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Booongo Gaming is a young game software publisher who was able to win on the four corners of the world of casinos. Taiwan creations studios in Ukraine, its slot machines are starting to find a place in the demanding Europe of online casinos. As usual, I tell you the wonderful story of a creative studio, but it must be said that the official website of our publisher has its "About", for Anglophobes its "about", but it is reduced with sorrow. Which is obviously immersed. Boongo Gaming seems to fall from the sky. I reassure you, he is dismissed and his success in Asia and Latin America is the best demonstration of the seriousness of this software publisher. And you will see that its slot machines are of rare quality. In 2D or 3D, we were amazed by the graphics and the touch of these games which have a very special dynamism. Booongo Gaming only makes slot machines. This specialty suits him well. Based on advanced technology and mathematical development oriented towards low volatility, the slot machines offer an original and relatively exclusive experience. And yes Booongo Gaming also works with others Creation studios By offering its software. You have to live well, but you can find this particular mechanics in other slot machines. You really have to be a connoisseur and a specialist to notice it.
The required level of play is not really a problem. A beginner will understand the machine in a different way from a high roller. The pleasure of the game and the hunt for jackpots coexist wonderfully and we wish you to combine the two.

The interest of the games is that Booongo Gaming used video games by offering levels of games to pass. In the end, you will forget the jackpot to go as far as possible. It is clever for the casino and addictive as possible for the player. The bets are low, the redistribution rate borders on 97%... Entertainment prevails over the adrenaline of the high roller, although ...
The themes are sometimes wacky. Imagine kangaroos that combine extraterrestrials from flying saucer on the blue planet! The offer is not gigantic, but we always prefer a rare wonder that hundreds of online slot machines produced in series. Booongo Gaming is more a craftsman than an Igaming industrialist. This is why we only find our games in The best casinos or the most recent. In terms of game mechanics, you will find all the latest news and essentials: scatters, free spin, re spin, wild and other joyeuses. In general, it is 5 -roll slot machines and 3 lines await you. 2D or 3D, the creation studio has no school.

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Booongo Gaming slot machines


So there, it's a little beating to the rhythm of a soundtrack that will simply make you happy. Even at the bottom of the most obscure hole, you will remember joy.
The theme is completely barred. Extra-terrestrials land on earth far from the American megalopolises, but in the heart of a wild and desert region devoid of the trace of man, but inhabited by the kangaroos.
Far from all the scenarios of the fictional sciences, you are in a slot machine responds to the name of Kangalians.
We are spoiled. You who read us regularly, you know that the creativity of a slot machine is essential to us. Kangaliens allows us to escape fire houses, sanitized fantasies of the world of casinos and mythological clichés. Not that we do not find them with our publisher, but what a joy to find a little good spirit and good vibrations in an online slot machine. The graphics are worked and feed the comic book universe of this slot.
For the game technique, it is a slot machine of 5 rolls and 25 payment lines for 3 rows. The E.T officiates of Wild and the kangaroo is the scatter. Three kangaroos and it is the free spin which is triggered with a multiplier which can reach 500 times your bet:

Poisoned Apple

A poisoned apple? What could this name evoke? Snow White or a quest for video games Oblivion? Snow White of course. The heroine for children comes to visit your dreams of good people's good fortune. Recent since born in 2017 Poisoned Apple offers a well -known universe, but completely dusted by Booongo Gaming graphics. You will understand, your goal is to beat the nasty queen to strip her of her treasure. Fortunately the seven dwarfs are there to guide you in this mysterious forest with the strange inhabitants. And there again, the superb sound atmosphere in a game that looks like a cartoon interspersed with superb animations.
5 rollers, 4 rows and 20 lines of inhabited payments of enchanting figures and you can discover richly endowed hidden missions.

In conclusion, Booongo Gaming is a real creation studio. The immersion is total and we can draw our hat for the sound atmosphere and the music of the machines to the editor. Booongo Gaming is a real beautiful discovery and we look forward to finding him in our favorite casinos.

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