far etc ... boxes of boxing want to see this. The boxing fan does not joke with comparisons. The room is filled. In the 21st century, professional boxing matches were sold in Pay Per View. For the stars' fight, people will pay up to 150 euros per match. Again, you are going to have a whole media hay, shattering statements of boxers, the media by the cleat. Today, you even have fights between different categories. To bet, you must forget all the scams and you focus only on boxers and boxing. Do not enter the game of promoters and the press. As we often say, even always, we don't bet on a boxer because we like him. If it is difficult, prohibit yourself from betting on an English boxing fight where your favorite appears.

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Dare to bet on boxing!

It may be the best way to enjoy the bets on boxing. The live live or live bet allows you to enjoy a rating set that will expand your range of Paris. The rainy oddsbe more green if you have the experience and knowledge of boxing language. The goal is always to beat the bookmaker. You must therefore be faster, more intuitive and manage your bankroll well. the Live Bet is an advantage Who can turn against you if you use it badly. The direct bet is an option available from online betting sites that we have tested for you. It is not a paid option, it is a service that registered players can take advantage of boxing, but on many other disciplines.

Bet on boxing: Find the challenger

If you want to make profits, you have to find the challenger that you will follow little by little. Perhaps he will not be present immediately on the Bookmaker sites, but if he is good, he will necessarily point to his nose. A challenger as we have already noticed will have often high ratings. Look in American boxers. American boxing seems to find a little air after a difficult good decade. It will be easier to find information on English boxing in USA and not the opposite, it is not the same sport. And maybe even you could push the vice to go see a real match! You could take advantage of the Bookmakers smartphone app to play from the room where the English boxing match takes place.

Should you bet on boxing matches for titles?

It is a delicate subject. In boxing, a champion will choose his opponents. The challenger is not really one. We can believe that the champion will choose weaker opponents, but when a real challenger arrives, he has no choice. The ratings will be more balanced, but again everything will depend on the notoriety of the challenger. These matches will make you enjoy more of Paris. The ratings are higher. Live bets will be open. The media coverage will be wide and deep. So you can bet on the games for titles, but never blindly.

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